Wyoming Bird Hunting

Front-door fly fishing access accompanies a backyard of exceptional Wyoming bird hunting at North Platte Lodge. Explore tens of thousands of private, unpressured acres loaded with wild birds, and learn more about our mixed bag cast-and-blast adventures today.

North Platte Lodge has some of the best sage grouse hunting in the West. The season runs the last 10 days of September, which coincides with excellent fishing—making this hunt our premier cast-and-blast opportunity.

Early season waterfowl hunts are also popular. Our Wyoming duck hunting season generally starts the first weekend of October and lasts two weeks. Hunting through fall is best during low-pressure systems. Days start early on crisp mornings and consist of waterfowl over decoys, with retrievers ready for action.


Target sage grouse over pointing and flushing dogs in the field. For the full experience, hunt and fish in one day: Blast Sage Grouse in the morning and as the day warms return to the North Platte River to bend a rod.

Other species in the area include Hungarian partridge, blue grouse, dove, and chukar. Due to the fact we’ve leased thousands of acres of prime habitat, North Platte Lodge shooters rarely return home without their limit.