Grey Reef Reduced Flows


Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is firing on all cylinders. We have had volatile weather over the past week and its impact is evident. A very green prairie and off colored water lower in the system are the tell-tale signs of Wyoming spring. The Grey Reef Section of the North Platte River, Grey Reef Dam to Lusby, has maintained excellent fishing. Once you reach the Narrows the river is packing a big load of silt so below Government Bridge and Into Casper the fly fishing opportunities will diminish significantly. Miracle Mile, although being over-loved, is still fishing well. Fremont Canyon is tip-top and the fly fishing report suggests light emerger rigs and dialing in your bug game. Grey Reef Flows have been reduced to 1600cfs from 2500cfs just 2 days ago. This is likely the beginning of even lower flows and the time when a fly angler will have great success. It has always been an interesting thing to observe those who adapt and those who can’t wrap their head around it. One thing is for certain, if there is a lack of “success” it isn’t the river or the fish’s fault. This is the time to scrutinize your approach. Fast-track it with a stop in The Reef Fly Shop for advice or a guided trip. The “Grey Reef Primer” is designed to instruct you how to succeed on Grey Reef’s public water. Our half and full day trips gain you access to not only the best crew in the region but the most private access and private ramps. There is no doubt 2018 is going to be a summer to remember. The dry fly gig will be on point and the hopper forecast is high. We have some awesome lodge options so give a shout. Don’t forget North Platte Lodge has hunting and some remote fishing options available as well. These adventures require full involvement and long days but they are oh so worth it.

Wyoming Spring Fly Fishing

Wyoming Fly Fishing is always a good time but the past couple days have been a party at Grey Reef. Monday was 75* and yesterday we had a pop-up blizzard event that pounded us with a couple inches of heavy, wet snow. Today the roads are clear but snow is on the grass and should be gone by day’s end – 50*. Conditions, hatches and fishing have been awesome at Grey Reef, solid at Miracle Mile and good at Fremont Canyon. Our favorite spring activity is suspended trout eating baetis ( blue winged olive ) emergers with a light rig and a reasonable representation of said bug. Foam Wings, PAL, Mayhem and All Days. wd40 etc all very effective choices. Small red is also producing with the popular pine squirrel leech.
The first week of May is turning out to be very quiet around here so I would make plans! Cottages, RV sites and DRIFT BOAT RENTALS available. Rent a boat and you have access to fish all that water that is unavailable due to being private. Of course, you can’t get out of the boat, beach or drop anchor on private but you can still fish through. The Reef Fly Shop is open all day every day and ready to help with gear, bugs or advice. Swing in for a fresh cup of joe and book a shuttle.
Please stay off of the redds, pinch your barns and ditch the beads!

In Like a Lion

Wyoming Fly Fishing conditions are awesome, top to bottom. Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon reporting clear water and active trout. Grey Reef maintained excellent water clarity and fishing on the upper reaches but the warm chinook winds caused some runoff below Bolton Creek. That recovered quickly and the North Platte River is fishable all the way to Casper, Wyoming USA. The star of the show currently is the Grey Reef Section from Grey Reef Dam to Lusby. We are all booked up with the cottages this weekend but we do have drift boat rentals, RV sites and guides available. The Reef fly Shop, Cottages & RV is stocked and open, swing by! Only one week left of our discounted trips and/or lodging packages. Swing by the website to learn our approach, how extensive our access is and why you might give us a try next time. Help us celebrate our 20th Season of North Platte Lodge! There are some cool events and good food and libations in Downtown Casper this weekend. Look up Bootleggers Liquors, Frontier Brewing, Metro Coffee Company, Gaslight Social, Racca’s Pizza and Urban Bottle. This is a sampling  of the walkable downtown revolution happening in TroutTown, WY. On your stroll you can check out the Ugly Bug Fly Shop and make a few casts and poke a few trout in our stellar urban fishery just a couple blocks away. The whitewater park has great structure and solid fishing. Whitewater kayakers pilgrimage to Casper during the flush so they can get their play boating fix during the daily high-water surge in the whitewater park. This is a cool spectator opportunity…bring your town bike and ride to the downtown destinations and the pathway along the North Platte River.

Grey Reef FLUSHING FLOWS begin next Monday and will continue through the middle of the following week. The flows are charged with purging stifling silt from the trout spawning gravel but they also create fly fishing opportunities that don’t exist any other time of the year. Streamer junkies and midgers alike will have plenty to smile about.

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Below is a view of the North Platte River urban fishery and a portion of the whitewater park in Casper, Wyoming

Miracle Mile Fly Fishing Grey Reef Wishing

Winter weather made an appearance (finally!). Central Wyoming was greeted with a foot-ish of cold smoke and Alcova was on highway lockdown yesterday. This AM we woke to double digits below zero and some pretty significant drifting. Today we are at 20* and bluebird. Miracle Mile fishing trip would best be attempted a bit later as the roads are not in recreational travel condition…they are hardly survival travel-worthy. Grey Reef is available and fishing is ripe. Slushy and ice a bit lower on the Grey Reef system so our recommendation would be to stay high. Midges and midges and streamers. Things will recover quickly and you will be able to get out to the Mile to fish with your good friends, soon.

Early season discounted trips, lodging and packages end March 14 so get your spots reserved!

Here is a pic of Tom with NPL guide Adam B. and a textbook buck-brown

Grey Reef Angling

The past several weeks have been mild and springlike. A couple little weather systems have rolled through but overall the fishing conditions are pretty awesome. Today is calm and bluebird. The midge nymphing game is on point. Follow the heaviest portion of the hatch to the head of the run and drop back to the tailouts as the bugs stop popping. The streamer bite is impressive. Scour the runs top to bottom with a tip and and a Rusty Trombone, available at The Reef Fly Shop, and retrieve slowish but erratic. Grey Reef is clear and the fishing are active. Book a cottage for the Super Bowl but skip halftime for a quick streamer session.

The Reef Fly Shop is open daily 8-2. Stop in!

We have some great full-lodge options still available during peak fishing. We also have a corporate program so consider North Platte Lodge to host your customers. Meals, guides and location are stellar. We provide the airport transportation and gobs of private access and ramps. You can’t go wrong.

Skiing Drought Means Fishing Bonanza

Central Wyoming weather has been off the charts. We are in a warm and dry period. The snowpack, so far, is minimal. This means while the traditional winter sports activities aren’t the greatest, fly fishing is. Grey Reef fishing is excellent right now. The midge hatch is strong and the streamer bite is pretty solid. The North Platte River is  clear and not obstructed with ice. Bring your boat or rent one from the shop.

While The Denver Fly Fishing Show is happening we have decided to tend to business in Alcova. The early season deals are the hot topic and we also have off season guided fishing and lodging packages. The not-so-subtle difference is our location and our private access. Give us a look or a call before committing to the “show special”. The show special isn’t going away. Next week is the ISE in Denver and we have opted to stay and get the operations dialed for our busy 20th season rapidly approaching. While the shows are really fun and we love to connect with all of you, you will be far better served by the projects we have cooking.

Sneak out of the Front Range and into Grey Reef. The traffic is absurdly low. Plan to check out Downtown Casper, WY…this place is changing a bunch and now a cool walkable bar/brewery/restaurant/music scene.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hoping you are getting your shopping done and squeezing in some time on the water. In the West, the winter is a beautiful and extremely picturesque time for fly fishing. The right gear and the right bugs will have you hooking fish in solitude. Days like today are the best…6″ of fresh snow with bright skies and a solid midge hatch all give reasons to keep your hands cold. We are gearing up for our 20th Season…can you believe that? Neither can we but we are proud and thankful to be able to continue to push the operations forward. THANK YOU! The Reef Fly Shop is open on our winter schedule, generally shutting the doors around 2PM. Stop by for a cup of coffee and a handful of flies. The crew has been putting in a lot of time on the water so they can keep you in the game. Pssst, midges and scuds.

Trout Town, Big Brown, Get Down

Fishing conditions at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile have been great. Grey Reef producing daily. The past coupe days have been streamer-focused and our Grey Reef anglers landing several browns each day. The rainbows have stolen the show with their size and tenacity. Nymphing is very good with midge/scud rigs. Deeper troughs between weed beds require a bit longer rig but plenty of fish in the 4′ range as well. Miracle Mile report is sporadic with one day super productive with streamers…enough to lure the anglers out the next day only to find finicky fish. But the size! Fremont Canyon is solid on all fronts and the fish are still looking up. Grey Reef also giving up dry fly eaters.

2018 is coming sooner than you think but not as fast as you might hope. In the meantime get your trips put together and get on the books. Food is always the big question for visitors. If you have been staying in the cottages think about upgrading to the North Platte Lodge. The food is amazing and plentiful, it is prepared for you and you don’t have to do the dishes. Win, Win. 

Grey Reef Fly Fishing

Central Wyoming is experiencing a small winter weather event at the moment. Grey Reef anglers are bundled up and enjoying happy trout. The snow is to let-up by midday and tomorrow we will be back to standard fall weather in Wyoming… 50s and sunny. Fishing has been fun. Miracle Mile is giving up some bruisers on streamers, Grey Reef still poking them on the surface and Fremont Canyon all the above.  We have some good availability on both the guide and cottage front. This is trophy season at Grey Reef and a dedicated angler with a big rod and big streamer has solid chances at a trout over 25″. If you haven’t given the streamer game a go, now is your time. The next 3 weeks will give up the best opportunity. Cash in some vacation time, pack all of your gear and get here.

We are already trying to jockey for 2018…our 20th season. North Platte Lodge philosophy is to provide our guests with the best. Location, facility, staff and private access are the most important features in a fly fishing or wing shooting vacation. North Platte Lodge ticks all of those boxes. Add our peripheral operations of vacation rentals, RV sites, drift boat rentals, fly shop, wild bird hunts and cast and blast packages, and now elk, deer and antelope hunts. We are so fortunate to have a highly experienced staff and the most legitimate and genuine approach to our guided trips. Sure they cost us more but that elevates the value to our guests and keeps them returning. We thank you for that and are excited to see everybody next year.


Strong Finish and Early Start

Central Wyoming fly fishing is as good as it gets. Our anglers and guides are fishing dry flies start to finish if they choose. The baetis, caddis and tricos are strong. Crane Flies are not to be ignored. Streamer activity has also been well worth the effort and as Grey Reef progresses toward November that fever will escalate to prime status. Trophy Season is a narrow window through mid-November. That doesn’t mean they aren’t available all year but history shows us when the bulk of the success happens. As the eves get cooler expect a transition to midges and a thinning of the fair-weather anglers. Winter is no slouch at Grey Reef. Scratch that itch with a warm cottage and the best water beginning just a minute away.

Don’t be afraid of the season change. It is still an excellent time to fish Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Many of us feel it is the BEST time to fish the North Platte River. Very wadable flows of 500cfs, clear water and heavily foraging trout are more ingredients than needed for a delicious trip.

Looking forward to 2018 it is not too early to secure your dates. The North Platte Lodge is the pinnacle of experience, access and convenience. Our corporate program has been very well received due to the high quality food, fishing and facility coupled with a laid back and personal atmosphere. We are rolling into year 20. We can’t believe is has been 20 season of memorable Grey Reef fishing. Come celebrate with us!

We generally only focus on a short bird hunting window with early season waterfowl and sage grouse. The sage grouse season was a success and has now closed and waterfowl hunts have also been productive, thus far. Our new big game program has been equally successful. Archery elk tags filled and we are looking forward to antelope, deer and elk hunters over the coming weeks. Our bird hunting and big game hunting properties rival our exclusive private fishing access. This is a feature we will not skimp on. There is a significant difference when you have that privilege. Access matters.