Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Wow! Central Wyoming Fly Fishing has turned it on! The Reef has been fishing very well with nymph rigs. Getting some fish to eat midge and baetis patterns as well as the slightly larger generic stuff like pheasant tails but it is really a worm game right now. Flows are 4500cfs and will continue to increase. This has the river FULL of worms. Landing a fish and they sometimes puke a big ball of worms out. Not fishing much over 6′ for kneader and 3 and 4x fluoro tippet. The water is chilly at 52* but the upper has 4′ of visibility. Below Government Bridge is also fishing well. Miracle Mile is 7500cfs and the same thing is happening there. Worms and leeches. Some excellent new water opens up at these flows so get your favorite run out of your head and go find a new favorite! Pathfinder Dam is spilling and it makes quite a spectacle…don’t miss it! Fremont Canyon is big water! But guess what…the fish are still there and still eating.

The Big Horn River in Thermopolis is big as well…stick to Grey Reef! However, we are now booking fly fishing, upland bird hunts and cast and blast on the Big Horn River. The Big Horn is similar and different at the same time. You get increased opportunities for dry fly and streamer fishing. The Chukkar, Hun and pheasant hunting is excellent. Waterfowl love the warm waters below the hot springs making these hunts very productive. Enjoy a soak in the State Bathhouse in warm/hot spring water that is continually flowing through the facility.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Central Wyoming fly fishing is rocking and rolling. Fishing is great and our water situation is interesting…in a good way. Grey Reef flows are at 4000cfs, Miracle Mile flows are 6000cfs. Fremont Canyon? Who knows. But it is is big. Pathfinder damn started to spill in the past day so the flows are unable to be metered. Seminoe Damn is 85% of capacity(which in reality is more than the BuRec would like due to condition of the structure). Alcova, Grey Reef and Glendo are full. The North Platte River is flooding near the Wyoming – South Dakota Line. Needless to say, we have lots of water. This is good for Grey Reef! We are having great days on the water and there is no end in sight. Late July, August and September will experience amazing conditions and the hopper and streamer opportunities will be excellent. Bigger water creates much better edge structure and changes the runs. Do the runs disappear? Are the fish getting washed downstream? Is it too fast to float? Are the fish too spread out? NO, no, no and no. There are always runs no matter the level of the river. Are they were they were at 500cfs? No, they migrated somewhere between the 500cfs runs. Can you still catch fish? Big number, typical Grey Reef feast is still the norm.

We have some good NPL availability for the later part of the season and we have 2 one room spots available for the June TroutFest. Come and get it! Expect your grin muscles to cramp a bit.

Grey Reef Guide Report

Grey Reef flows are up to 3000cfs this morning and Miracle Mile flows are up to 4500cfs. Grey Reef fished well yesterday. It wasn’t lights out but a very solid day on the water. Visibility is still not great and hoping these increased flows will push the remaining sediment out of the after bay soon. Things will clear up very nicely, we can promise that. The weather coming up looks very nice as well. Remember if you are up to you waste in the river you are likely standing in the feeding zone and on the reeds. We still have a couple weeks that are critical for the eggs and babies in the gravel.

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Wyoming Fly Fishing in the central part of the state is in a little hiccup. Let us no overreact about what is going on. Grey Reef flows are up to 2600 cfs and Miracle Mile is up to 4200 cvs as of this AM. Fishing on both venues was pretty slow yesterday and Fremont Canyon was good. The water is still a little off color at Grey Reef due to weird fluctuations in the level of the after bay (Gray Reef Reservoir). This is a problem in the short term but good in the long term as it has a flushing impact. Water temp are cold, fish are not hanging out where they were at lower levels and they haven’t really settled in for the last week. Things have been disrupted…this is a blip AND persistence and outside the box thinking will have you in the fish a plenty. We have quite a few trips out today and will let you know the results as soon as possible. Take a deep breath and go fish. Fish where the fish are and with what they want to eat.

We have a full lodge 4 night/3 day opening July 24-27 and a 5 night/4 day Aug 20-24. Summer conditions are going to be excellent with all of this water…can’t wait!

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Central Wyoming fly fishing is resilient as ever. We have had some wild spring weather and the Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon sections of the North Platte River have persevered like they always do. Grey Reef blew out in a big way, the roads to Miracle Mile were a mess and Fremont Canyon just kept on ticking. Needless to say, Grey Reef is back in a big way…yes the river flows are up to 1100cfs, yes! The river still looks kinda gross but it is fishing very well. Miracle Mile flows are 3500cfs, yes! Bigger the better and we are happy that by the end of the month Grey Reef will be chugging at 5000cfs. Don’t be scared of big water, this an opportunity and big water years generally have excellent trout recruitment. It may be a little too late to realize that benefit but since the fishing is so much more fun we’ll take it. I would expect the Mile to puff up a bit more than 5000cfs. Cross our fingers for 8 grand…that is my personal favorite. Eliminate the fear of big water and the fish become too dispersed, that is a myth. They go to the water that best suits their needs and that water is always accessible. It is very simple really.

We have a very busty schedule this season and our late sea on dates are getting snatched up. The water conditions will be excellent for a late summer and fall trip.

The Grey reef flow schedule is:

Today: 1400 Tomorrow:1700 5/14:2000 5/15:2300 5/16:2600 5/17:3000

Miracle Mile going to 4000cfs until further notice

Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, Bighorn and Fremont Canyon Conditions

Central Wyoming is still in the grip of a spring weather event that is causing widespread river quality issues. We have canceled a bunch of trips but are still putting out guide for guest requests. Psst, they are having awesome days on the water. However, Grey Reef is still muddy and will be a couple days to start to straighten up. Miracle Mile is in good shape but the roads are a disaster in spots. Fremont Canyon is in good shape and fishing is very good. The Bighorn River through Themopolis Wyoming had significant rock slides in the Wind River Canyon and the river conditions are muddy. While we are battling Mother Nature for our most well known and rock star venues Central Wyoming is a treasure trove of fly fishing opportunities. A bit of creativity and research will yield some very cool “new” fishing spots. Caution there are many creeks in the area that have been flooding so be careful out there!

More Bad News for this Week and Great News for Summer

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing will be an exercise  in creativity for the next several days. The Casper and Alcova area received torrential rains that caused some localized flooding last night. Eagle Creek and Fly Shop creek are currently doing a number on Grey Reef Reservoir. The Reef is a muddy mess at the moment. Rarely are we out of the game for more than a day or two and will keep you in the know as things progress. There are other great options in the area, so while Grey Reef is the focus we are fortunate to make a great day by alternate means. We do have trips out today and some guests opted to not go out today. We have canceled our lodge groups who were scheduled to arrive tomorrow. All is not lost! This is very good news for summer and fall water situation. If you haven’t experienced Grey Reef in these seasons, do yourself a favor and get on board. When Montana is struggling with low and warm water we have been full and cool. Late season has diversity not even scratched in the spring. There is so much more water to fish, great dry fly and streamer opportunities and the weather is far more predictable and consistent.

Cottages available this weekend and new 25″ club member

Due to unfortunate events we have two cottages available Thursday and Friday eves. We also have a couple lodge rooms available Fri-Sunday that we can offer as a room only option as well. It is going to be a beautiful weekend and the fishing is excellent. The 2 Fly charity event is happening Thursday and Friday so the river will be busy but predictable. The great thing is the weekend following is generally quiet so Saturday and Sunday should be great. Grey Reef flows were bumped to 800cfs this AM and hope they keep the trend going!

Congrats to our brother from the Great White North, Andrew Higgins, on his induction into the North Platte Lodge 25″ Club with a brown landed at the boat ramp on the last day of their trip…Happy Ending!

Wyoming Fly Fishing – May 2016

Grey Reef Flow and water conditions are very good and bumped to 700cfs…we love all the water they will give us Miracle Mile river flows and conditions are excellent and 2100cfs. Central Wyoming is finally experiencing a blue bird day! Grey Reef anglers should expect highs near 50 and a touch of breeze. This weather will ramp up all week with almost no wind and temps in the low 60s tomorrow and low 70s by week’s end. EMERGERS! BEATIS! Light rigs and suspended fish…oh so fun! try an 8.5′ 5wt with 5x fluro and a pair of bugs like an All day May or PAL or Foam Wing RS2 or WD40 or any reasonable combo. Short leader! Black or white indicator and watch the suspended fish plowing bugs mid column. So much more fun than dragging around a long and heavy bead rig. Our guests have been really enjoying the wade fishing…it has been ultra productive and they get to see what is really happening in the trout world. We have some cottage and lodge options so get ’em! Cable to cable is open as of this morning and won’t close until the first of April 2017.

Our news for May 1st is our new lease on the upper and just below the Lusby Access. This adds a mile or so to our already glutinous amounts of exclusive private access on the North Platte River Grey Reef section. But, it adds 2 key boats ramps. These ramps allow us even more ability to keep you fishing without the pack mentality that has become so prevalent. It opens up excellent half day and split float options. We often use split floats to mitigate what would otherwise be crowded(to us) conditions. This is unheard of in our local industry.  We are also working on another private ramp in what could make our later season trips another exercise in keeping you in a true outdoor experience rather than a social event.

Will it ever end? & Big News Coming!

We have had wet and snowy weather all week. As I am writing the snow is still  lightly falling. Central Wyoming is lightly worse for the wear as the fishing is still very good. Grey Reef blew out a few days ago and corrected itself in typical day/day and a half fashion. Yesterday we had great fishing across the board. Below Government Bridge is a mess though. Fremont is rocking, Miracle Mile Fly fishing is great bout the roads out there aren’t. We stuck some big fish in area still waters and our Bighorn River fishing in Thermopolis, WY was great. Urban settings and very limited amounts of water are not our favorite. It isn’t always just about the fish and frankly , if it is, the Bighorn can’t compete. I guided that stretch in the mid to late 90s when there was nobody out there…that was pretty fun.

May 1st is tomorrow so the cable to cable stretch will be ready to fish. Please be careful of the redds!

Flows at Grey Reef are still low but there is 2700 cfs coming into the North Platte River between Grey Reef and Glendo. 3200cfs is the flow at that point. With our large stockpile of moisture in the Laramie Range and in Southern Wyoming we are in for an incredible water year. The reservoirs are already VERY healthy. Big water makes the dry fly fishing amazing and keeps good structure for our big mean ambushers. Expect excellent dry fly fishing beginning mid July and continuing through mid-late October. Trophy streamer season will blossom in October with the height of the action in early November/late October.

We have a couple amazing lodge spots available in late July and through September. Sage Grouse hunts are almost booked to max so get on them if you want the best Sage Grouse hunting available anywhere. We might even have some other upland opportunities that will blow your mind? Working on that and will report as soon as they are confirmed.

More news to follow…this will interest the Grey Reef anglers the most. We are big fans of private access and not floating around in a wad with all the other boats on the river. That is why we secure so much exclusive trespass rights for our guests. It makes a big difference. More on that later.