Autumn Splendor

Anybody still use that streamer? Or the Orange Blossom Special? Fall is here and the weather is going to give us a taste of it this weekend. We are going to have solid chances for rain and temps only reaching 50* for Saturday and Sunday. It is going to be awesome! Dress appropriately and plan on blanket baetis hatches! Streamer fishing should also bump a tick or two. Suspended fish plowing emergers and dries is what it is all about. Still getting some hopper and hopper/dropper eats with Tricos on the surface in the morning and caddis in the late afternoon and eves…so fun!

Pegging anything but a plastic bead is illegal BTW.

The lower reaches of the North Platte River through Casper and into Glenrock still have lots of suspended floating debris. Stay high on the system if you want to be able to fish without a lot of fly cleaning. Miracle Mile is fishing well as is Fremont.

Wyoming Fly Fishing, Wingshooting and Big Game Hunting

Flows are dropping, check the charts below. We’ve had a great run of lots of cool water and awesome fishing all season. These diminishing flows are actually a double edged sword. We like some change, we like many of the trico spots at lower flows but prefer a bit more edge structure for the hopper fishing and even the streamer game. September is starting with great dry fly fishing. Morning is trico spinner time and large pods of Grey Reef’s trout are waiting for the assembly line of food. Tricos are rhythm activity and tons of fun. By mid AM the pseudos are moving and the hopper eaters are ready midday. It has been really enjoyable to bounce around from different modes and techniques. Some big fish eating hoppers. We expect this to run through late September with tricos and caddis through mid October and pseudos until late September when the baetis will replace them through mid October. Then Midges become the predominant dry fly hatch. Also the streamer assault will heat up through mid November and beyond. the weather is so nice this time of year and the fishing is amazing.

Sage Grouse season stars Sept 16. We are finding good numbers of birds and the grasshoppers are providing an abundance of food. We are limited with cast and blast dates so get on that sooner than later. Our inaugural BIG GAME OUTFITTING season is here. Yes, you heard that right. We have an interesting situation with our facilities, fishing and access. Frankly, it is a sportsman’s dream and yes we mean women, kids and men who hunt and fish. Outfitting for pronghorn (antelope), Mule Deer and Elk is our big game hunting focus. We have the animals, experienced guides and the private access that give a sizable advantage to this operation. We are really excited.

New facilities are in the works as well. It has been an interesting permitting episode but we expect to be breaking ground in the next couple months with a cool new project opening spring of 2018. The lodge received an awesome new deck this year and it has been a big hit. We also just completed our liquor sales display so North Platte Lodge will now provide the convenience of on-site liquor sales. We will have a dialed selection of wine and spirits that are derived from our nearly 20 years of operating and noting the brands of choice.

Dinner. Wow. North Platte Lodge cook staff has been on a run of standing ovations. They are turning out artisan meals and stuffing bellies. Be prepared to eat when you arrive OR make sure you have the will power to put on the brakes…you’ll need it. Our corporate groups feel like the North Platte Lodge experience is the best bang for their buck and we can’t thank them enough for returning year after year. Consider us when planning your next meeting. You won’t be disappointed.

Grey Reef Updates and Eclipse Chaos


Monsoonal moisture has been a rollercoaster the past couple weeks. Grey Reef is still at 2000cfs so burps are quickly wiped away but the store 2 nights ago trashed Grey Reef Reservoir. At Lusby there is almost no vis this morning. However, in true central Wyoming fish fashion we are NEVER out of the game. Area creek, ponds, reservoir and alternate tailwaters like Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon provide awesome opportunities as you’ll see in the photo of Wayne Henry from yesterday. We are still riding the trico, midge and caddis train. And as a quick FYI if you or your guide are pegging (snagging) with chenille or zonked fur you are fishing illegally. The only allowed snagging-rig is with plastic beads to imitate eggs.

Eclipse festivities kick off today and there is so much happening in the Casper area that it is mind boggling. Notable facts to remember for the Alcova and Grey Reef areas

  1. No camping outside of designated campsites at Grey Reef, that is the land between Hwy 220 and along Great Reef road and to the river. There is a BLM overflow area below Government Bridge and if it rains it will be a muddy mess.
  2. No Fires, charcoal grills or smoking outside of your vehicle. Don’t fling your butts out the window, please.
  3. We will not be running shuttles or renting anymore boats on Sunday or Monday.
  4. Jalan Crossland and The last Coyote are playing at the Sunset Grill on Friday night…awesome show.
  5. It will be dark for a little bit…during an unnatural time

Grey Reef Blowout-Eclipse Blowout

Grey Reef suffered a bit this AM due to a big rainstorm last night. The river is pretty muddy starting at Grey Reef Dam. If you move quick you can jump in below the surge but expect it catch you. Thankfully, with plenty of water it will repair itself quickly…we suspect it’ll be back on tomorrow. Fishing has been pretty awesome otherwise. The hopper/dropper thing is ramping up, streamers are getting the smack-down and nymphing is the top production specialist.

ECLIPSE! NPL had a cancelation and we now have 3 rooms still available for a 4 night lodging and meals package. CALL 307.237.1182  book all 3 for a discount.

Positive Pulse, Prognosis Perfect

Some great NPL spots left over the coming month and ECLIPSE dates available! These are a 4 night package arriving Aug 18 and departing the 22nd. We have lodge rooms and couple RV sites but the cottages have been spoken for.

Pegging or snagging with anything besides a plastic bead is illegal in Wyoming. You won’t fish a snagging rig at North Platte Lodge or The Reef Fly Shop.

Grey Reef guides report continued excellent fishing. Yesterday’s late eve streamer assault netted solid browns and rainbows. Midge activity strong in the morning and PMDs getting the holeshot by late morning and a solid lead through late afternoon. Guides are running a 2 fly rig with and All-Day May and PMD Barr’s Emerger early then switching to a double PMD rig. Grey Reef flows remain at 2500cfs. Miracle Mile is producing on a variable level. Miracle Mile flows are 1000cfs and PMD, worm, leech and soft hackle rigs doing the job.

Conditions are as good as they get and we are seeing a fair amount of dry fly activity…plan on that increasing substantially over the coming week, weeks and months.

Cast and Blast packages for Sage Grouse Hunts and early season waterfowl are available. September and October will be excellent fishing months considering the higher flows of 2017…doesn’t get much better.

Only Getting Better

Grey Reef is giving up some quality trophy trout, Miracle Mile is giving them up as well. PMDs, caddis and Sallies at both venues getting them suspended and even on the surface. Golden Stones are winding down at the Mile. The streamer activity has been really fun and some truly huge trout taking note of a fleeing bank side Goldie. Keep your rigs suspended and pile on some weight in the afternoon and run the heavier water. Late – a dry/dropper caddis rig in the tight riffles will get them looking up. It won’t be long ’til solid hopper and trico activity will compliment the caddis fishing. It is really fun and will remain.

We have some North Platte Lodge availability over the next couple months and our creative kitchen staff has been getting high praise. If you prefer to do it on your own book a cottage or RV site at The Reef Fly Shop and rent a boat. We have lots of options. The guides have been loving the new ramp at Bates Creek. Talk about separation when they use one of our other private ramps in the Lusby area.

Too Little Time

Guides Needed! We are looking for career minded guides with hunting and fishing in their blood. A solid background in guest services a huge bonus. A strong work ethic and an open yet confident personality are the key ingredients in NPL and TRFS staff.

Where to start? Grey Reef down to 3000cfs this AM and clear. Edge structure is awesome and big browns on the prowl for streamers. Rainbows munching worms, leeches and soft hackled caddis patterns and big (for us) nymphs like Mercer’s Epoxy Back 16, Big Rubber Legs also. Yellow Sallies are present but not yet in force…PMDs are getting attention and that hatch is a bit delayed. That is a good thing since the calorie packs available don’t need the hatch and we will welcome it next week. Dry fly with hopper/dropper and caddis in the riffles late in the day. Miracle Mile is fishing really well and the size is impressive. Miracle Mile flows also dropped to 3000cfs this AM. Golden Stones, PMD, caddis, worms and leaches. Pure solid angling at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Fremont is still 1200cfs and fishing well but don’t expect the Disneyland fishery it normally is. The Big Horn River in Thermopolis, Wyoming is big but the Wind is now delivering less water to Boysen Reservoir than is being released down the Wind River Canyon. Fishing should be restored in the coming weeks. Casper Fishing is very good and the North Platte River is clear and productive through town and below. Casper has great events all summer a of particular note is the Eclipse. 

5 over 25″ in 7

Grey Reef Fly Fishing Trophy Trout odds are redlined right now. Since the North Platte River flows were bumped North Platte Lodge guests have been on a steady diet of huge golden grip and grins. Grey Reef river flows  are at 4000cfs, Miracle Mile flows are 4500cfs and Fremont Canyon flows are chugging at 1500cfs +. Clarity is very good. We’ve had a bit of unsettled weather the past week and last night a steady drizzle started and is still going. Miracle Mile roads are not going to be great but who cares when the Reef is fishing the way it is. NEW RAMP! North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop have always provided the best, no skimping on guides, location or access. We have more than twice the private access of all other outfitters combined and that is a very conservative figure. We also have the most strategic private boat ramps. Our new ramp at Bates Creek separates our guides from all other river users by hours. Using one of our ramps on the upper and floating to Bates or from Bates down…it doesn’t matter…enjoy an outdoor experience rather than a social event and stick awesome trout while doing it. First choice for big trout, first choice for quantity of fish, first choice for guide staff, first choice for exclusive wading and ramp access, first choice for location and facilities and even more on the docket.

Don’t Stop Believing

Central Wyoming fly fishing was a few miles from ruin last night. The Casper, Wyoming area had an impressive storm with hard sustained rain and nickel-sized hail. Drainages in the area were cranking. Alcova was spared and the Grey Reef system is in tip top shape. Mini-rigging with a pair of baetis and midge patterns in the soft water is getting aggressive takes. We love emerger rigs. The streamer activity has been surprisingly good as well. 

Buggy, Buggy, Bugs and Fish

Today we thank our luck stars for those who have provided us the ability to make a living in such a ridiculous business. Hug, high 5 or simply thank a Vet today.

The baetis hatch at Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon is silly fun. Keep ’em suspended and hold on! Beautiful water conditions on the entire Grey Reef system gives the angler lots of options. If you only have a few minutes to spare wade right into the North Platte River as it meanders through Casper Wyoming. Urban angling to rival all. Be safe enjoy a glorious day.