Wyoming Fly Fishing

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing guide report. Grey Reef is fishing awesome and some big rainbows hitting the bag. Worms, Turds and soft hackles…Turds are Pat’s Rubberlegs, BTW. Grey Reef flows are consistent at 4000cfs. Sound scary? Nope! Bigger water is the only time anglers can treat Grey Reef like a traditional trout stream and have success. This is due to the edge-structure that is really only available at higher flows. Rent a drift boat from The Reef Fly Shop and work the banks from top to bottom. Even dry/dropper rigs are doing the job. Miracle Mile flows ticked down to 4000cfs and the fishing is also solid. Worms, leeches and turds are a good bet…don’t forget the soft hackles and PMD stuff either. Believe it or not the wading is great. Higher flows at Miracle Mile create Grey Reef-esque seems and slack water and the Miracle Mile trout will stack up into these areas…read islands. The summer prognosis is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Golden Stones are knocking at Miracle Mile, caddis are popping at Fremont and The Reef, Tricos will be coming in the next several weeks, and with this edge structure…prepare for hoppers!

5 over 25″ in 7

Grey Reef Fly Fishing Trophy Trout odds are redlined right now. Since the North Platte River flows were bumped North Platte Lodge guests have been on a steady diet of huge golden grip and grins. Grey Reef river flows  are at 4000cfs, Miracle Mile flows are 4500cfs and Fremont Canyon flows are chugging at 1500cfs +. Clarity is very good. We’ve had a bit of unsettled weather the past week and last night a steady drizzle started and is still going. Miracle Mile roads are not going to be great but who cares when the Reef is fishing the way it is. NEW RAMP! North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop have always provided the best, no skimping on guides, location or access. We have more than twice the private access of all other outfitters combined and that is a very conservative figure. We also have the most strategic private boat ramps. Our new ramp at Bates Creek separates our guides from all other river users by hours. Using one of our ramps on the upper and floating to Bates or from Bates down…it doesn’t matter…enjoy an outdoor experience rather than a social event and stick awesome trout while doing it. First choice for big trout, first choice for quantity of fish, first choice for guide staff, first choice for exclusive wading and ramp access, first choice for location and facilities and even more on the docket.

Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon Flows

Central Wyoming fly fishing is getting a surge of water as I type. Grey Reef flow is currently 3900ish CFS and rising, Miracle Mile flows are 4900cfs and ^^, Fremont Canyon flows are 1200cfs. We’ve been wondering when they were going to push some water? This may upset the bug activity and excite the worm and leech situation. Bring it! Floating to Sechrist stars to get a little touch and go with clearance at the 5240 Bridge so be aware. Water is good and we have awesome boats to rent right at the put in. Call The Reef Fly Shop for details. 307.232.9128

Don’t Stop Believing

Central Wyoming fly fishing was a few miles from ruin last night. The Casper, Wyoming area had an impressive storm with hard sustained rain and nickel-sized hail. Drainages in the area were cranking. Alcova was spared and the Grey Reef system is in tip top shape. Mini-rigging with a pair of baetis and midge patterns in the soft water is getting aggressive takes. We love emerger rigs. The streamer activity has been surprisingly good as well. 

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Flows Bumped and Fishing Report

Wyoming Fly Fishing is proving that, above all others, we’ve got the goods. Consistently clear and productive fishing is what Grey Reef is all about. BuRec bumped flows to 3000cfs today at The Reef and Miracle Mile flows are 2500cfs. This is good news and since this marks the beginning of the West’s runoff we will be one of the only games in town. Good to be at Grey Reef! This also means we are going to be in awesome shape come the warm season. Good to be at Grey Reef! We’ve had excellent light rig baetis and midge nymphing on the upper, solid streamer activity on the lower…a 6 brown quick float the other day. Miracle Mile has been temperamental with good results one day and tough the next. Fremont Canyon…what can we say? Dry fly and great fishing in that play-park. Baetis will be winding down and PMDs will be the next to show. Yellow Sallies will there too. Caddis will gather steam and be a nightly dry fly opportunity and afternoon soft hackle in the riffle target. With our volume of water we expect some excellent hopper, trico, caddis dry fly during the eclipse weekend. Better get some lodging while the getting is good. Our cottages are all gone but we are still holding out for a 12 guest lodge group to get the best accommodations, guides, access as well as guided eclipse viewing…then back to fishing. Aug 18-21 departing the 22nd. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Fish the Eclipse!

Buggy, Buggy, Bugs and Fish

Today we thank our luck stars for those who have provided us the ability to make a living in such a ridiculous business. Hug, high 5 or simply thank a Vet today.

The baetis hatch at Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon is silly fun. Keep ’em suspended and hold on! Beautiful water conditions on the entire Grey Reef system gives the angler lots of options. If you only have a few minutes to spare wade right into the North Platte River as it meanders through Casper Wyoming. Urban angling to rival all. Be safe enjoy a glorious day.

Chart Topping Central Wyoming Fly Fishing

2017 is shaping up to be an interesting fishing conundrum in most of the West. The Big Horn River is huge, freestones in the surrounding states are blown out and the moisture keeps coming. We had the same weather event late last week and over the weekend but Grey Reef came out on top. There was a surge of sediment that entered the North Platte River from normally dry drainages but it didn’t impact the true Grey Reef Section. Water below Government Bridge did get brown but our moderate flows of 2000cfs are just enough to clean things quickly. Roads to Miracle Mile were pretty muddy but the fishing remained strong. Fremont athas been a slam dunk at 80cfs. Grey Reef and Fremont have been great with lighter nymph rigs and foam wing RS2, PAL, All Das May etc. You get the picture, it is buggy out there. The Baetis and midges are strong. Miracle Mile  art 1500cfs has been more of a dirt snake operation with worms and leaches and a bug dropper. Dry fly has been an isolated yet productive means at touching some of our eager trout.

Lots of folks are calling as a fall back to their trip that is being canceled due to high water or muddy conditions. We welcome the challenge and living up to your expectations. I’ve heard more than once that folks should have just booked a trip to Grey Reef in the first place. Now they know what to expect and we hope that they consider Central Wyoming to top their fly fishing hit list next time.

We have some great fishing options over the coming months, so get your group together and lets talk dates. The whole crew at Trophy Trout Outfitters has been jamming and this is when we really hit our stride. The remainder of the summer is when we bring on more help rather than shuck it. There is ground to be broken and fish to be tricked. We always have our eyes peeled for and up-and-comer so if you want a career in the outdoor industry…bring in your resume.

Grey Reef Fishing Conditions

Central Wyoming is fishing well. Central Wyoming is not immune to the widespread spring weather event. Casper started soaking up some drizzle a couple hours ago and Casper Mountain is receiving snow at above 7000′. Alcova, Wyoming has not really been too wet yet and The Reef Fly Shop has several boats on the water today. Grey Reef water conditions are very good. The North Platte River was very clear all the water through Casper yesterday. We suspect that will change a bit over the coming day. All in all temps will only be in the mid 40s…not a big deal, we may see some snow…so what. This is a recipe for a bumper hatch of baetis! Miracle Mile road conditions will suck for the next day or two. Our recommendation is enjoy a very quiet Grey Reef. There were exactly ZERO anglers or campers at the boat ramp and upper public areas yesterday. One of the premier tail waters and nobody fishing it. Rigs to follow will be pretty close for both Fremont Canyon and Grey Reef fishing success. Worms and leaches are good point options but foam wing rs2, PAL, Mayhem Midge, Pulsating Emerger and even wd40 will be a good choice on light tippet. Look for fish moving hard and suspended off of drops. This is quintessential Grey Reef Emerger fishing and some of the best production anywhere.

The Reef Fly Shop has a solid selection of fishing gloves and on days like this that can make or break your experience. Even though the weather at Grey Reef is very nice right now it won’t hurt to be prepared.

North Platte Lodge has some great packages available for the summer. The new deck is a big hit and frames the upper Grey Reef landscape beautifully. We are the perfect option for groups of anglers to have a private lodge experience with an unmatched location, amazing fishing and views, private access to make Ted Turner jealous and a guide staff that is nothing short of industry leading. The meals, hosts and trout leave nothing to be desired. Seriously, The North Platte Lodge and Grey Reef do not suffer from run off, so if you are waiting and watching for other drainages to be ready you may have missed most of the season. Casper, WY has exactly the experience you are looking for, only better. You may be surprised at the size of the trout, you may be surprised at the value or quality of experience but don’t be surprised that we are right here and always striving to bolster the overall package for the Grey Reef angler for nearly 2 decades.

Casper is having some cool events this week. Tonight Urban Bottle is hosting an Entrepreneur Talk and dishing out craft beer form Upslope Brewing to celebrate Craft Beer Week, tomorrow swing into the Parkway Plaza and listen to Georgia Gould speak about her profession mountain bike career and Olympic medal. That will send us into Saturday with the Rattlesnake Rally Gravel Grinder bike race on the historic Oregon Trail, or cruise the North Platte River Pathway to help the Parkway Trust spruce up the join in anticipation of a busy summer 2017 on one of our urban recreation gems. Then get to Mike Lansing Field for Harmony, Hops and Hope. This is a craft beer celebration with lots of offerings and great music. This charitable event benefits Casper Youth Baseball and Central Wyoming Trails Alliance a chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association. This is just a sampling and you can get the nitty gritty at www.visitcasper.com and subscribe to the Casper Compass for weekly updates of local events.

Wyoming Fly Fishing, Grey Reef Reigns

Central Wyoming Fishing conditions are tip-top. Guides report excellent nymphing at Grey Reef with a number of baetis patterns, midges leeches and worms flows have settled back in at 2000cfs and the river is clear on the true Grey Reef section and a touch green but very fishable to Casper, WY. Fremont Canyon fishing has also been excellent and the flows have returned to Disney Land-ish 80cfs. Some great dry fly to be had and super light emerger rig production. Miracle Mile is chugging along at 1500cfs which is VERY wadeable. Again, nymphing has been excellent. Roads may suffer with the recent moisture. There is snow in the forecast for Thursday but nice conditions on either side of that. This low will instigate some amazing baetis hatches and you should be prepared with a hand full of dry flies and an appropriate rod for the presentation. That being said, targeting a big-un with a streamer has a lot of promise. IF you have been itching to break the 25″ trout mark book a Trophy Trip and take advantage of the weather condition and Grey Reef’s most experienced pros to get the fish of a lifetime!

Another big fish hit the net yesterday, congrats and Happy Mother’s Day to Ann Ginder…wow!


Miracle Mile Flows, Grey Reef drops, Fremont Canyon Flops

Wyoming Fly Fishing just had a strange twist. Flows are dropping on all 3 tail waters. Miracle Mile dropped to 1950 cfs, Grey Reef flows down to 2500 cfs and Fremont is getting cute again. This is a double edged sword as the baetis hatch will improve and emerger and dry fly will be awesome. It will expose the redds more and hoping the flows stay up in some fashion to protect the trout eggs and keep anglers out of the critical areas.  Fishing has been pretty silly the past few days and this trend will continue. We are back in a fair weather cycle so enjoy! The 2 Fly tournament is this coming Thursday and Friday and that will put a pile of boats on the water. 

This weekend will be relatively quiet as it always is after the 2 Fly…again, enjoy. 

In lieu of the boat ramp shuttle stalking just a reminder that our shuttle service has been around for years and the way we design the service is that we keep very experienced drivers and they are paid in a way that rewards slow and careful driving…hourly. When the drivers are paid per shuttle it encourages fast and careless transport. Swing into The Reef Fly Shop and fill out a shuttle sheet and be confident in our experience, longevity and commitment to excellence.