Strong Finish and Early Start

Central Wyoming fly fishing is as good as it gets. Our anglers and guides are fishing dry flies start to finish if they choose. The baetis, caddis and tricos are strong. Crane Flies are not to be ignored. Streamer activity has also been well worth the effort and as Grey Reef progresses toward November that fever will escalate to prime status. Trophy Season is a narrow window through mid-November. That doesn’t mean they aren’t available all year but history shows us when the bulk of the success happens. As the eves get cooler expect a transition to midges and a thinning of the fair-weather anglers. Winter is no slouch at Grey Reef. Scratch that itch with a warm cottage and the best water beginning just a minute away.

Don’t be afraid of the season change. It is still an excellent time to fish Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Many of us feel it is the BEST time to fish the North Platte River. Very wadable flows of 500cfs, clear water and heavily foraging trout are more ingredients than needed for a delicious trip.

Looking forward to 2018 it is not too early to secure your dates. The North Platte Lodge is the pinnacle of experience, access and convenience. Our corporate program has been very well received due to the high quality food, fishing and facility coupled with a laid back and personal atmosphere. We are rolling into year 20. We can’t believe is has been 20 season of memorable Grey Reef fishing. Come celebrate with us!

We generally only focus on a short bird hunting window with early season waterfowl and sage grouse. The sage grouse season was a success and has now closed and waterfowl hunts have also been productive, thus far. Our new big game program has been equally successful. Archery elk tags filled and we are looking forward to antelope, deer and elk hunters over the coming weeks. Our bird hunting and big game hunting properties rival our exclusive private fishing access. This is a feature we will not skimp on. There is a significant difference when you have that privilege. Access matters.

Grey Reef Winter Flows – Almost

Grey Reef flows are down to 700 cfs while Miracle Mile flows are 525 cfs and Fremont Canyon is 75 cfs. All of the lower North Platte River tailwaters are very wadeable. Successful fall baetis fishing success is super satisfying and will open your eyes to a whole new approach on fishing. Don’t be afraid to peel off the weight and flutter your rig, mid-column, through shallow riffles. The in between water can be exactly where they are at and a long dredgy rig with out-of-hatch imitations will not only not be fun to fish but won’t get to or interest them. Give them what they want and where they want it. That is the beauty of dry fly, right? You can see where they are and what they want…most of the time. This eliminates several approach factors of a successful fishing as they are basically served up on a silver platter. All you have to do is get them to eat your offering. That can be the real trick as it is now entirely up to the angler presentation and reaction. Streamers are a game of chance and frequency and a bit of aggression as repeatedly casting heavy rigs with reasonable accuracy and oftentimes limited success needs to have certain personality to persevere and come back for a licking time and time again. These chaps are also the anglers who display their “trophy” pics as often as possible. Who can blame them? It generally takes a lot of work and dedication to seal the deal with trophy-class trout.  Cool thing is, we have all opportunities begging for folks to take advantage of them through the remainder of the season. What are you waiting for?

Autumn Splendor

Anybody still use that streamer? Or the Orange Blossom Special? Fall is here and the weather is going to give us a taste of it this weekend. We are going to have solid chances for rain and temps only reaching 50* for Saturday and Sunday. It is going to be awesome! Dress appropriately and plan on blanket baetis hatches! Streamer fishing should also bump a tick or two. Suspended fish plowing emergers and dries is what it is all about. Still getting some hopper and hopper/dropper eats with Tricos on the surface in the morning and caddis in the late afternoon and eves…so fun!

Pegging anything but a plastic bead is illegal BTW.

The lower reaches of the North Platte River through Casper and into Glenrock still have lots of suspended floating debris. Stay high on the system if you want to be able to fish without a lot of fly cleaning. Miracle Mile is fishing well as is Fremont.

Drys All Day

We are on a great run of dry fly fishing in Central Wyoming. Grey Reef has been giving up solid fish to the surface and the strip. Streamers have also been productive. Now is the time if you like to cast to risers and then pound banks and dead drift when you need a break. The dry fly gig will be solid through at least mid October. Grey Reef conditions are very clear with some suspended debris. Check the flows on the chart below. Once you get lower on the North Platte River it is very congested with “floaties”. Don’t torment yourself with trying to fish through Casper and below to Glenrock, WY. It is traditional Grey Reef time and the fish won’t disappoint. Miracle Mile is also fishing and worth it although congested with anglers and hunters to some degree.

Today we have cast and blast trips out, big game and fishing trips. Our elk hunters have been in them but yet to knock an arrow. Sage Grouse were plentiful yesterday and the day was capped with dry fly fishing. We are looking ahead a few days to early season waterfowl and have guides on tap for those trips. Don’t forget, our neighbor, Riverbend Roosters is open for pheasant preserve hunts. Come fish and stay with us and spend a half day shooting pheasants…all right in Alcova Wyoming.

The trophy season is fast approaching. The last week of October and first 2 weeks of November have been THE window the past few seasons. Bring big rods and stamina. Grey Reef’s biguns will be on the prowl for a well placed streamer.

Waterfowl Hunts for the fall and winter season? It doesn’t get any better than Wyobraska Waterfowl and their prime Eastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska fields. They have secured more coveted riverfront with a warm water slough, a pond and cornfields for the green heads and Canada Geese. Snow Geese is their late season specialty so get on the list pronto! New luxury blinds are under construction and will be planted before the season kicks off.

Wyoming Fly Fishing, Wingshooting and Big Game Hunting

Flows are dropping, check the charts below. We’ve had a great run of lots of cool water and awesome fishing all season. These diminishing flows are actually a double edged sword. We like some change, we like many of the trico spots at lower flows but prefer a bit more edge structure for the hopper fishing and even the streamer game. September is starting with great dry fly fishing. Morning is trico spinner time and large pods of Grey Reef’s trout are waiting for the assembly line of food. Tricos are rhythm activity and tons of fun. By mid AM the pseudos are moving and the hopper eaters are ready midday. It has been really enjoyable to bounce around from different modes and techniques. Some big fish eating hoppers. We expect this to run through late September with tricos and caddis through mid October and pseudos until late September when the baetis will replace them through mid October. Then Midges become the predominant dry fly hatch. Also the streamer assault will heat up through mid November and beyond. the weather is so nice this time of year and the fishing is amazing.

Sage Grouse season stars Sept 16. We are finding good numbers of birds and the grasshoppers are providing an abundance of food. We are limited with cast and blast dates so get on that sooner than later. Our inaugural BIG GAME OUTFITTING season is here. Yes, you heard that right. We have an interesting situation with our facilities, fishing and access. Frankly, it is a sportsman’s dream and yes we mean women, kids and men who hunt and fish. Outfitting for pronghorn (antelope), Mule Deer and Elk is our big game hunting focus. We have the animals, experienced guides and the private access that give a sizable advantage to this operation. We are really excited.

New facilities are in the works as well. It has been an interesting permitting episode but we expect to be breaking ground in the next couple months with a cool new project opening spring of 2018. The lodge received an awesome new deck this year and it has been a big hit. We also just completed our liquor sales display so North Platte Lodge will now provide the convenience of on-site liquor sales. We will have a dialed selection of wine and spirits that are derived from our nearly 20 years of operating and noting the brands of choice.

Dinner. Wow. North Platte Lodge cook staff has been on a run of standing ovations. They are turning out artisan meals and stuffing bellies. Be prepared to eat when you arrive OR make sure you have the will power to put on the brakes…you’ll need it. Our corporate groups feel like the North Platte Lodge experience is the best bang for their buck and we can’t thank them enough for returning year after year. Consider us when planning your next meeting. You won’t be disappointed.


PICTURE Frank with a hopper-eating, Grey Reef Philly yesterday afternoon

North Platte Lodge has a few great late summer and fall openings between next weekend and the 3rd weekend of October. Dry fly/Streamer/Nymphing, Upland and waterfowl hunting and big game trips – this is the season of plenty. Come get the full Central Wyoming sporting experience right at Grey Reef. Meals, hunting/fishing and accommodations when packaged together leave little available for compare. Many miles of private fishing access and 4 strategic private boat ramps, private hunting access, only operation at Grey Reef, highly experienced guide staff and an awesome dining experience.

The eclipse chaos has passed and the dry fly season is 3/4 throttle. Large pods of slithering trout hoovering the trico spinners in the morning and this will only improve as the Grey Reef flows are reduced. Impressive specimens looking up for the grasshoppers in the afternoon. Psuedos are showing up and pods of risers will be seen also in the afternoon. Nymphing the pseudos is as fun as it gets with really short/light rigs and small emerger patterns in skinny water. The runs are blistering as big trout bolt for deeper cover. Caddis eaters stacking in the heavy runs later in the afternoon and them become easy picking along the edges once they get to or return to the surface. The streamer game is solid with some days better than others but all are worth the effort. The Rusty Trombone has been a crowd pleaser especially when fished with a tip.

Sage Grouse season is close and we are getting booked up with cast and blast and day hunts. This year we get to mix chukar and huns into the sage grouse possibility as the season for those 2 now open two weeks earlier than in previous years. This is awesome news. Our big game season is off to a great start with a few large animals being the feature of many scouting operations.

Miracle Mile fishing is solid with flows a touch south of 1000cfs. A few streamer chases but primarily it is a nymphing game. Fremont Canyon is in full caddis mode and the big fish like thong out in strange spots so be careful what you pass up!


Grey Reef Updates and Eclipse Chaos


Monsoonal moisture has been a rollercoaster the past couple weeks. Grey Reef is still at 2000cfs so burps are quickly wiped away but the store 2 nights ago trashed Grey Reef Reservoir. At Lusby there is almost no vis this morning. However, in true central Wyoming fish fashion we are NEVER out of the game. Area creek, ponds, reservoir and alternate tailwaters like Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon provide awesome opportunities as you’ll see in the photo of Wayne Henry from yesterday. We are still riding the trico, midge and caddis train. And as a quick FYI if you or your guide are pegging (snagging) with chenille or zonked fur you are fishing illegally. The only allowed snagging-rig is with plastic beads to imitate eggs.

Eclipse festivities kick off today and there is so much happening in the Casper area that it is mind boggling. Notable facts to remember for the Alcova and Grey Reef areas

  1. No camping outside of designated campsites at Grey Reef, that is the land between Hwy 220 and along Great Reef road and to the river. There is a BLM overflow area below Government Bridge and if it rains it will be a muddy mess.
  2. No Fires, charcoal grills or smoking outside of your vehicle. Don’t fling your butts out the window, please.
  3. We will not be running shuttles or renting anymore boats on Sunday or Monday.
  4. Jalan Crossland and The last Coyote are playing at the Sunset Grill on Friday night…awesome show.
  5. It will be dark for a little bit…during an unnatural time

Grey Reef Blowout-Eclipse Blowout

Grey Reef suffered a bit this AM due to a big rainstorm last night. The river is pretty muddy starting at Grey Reef Dam. If you move quick you can jump in below the surge but expect it catch you. Thankfully, with plenty of water it will repair itself quickly…we suspect it’ll be back on tomorrow. Fishing has been pretty awesome otherwise. The hopper/dropper thing is ramping up, streamers are getting the smack-down and nymphing is the top production specialist.

ECLIPSE! NPL had a cancelation and we now have 3 rooms still available for a 4 night lodging and meals package. CALL 307.237.1182  book all 3 for a discount.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

The Central Wyoming fishing report is strong. We have just taken a breath after a super busy bout. This week will ebb a bit and the flow starts again this weekend and continues through the late part of August. Why? Because fishing is pretty awesome and everybody now knows about Grey Reef’s dry fly fishing. Tricos, caddis and PMDs bringing them up on The Reef. The grasshopper crop is bumper this year. It is happening to a degree but wish for the wind to get these things on the water. Grey Reef hopper fishing is unlike any other. Thankfully we still have strong flows that keep the edge-structure intact. This is prime time to rent a drift boat and throw big foam to the banks and seams. The streamer activity has been surprisingly active. Lots of eats and follows with some crushing takes. Nymphing is old faithful and the smogasboard of bugs keeps them suspended with tricos, midges, scuds, leeches, worms, PMD and caddis. Miracle Mile is doing well and they are liking soft hackled caddis and pmd stuff. Fremont Canyon has foragers pounding streamer and looking up for PMD and caddis offerings. If you are looking for THE place to fish for summer…you can pass on Montana and their elevated water temps and post up right here in trouttown USA. Did we mention that the walleye fishing has been on fire at our neighborhood reservoirs or Pathfinder and Alcova? Fish tacos with wild walleye are unbeatable.

Casper, Wyoming fishing is primary but the coming events will keep you entertained. This weekend is Beartrap Summer Festival will have great music capped by Joan Osborne on Saturday Eve and Wynona Judd on Sunday afternoon. Check out Urban Bottle for some good beer tasting and Bootlegger Liquors will have local whiskey for a try. These properties are walking distance to each other and also participate in the Thursday Eve Art Walk coming in 2 days.  Lots of live music, food, libations and art. Stop at Racca’s for wood fired pizza and a glass of Melvin IPA. A few cool outdoor shops mixed between the festivities are well worth a visit. Mountain Sports, the new and improved Crazy Pedaler, Gear Up and our friends at The Ugly Bug Fly Shop. No downtown Casper visit is complete without a visit to Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters. Pearl snaps and a straw hat are perfect on the river and the town.

Oops, we almost forgot the ECLIPSE…That little ditty is the following weekend and occurs the morning of Aug 21st. A life memory? Yep, that is why so many folks are coming to Casper. We still have some availability for lodging, RV, fishing and boat rentals. Best get on the bandwagon BUT you don’t have to tolerate a crowded experience when you stay with us. Call! 307.232.9128


Grey Reef blew out after a big storm last night Muddy but will clear fast.