Wyoming Fly Fishing and Lodge Availability

Lodge Dates:

1 room (1 or 2 anglers) arriving July 30th, fishing July 31-August 2nd and departing August 3rd

1 room (1 or 2 anglers) arriving August 29, fishing August 30-Sept 1 and departing on Sept 2nd

1 room(1 or 2 anglers OR Sage Grouse hunters) arriving Sept 28, fishing/hunting Sept 29-Oct 1 and departing Oct 2nd. Great cast and blast!

2 rooms arriving Oct 7th, fishing Oct 8-10 and departing on the 11th

2 rooms arriving Oct 18th, fishing Oct 19-21 and departing on Oct 22nd

Shop was busy last Saturday! Quite a few boats on the water and with good reason. Grey Reef and Miracle Mile are in great shape and fishing very well.

Grey Reef flows are steady at 3000cfs this AM with Miracle Mile flows at 1000cfs.

Lots of hoppers leaving the fly bins. We are getting hopper eats but naturals are few and far between.

Tricos are the story early AM with fish on the spinners.

Nymphing throughout the day with PMDs and Sallies, Caddis, crawdads, leeches, midges etc.

Streamers anytime and worth it.

Caddis late eve have been bringing a pile of fish up to the surface.

Fishing is pretty darn good and we see no reason for that to change. With the tough water conditions present in much of the west we are again insulated from the hardship. Grey Reef is so consistent and that is why we are having  positive last minute bookings. They know they can come here and have a super productive trip.

pic: Trent shot this of Grey Reef Rainbows on their rhythmic Trico feast. For a better view go The Reef Fly Shop facebook page and click it for a larger image.

NPL and TRFS have the largest and most experienced guide service on Grey Reef and Miracle Mile, without question! Fish ALL day with 17 miles of private access. No one can match our level of service and the added perks.

Getting better! Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Report

Seeing some pretty solid dry fly activity from early AM to Dark. Tricos early, hoppers (shhhh, yes hoppers) mid to late afternoon and caddis in the eve. Caddis eaters are insane!

We have been covering lots of water between Miracle Mile and Casper and all have been fishing well. Streamers, nymphs and dry. Yellow Sallies, caddis and PMDs will get the job done on the nymph rigs at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Add some Golden Stone patterns for the Mile. Streamers..ah, well Goldie is about all you really need. We have a great selection of Stone Fly and hoppers at The Reef Fly Shop.

Miracle Mile Flows are 1000cfs

Grey Reef Flows are down to 3000cfs

Summertime guide schedules mean most guided trips are off of the water at around 2pm so we get the river to ourselves for the prime hopper time of 2-4pm.

Ask your guide what the schedule is and if you will get to fish the whole day. Always fish a “full” day with The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Interesting that the flows remain this AM. We kind of expected them to start dropping. Grey Reef flows are 3350cfs and Miracle Mile flows are 2000cfs.

Evening caddis dry fly has been excellent! Golden Stones(dry)at Miracle Mile have been good but disappointing as compared to the past couple years. The numbers of Glolden Stones are very strong but overwhelmingly sunny conditions can keep the fish timid to the big dry flies.

Yellow Sallies and PMDs the other hatches of interest. In fact you can have great days just focusing on them.

Tricos are producing some nice dry fly opportunities with the AM spinner fall.

Streamers have been very productive.

The story is to be very opportunistic and allow yourself to put down the nymph rig to enjoy techniques that many think are unavailable at Grey Reef.

The river is pretty quiet so this is a fantastic time to be here.

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile

Grey Reef flows still holding around 3350cfs and Miracle Mile flows at 2000cfs.

Drys, streamers and nymphs…take your pick.

Nymphing is the most productive but streamers are working surprising good.

Isolated but good dry fly activity throughout the day. Trico spinners early AM. PMD and Yellow Sallie activity midday. Caddis late and into dark. Golden Stones at Miracle Mile.

Nymphing with Yellow Sallies, caddis and PMDs mostly but the midge hatches has been prolific.

Very quiet on Grey Reef with super diverse and super productive  fishing.

Stu and I did a streamer float below Casper late yesterday. Not tons of fish were eating but some slabs throttling the Zoo Cougar. We had more activity that we expected…pleasantly surprised!



Still Smokin’!

In more ways than one. Fishing is spectacular with drys, streamers and of course nymphs. The air is smokey from all the fires in the west. We often curse the wind but a little would be really nice right now. Push some smoke out of our area!

Huge sallie and PMD hatches reported by the guides yesterday. Not as many tricos but that would be fine to postpone that hatch a bit.

Have streamer, dry and nymph rigs ready! Lots of fish rising in the seams to caddis and sallies. PMD being eaten in a little softer water…in general.

Don’t stress about tough fishing conditions, get here and enjoy the bounty.

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fly Fishing Report

Things keep getting better!

Trico spinner fall is getting them on drys at Grey Reef. Golden Stones on the surface at Miracle Mile. Great nymphing at all venues. The streamer bites has been stellar at Grey Reef with some participants down low at the Mile. Carp…yep they are on it.

Also PMD spinner and dun surface activity if you get a little overcast. Caddis drys have been productive especially in the evening.

I’m not sure we have experienced this much diversity…ever? While many western freestones are becoming too warm and low the North Platte River below Seminoe is fishing extremely well and will continue that way. This includes Kortes, Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon, The Afterbay and Grey Reef.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Smokey and cool this AM. Our local forest fire combined with calm conditions has allowed the smoke to settle in. It is really nice to open the window and feel a little chilly! Temps dropping to around 90 will be much more comfortable.

Do you expect to fish all day when you book a trip? TRFS and NPL guides will have you on the water ALL day. Often we notice others making a 2:30-3:00pm departure and that will never be our program unless you request it.

Experienced guides make a huge difference this time of year. NPL and TRFS enjoy the largest and, by far, the most experienced guide staff in the region. Why compromise?

Private access? Sure, we have far more private access than any other outfitter in the region. The reality is that only 2 outfitters have meaningful private access. Enjoy many miles of access just for you and your guide. It makes a significant difference.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: NPL and TRFS need another good guide. This will be a part time position to start but will work into full time. You need to be available on short notice as we are receiving a lot of last minute bookings. These last minute booking will increase as other western rivers become low or dangerously warm due to widespread lack of snow last winter. Call Erik at (307)237-1182.

pic: One of 5 browns from a streamer trip a couple days ago. Notice the big Nomad net, we have 2 more in stock!

Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Fishing remains strong despite the hot weather. Official was 100* for Casper yesterday but the fishing never wavered. We were all streamers all day. Tried a variety of patterns and our old standby the olive Bergin Bugger and Goldie were the stars. Excellent streamer activity.

Lots of fish rising to caddis on the edges as well. Evening dry fly is also really productive.

Nymphing is tough to beat for numbers. Soft hackles and PMD patterns getting the job done.

We had a water temp of 62* just as we entered Casper. That is a great temp but eeking up with theses warm nights.  The upper reaches are much cooler.

Flows are still 3500cfs at Grey Reef. 2000cfs at Miracle Mile. 1600cfs in Fremont.

Come loaded for bear! If you have multiple rods bring them. Be prepared for dry, streamer and nymphing!!

North Platte River: Grey Reef and Miracle Mile

Hot day! 97* this afternoon. We had 9 guides out today and they were scattered from Miracle Mile to Robertson Rd.

Miracle Mile was busy but it fished well until the big wind came up in early afternoon. It was still productive but trying to get a drift was a lot tougher.

Grey Reef fished great in the AM and slowed to good status late afternoon. We also had calm conditions up until 1:30 when the wind puffed up and never relented.

I was with the Konopacks from NJ. They departed NJ several days ago on a 3 month tour fishing the west and visiting family. We were their first of many days of fishing to come. John had a brief window of fish rising to PMD spinners and capitalized as they say in the NFL. A rusty spinner lead by a small orange stimulator fell victim to a 17″ rainbow…then the sun popped out and it was over for the risers. Today we saw a mink, bald eagle, muskrat, deer, antelope, several types of hawks and other cool birds and we were graced by a family of skunks to end the day.

Good stuff…

Wyoming Fly Fishing, Grey Reef Fly Fishing, Miracle Mile Fly Fishing

Damp and cool this AM. Hope that provides relief for our local forest fire which is zero% contained and grew to 2600acres by yesterday afternoon. We are expecting showers with calm conditions and highs in the low to mid 70s today. After the hot and windy of the past few this will be nice.

Grey Reef fished very well again yesterday. We had boats from Grey Reef Dam to Sechrist. All reported more baetis in the afternoon than any other hatch. Midges are huge and plentiful so don’t discount them. PMDs are present and the Sallies are here and there. Stu was with the Lacy group and they started on a streamer regiment around 10am and fished it for the remainer of the day. Lots of eats on Goldies and Bergin buggers! Not many landed however. It was busy enough that they stuck with it. 3500cfs and 54 degrees. That temp is spectacular for this time of year.

Miracle Mile is fishing very well also. Little bugs still getting the attention but they will respond to golden stone patterns, worms and leeches. The guys are doing some streamer fishing and doing pretty good. 2000cfs and 56 degrees down low.

Low snow pack and hot temps across the west will undoubtedly result in very low and very warm temps in many rivers. The upper North Platte is at 600cfs and dropping/warming. We don’t expect that to fish for more than a couple more weeks. Once again we are fortunate and expect stellar conditions throughout the season at Miracle Mile and the entire Grey Reef section. We provide a fall back solution that is second to none if your other destination experiences tough water conditions.

Pic: Big Hoopty boat net from Nomad. Carbon Fiber and durable. We should have a half dozen more by week’s end…most are already spoken for.