Positive Pulse, Prognosis Perfect

Some great NPL spots left over the coming month and ECLIPSE dates available! These are a 4 night package arriving Aug 18 and departing the 22nd. We have lodge rooms and couple RV sites but the cottages have been spoken for.

Pegging or snagging with anything besides a plastic bead is illegal in Wyoming. You won’t fish a snagging rig at North Platte Lodge or The Reef Fly Shop.

Grey Reef guides report continued excellent fishing. Yesterday’s late eve streamer assault netted solid browns and rainbows. Midge activity strong in the morning and PMDs getting the holeshot by late morning and a solid lead through late afternoon. Guides are running a 2 fly rig with and All-Day May and PMD Barr’s Emerger early then switching to a double PMD rig. Grey Reef flows remain at 2500cfs. Miracle Mile is producing on a variable level. Miracle Mile flows are 1000cfs and PMD, worm, leech and soft hackle rigs doing the job.

Conditions are as good as they get and we are seeing a fair amount of dry fly activity…plan on that increasing substantially over the coming week, weeks and months.

Cast and Blast packages for Sage Grouse Hunts and early season waterfowl are available. September and October will be excellent fishing months considering the higher flows of 2017…doesn’t get much better.

Flows Decrease, Bugs Increase

Wyoming Fly Fishing and Grey Reef, in particular, enjoying a bit lower flows of 2500cfs and really solid bug activity. Grey Reef production is in top form. Pale Morning Duns are the notable and targeted critter during the bulk of the day. Midges are very prevalent early and caddis should be the prime suspect later. Of course, Yellow Sallies are available and The Reef Fly Shop has the patterns to match this hatch with aplomb. Epoxy Backs, Bird Nests, All-Day Mays, Hare’s Ears, PAL and The Reef’s Soft Hackled Sally are solid choices. Streamer activity has not been lights out BUT it isn’t so much about quantity as it is about quality…fish of a lifetime is available out there right now. Dry fly and dry/dropper rigs are pulling their weight on kitchen patrol. DO NOT forget the dry fly rod.

Miracle Mile flows are down to 1000cfs and the fishing is variable. Beady leaches and rubber legs along with soft hackles and foam back PMD are top producing. Short rigs in many locations so it takes some work and figuring out your depth. Careful not to focus all your efforts on the deep runs.

In recent discussions surrounding the “pegged bead” or “snagging rig” issue we have learned that the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has the say(with recent and unfortunate changes to the Wyoming Constitution)  on the allowing snagging or not. Interestingly enough snagging is illegal, however they have created a snagging allowance with the pegged BEAD rig and it is defined as a lure. This lure includes a non eatable bead placed no more than 2″ from a bare hook that snags the fish in the face. Naturally, things progress and folks are pegging chenille, fur…whatever. But, this technique is outside of the definition per the Wy Game and Fish. What will come of this?

Casper, Wyoming is bustling with the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo this week. The rodeo final event is this Saturday evening and is a great show of athleticism and some original and traditional sporting events. Lots of live music available, wine tasting, food trucks and good old-fashioned enjoying summer. Central Wyoming is more than a one trick pony. Beartrap Summer Festival is approaching with Joan Osborne and Wynona Judd capping the evenings. Wyoming’s favorite “tailer park troubadour” Jalan Crossland  will be playing right in Alcova, Wyoming on August 19th with a warmup by our good buddies The Last Coyote. Thumping banjo and lightweight lyrics keep the fun-meter pegged. A dip in Alcova Reservoir just a stone’s throw from The Reef Fly Shop or a dip in Sloane’s General Store ice cream buckets just a few blocks over. Enjoy a cold beverage, cigarette polluted air and some questionable food at the Sunset Bar. 



Only Getting Better

Grey Reef is giving up some quality trophy trout, Miracle Mile is giving them up as well. PMDs, caddis and Sallies at both venues getting them suspended and even on the surface. Golden Stones are winding down at the Mile. The streamer activity has been really fun and some truly huge trout taking note of a fleeing bank side Goldie. Keep your rigs suspended and pile on some weight in the afternoon and run the heavier water. Late – a dry/dropper caddis rig in the tight riffles will get them looking up. It won’t be long ’til solid hopper and trico activity will compliment the caddis fishing. It is really fun and will remain.

We have some North Platte Lodge availability over the next couple months and our creative kitchen staff has been getting high praise. If you prefer to do it on your own book a cottage or RV site at The Reef Fly Shop and rent a boat. We have lots of options. The guides have been loving the new ramp at Bates Creek. Talk about separation when they use one of our other private ramps in the Lusby area.

Grey Reef  and Miracle Mile Angling Report

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing guide report is thumbs up all the way. Grey Reef is giving up some trophies on a diligent streamer rig. Stick with it and you shall be rewarded. Nymphing at The Reef is solid with soft hackles and PMDs to trick the Yellow Sally, caddis and PMD hatches. Some dry dropper activity on the edges as well. Miracle Mile is peaked with golden stones this will not last so get your foam dry fly fix! Beady leaches and worms are also producing. We are getting pretty amped up for the continued great fishing and the arrival of the hopper and trico opportunities. 

NPL has a few full lodge spots available this summer so grab a partner and get here. Not only will the fishing not disappoint but the food, location and overall experience is second to none. 

Tomorrow is the Downtown Casper Wyoming Artwalk. Cruise downtown for great music, cool wares, beverage, and food. Next week kicks off Fair Week with the parade on Tuesday and the the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo culminating in the final rodeo event on Saturday eve. A true Western experience! 

Too Little Time

Guides Needed! We are looking for career minded guides with hunting and fishing in their blood. A solid background in guest services a huge bonus. A strong work ethic and an open yet confident personality are the key ingredients in NPL and TRFS staff.

Where to start? Grey Reef down to 3000cfs this AM and clear. Edge structure is awesome and big browns on the prowl for streamers. Rainbows munching worms, leeches and soft hackled caddis patterns and big (for us) nymphs like Mercer’s Epoxy Back 16, Big Rubber Legs also. Yellow Sallies are present but not yet in force…PMDs are getting attention and that hatch is a bit delayed. That is a good thing since the calorie packs available don’t need the hatch and we will welcome it next week. Dry fly with hopper/dropper and caddis in the riffles late in the day. Miracle Mile is fishing really well and the size is impressive. Miracle Mile flows also dropped to 3000cfs this AM. Golden Stones, PMD, caddis, worms and leaches. Pure solid angling at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Fremont is still 1200cfs and fishing well but don’t expect the Disneyland fishery it normally is. The Big Horn River in Thermopolis, Wyoming is big but the Wind is now delivering less water to Boysen Reservoir than is being released down the Wind River Canyon. Fishing should be restored in the coming weeks. Casper Fishing is very good and the North Platte River is clear and productive through town and below. Casper has great events all summer a of particular note is the Eclipse. 

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing guide report. Grey Reef is fishing awesome and some big rainbows hitting the bag. Worms, Turds and soft hackles…Turds are Pat’s Rubberlegs, BTW. Grey Reef flows are consistent at 4000cfs. Sound scary? Nope! Bigger water is the only time anglers can treat Grey Reef like a traditional trout stream and have success. This is due to the edge-structure that is really only available at higher flows. Rent a drift boat from The Reef Fly Shop and work the banks from top to bottom. Even dry/dropper rigs are doing the job. Miracle Mile flows ticked down to 4000cfs and the fishing is also solid. Worms, leeches and turds are a good bet…don’t forget the soft hackles and PMD stuff either. Believe it or not the wading is great. Higher flows at Miracle Mile create Grey Reef-esque seems and slack water and the Miracle Mile trout will stack up into these areas…read islands. The summer prognosis is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Golden Stones are knocking at Miracle Mile, caddis are popping at Fremont and The Reef, Tricos will be coming in the next several weeks, and with this edge structure…prepare for hoppers!

5 over 25″ in 7

Grey Reef Fly Fishing Trophy Trout odds are redlined right now. Since the North Platte River flows were bumped North Platte Lodge guests have been on a steady diet of huge golden grip and grins. Grey Reef river flows  are at 4000cfs, Miracle Mile flows are 4500cfs and Fremont Canyon flows are chugging at 1500cfs +. Clarity is very good. We’ve had a bit of unsettled weather the past week and last night a steady drizzle started and is still going. Miracle Mile roads are not going to be great but who cares when the Reef is fishing the way it is. NEW RAMP! North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop have always provided the best, no skimping on guides, location or access. We have more than twice the private access of all other outfitters combined and that is a very conservative figure. We also have the most strategic private boat ramps. Our new ramp at Bates Creek separates our guides from all other river users by hours. Using one of our ramps on the upper and floating to Bates or from Bates down…it doesn’t matter…enjoy an outdoor experience rather than a social event and stick awesome trout while doing it. First choice for big trout, first choice for quantity of fish, first choice for guide staff, first choice for exclusive wading and ramp access, first choice for location and facilities and even more on the docket.

Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon Flows

Central Wyoming fly fishing is getting a surge of water as I type. Grey Reef flow is currently 3900ish CFS and rising, Miracle Mile flows are 4900cfs and ^^, Fremont Canyon flows are 1200cfs. We’ve been wondering when they were going to push some water? This may upset the bug activity and excite the worm and leech situation. Bring it! Floating to Sechrist stars to get a little touch and go with clearance at the 5240 Bridge so be aware. Water is good and we have awesome boats to rent right at the put in. Call The Reef Fly Shop for details. 307.232.9128

Don’t Stop Believing

Central Wyoming fly fishing was a few miles from ruin last night. The Casper, Wyoming area had an impressive storm with hard sustained rain and nickel-sized hail. Drainages in the area were cranking. Alcova was spared and the Grey Reef system is in tip top shape. Mini-rigging with a pair of baetis and midge patterns in the soft water is getting aggressive takes. We love emerger rigs. The streamer activity has been surprisingly good as well. 

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Flows Bumped and Fishing Report

Wyoming Fly Fishing is proving that, above all others, we’ve got the goods. Consistently clear and productive fishing is what Grey Reef is all about. BuRec bumped flows to 3000cfs today at The Reef and Miracle Mile flows are 2500cfs. This is good news and since this marks the beginning of the West’s runoff we will be one of the only games in town. Good to be at Grey Reef! This also means we are going to be in awesome shape come the warm season. Good to be at Grey Reef! We’ve had excellent light rig baetis and midge nymphing on the upper, solid streamer activity on the lower…a 6 brown quick float the other day. Miracle Mile has been temperamental with good results one day and tough the next. Fremont Canyon…what can we say? Dry fly and great fishing in that play-park. Baetis will be winding down and PMDs will be the next to show. Yellow Sallies will there too. Caddis will gather steam and be a nightly dry fly opportunity and afternoon soft hackle in the riffle target. With our volume of water we expect some excellent hopper, trico, caddis dry fly during the eclipse weekend. Better get some lodging while the getting is good. Our cottages are all gone but we are still holding out for a 12 guest lodge group to get the best accommodations, guides, access as well as guided eclipse viewing…then back to fishing. Aug 18-21 departing the 22nd. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Fish the Eclipse!