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You are looking at the most up-to-date fishing conditions on the North Platte River at Grey Reef. Our weather station is steps away from the river. Stream flows come directly from the Bureau of Reclamation and automatically update as new information is added. Never hesitate to call the lodge or The Reef Fly Shop for any reason.

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  • Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Flows and Fishing and Report (5/6/2018)

    Central Wyoming fly fishing is licking the flames right now. Fish are hot and on the prowl. Grey Reef flows have been bumped to 2000cfs and the North Platte River is in very good condition following a couple hours of pea soup on the lower reaches. Miracle Mile flows are  2700cfs and the poor fish are getting some protection on the redds! Lucky them. Grey Reef is baetis and Miracle Mile worms. The nymphing game is prime with bugs tethered to light tippet and 6′ leader with variable amounts of weight. Streamers shouldn’t be overlooked as some good things are happening on that front. Per usual. there are some dry fly opportunities. Suggest to your guide not to run them over or slap them with your nymphing rig…but rather take the opportunity to focus on the skilled and pointed approach to FLY fishing. Caddis are getting in the mix with midges and baetis aka blue winged olives. So pay attention to varying substrates and the insects who inhabit them and let your fly fishing game amplify by paying homage these ever-changing opportunities. One fish landed via deliberation is so much more rewarding than snagging 10 off of the spawning beds. With increased flows it is opportunistic to rent a boat from The Reef Fly Shop, Cottage & RV to be able to fish the entirety of Grey Reef. It makes for excellent transportation between wade spots but these higher flows also get fish active in areas that are not accessible (due to depth, private access or the other side of the river). The exploration factor is high. Please keep in mind that there is a proximity tolerance…and that tolerance in Wyoming is often much lower than in the surrounding regions who have higher density populations. Give everybody a wide berth and just because you saw a boat hook a fish over there doesn’t mean you aren’t running over them right where you are at.

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