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Discover the NPL Difference!

Wyoming trophy trout fishing, private access, experienced Wyoming trout fishing guides. North Platte River fly fishing.

Start here for one of the most amazing flyfishing journeys of your life! Why? Access, Experience, and Convenience.

Enjoy a mile of private trophy trout flyfishing right outside our front door! We have leased 21 miles of river bank exclusively for our guests’ fishing access year-round. Avoid crowds when you fish with us. Explore the NPL Difference!

North Platte Lodge is the first lodge located on the lower North Platte River. We are one mile below the Grey Reef Dam near Alcova, Wyoming.

Be sure and see our photo gallery of the trophy rainbows and brown trout that our guests have had the pleasure of catching.

Since 1998: Access, Experience & Convenience


Access – to get out of the boat and fish or to take a breather – is critical. In the first 14 miles of river below the dam, all but 2 river miles of bank is private land. We are the only operation with leases exclusively for our guests. Anyone can float through this stretch, but no one can stop except North Platte Lodge.


At North Platte Lodge – the first lodge on the Grey Reef stretch – you will float and fish with the River’s most experienced full-time professional guides. They know the river at every water level and season through thousands of days of guide experience.


You can fly into Casper, WY via United or Delta, and we will pick you up.

The lodge is on the river, and you will get all meals and large comfortable rooms with private bathrooms.

In the morning it’s a one minute drive to the boat launch and after fishing, a ten minute return trip! You can walk a couple hundred yards and wade at one of Grey Reef's finest fishing holes.

Why the North Platte River Grey Reef Section?

The North Platte River (Grey Reef Section) is one of the world’s most amazing tailwaters. Traversing the arid landscape of central Wyoming. the Grey Reef has nearly 62 miles of fishable water.

The nutrient rich waters of the river host an abundance of aquatic invertebrates, making the fish both plentiful and healthy. Rainbow trout comprise an majority of the population but brown trout and Snake River cutthroat exist in healthy numbers.

Due to the overall health of both the river and fish, the Grey Reef section of the North Platte has become renowned for its trophy-sized trout.

The high desert prairie of this region supports an abundance of wildlife such as mule deer, whitetail, antelope, coyote, elk, and a multitude of birds of prey.

Fly Fishing with NPL

FLYFISHING THE NORTH PLATTE is not like fishing a typical trout stream. These are not typical trout and this is no typical river. The trout you can expect are unusually large and they are usually strong!

You can expect to hook and land fish in the five to six pound class on this river. These fish are going to test your tackle and your skill. The biggest ones are going to break your tackle and your heart!

This stretch of river is almost entirely privately held which keeps the pressure low. The fishing is primarily subsurface with most being nymph and streamer fishing.

Land of the Giants

The exciting part of this river is the unbelievable size that fish attain. The fish are extremely heavy compared to their length. It is not uncommon for an 18 inch fish to be too thick to hold in one hand.

A typical day should find an angler landing a number of fish in the 3-4 pound class, with the very strong possibility of landing a 5-7 pound fish. There are also a large number of fish that are in the 8-10 pound class and above; these fish, however, tend to show you more of your backing than themselves, but fish above 10 pounds are landed every year.

The Sweetwater River

The Sweetwater is a wonderful small water fishery that provides challenging fishing for higher level flyfishers. This stream has a variety of species and has some really large fish. Browns over 20" are not uncommon. Many 14-17" Cutthroats as well as Rainbows also inhabit the stream.

Right beside the river is the Historic Oregon Trail and Pony Express Route and it is easily viewed as you spend your day on this historic ranch. The number of flyfishers is limited to 8 per week so make sure to reserve your spot when you book.

About NPL Fishing

All guides at the North Platte Lodge have their own driftboats. Each boat accomodates two fisherman and the guide.

Fishing can be done exclusively from the comfort of the boat or to get the full experience, wadefishing. We strive to keep all boats and gear clean and orderly for your enjoyment.

The typical method of fishing is nymphing with a two-fly rig. Streamers are also typically done on a two-fly setup. Dry fly fishing can be done when conditions are right.

We have jetboats available for carp fishing, scenic tours, and wade fishing the river when water levels are appropriate.

This year North Platte lodge is adding a trophy package. The trophy package will be for just one fisherman, who wants to pursue big fish! You will be throwing big streamers, and your guide will take you wherever and do whatever it takes to give you a legimate shot a some very large trout!

Wingshooting at NPL

First class lodge, top rate staff, hundreds of thousands of private acres, and limited pressure on the resource. The North Platte Lodge will provide you with the wingshooting experience you’ve dreamed of.

With over 15,000 acres of land available and by limiting the number of hunters, we are able to keep the pressure low on our birds. You will have prime opportunities to hunt wild birds.

Hungarian Partridges are the primary birds for your enjoyment. If you have never hunted Huns before, you will find them as exciting and challenging as any upland species. They are a covey bird that will rise and fly together...fast!

The beauty of the Hun is that they live in open prairie and CRP so you can see them and follow them after the initial rise. It is not uncommon to jump a covey two or three times after the initial find.

The Sage Grouse are usually found while in the fields chasing the Huns. The Sage Grouse,while not as prevalent as the Huns, are found throughout the ranch in good numbers.

Goose Hunting at NPL

North Platte Lodge now has access to world-class Canada goose hunting throughout Goshen County Wyoming. Our pits are large and extremely comfortable and are heated with electric baseboard heat or propane. Each will handle 2-5 hunters with guide and dog.

The best part is the locations of the pits. Any of these proven pits would be a goose hunter’s dream spot. We have 17, and ALL of them are great! This also gives us the opportunity to move from pit to pit. When we toured the pits in July, our guides wanted to start hunting immediately! The prime locations and comfortable pits were hard for them to believe.

We limit hunting pressure to keep the birds feeding in the fields. All of our pits are in cropland except one which is in a primary flight zone and is amazing. All of them are either near the North Platte or water favored by the geese. One new pit will be on a property that hasn’t been hunted for four years!

Comfortable lodging for up to six hunters and meals are available on our lease. If you use our lodging, your dog is welcome to hunt and to stay the night. No dogs are allowed in the house, however, so be prepared to have your dog sleep in your car or in our kennels outside.

Snow Goose & Duck Hunts

Spring will bring in the snow geese and some great snow goose hunting in a couple of our pits. This will be an opportunist hunt as you will need to come on the spur of the moment when the geese are in. If you would like to be on our snow goose call list, please contact us with your number and email and we will keep you posted.

Again this year, we offer goose and duck hunts near Alcova. These hunts are all done from layout blinds as these geese are mobile, and we must move with them. The comfortable layouts have blankets available to keep the ground chill off your bones!

Our guides will help you call and will set the spread and prepare your party for a successful outing. If you would prefer to call yourself, just let your guide know. As a precaution against skybusting and pass shooting in the fields, pits are not available without guides. We shoot only decoyed birds and try to avoid educating too many of the birds in the big flocks by pass shooting at them. Enough birds will come in!

Seasons vary, and time restrictions are in place in Goshen and Platte counties, so please be aware of regulations and that you may only be able to hunt half days. These regulations are usually not a problem!

Season Dates and Limits have not been published yet. We will post those as soon as they become available.

Come experience the incredible comfort and pleasant atmosphere of our pits while hunting Wyoming's premier Goose valley!


The NPL is located in Central Wyoming, just outside of Alcova, Wyoming. Alcova is approximately 25 miles southwest of Casper, Wyoming. Nearly a mile of prime fishing exclusively for our guests is right out the front door!

We accommodate only eight guests at a time in four spacious rooms, each with two queen beds and a private bathroom. You will find that our rooms are large and comfortable.

Our lodge will feel like your home away from home while fishing or wingshooting. Lounging near the fireplace or on the deck, you will find the lodge comfortable in every way.

The lodge offers a generous continental breakfast, a hearty shore lunch and a family style western dinner. If you have special dietary needs to please let us know in advance so we can accommodate them if possible.


At the NPL we are always looking for experienced Wyoming fly fishing and wing shooting guides. If you are interested please send the following:

1. Resume

2. References

3. Letter of Recommendation

Expections and requirements of a North Platte Lodge guide:

1. Own a drift boat

2. Maintain a clean vehicle

3. Possess a pleasant disposition

4. Have a strong willingness to instruct

5. Have extensive fly fishing experience

Please send your materials to:
North Platte Lodge

P.O. Box 105

Alcova, WY 82620

Employment at NPL

At North Platte Lodge, we take pride in having knowledgable, experienced, amd personable guides.

If you are a guide and would like to explore working with NPL, please contact us.