Grey Reef flows Miracle Mile Flows

Grey Reef flows up to 3000cfs and Miracle  Mile flows up to 2000cfs this AM.

Grey Reef Flows

Sorry! I forgot to post the recent flow increase. 2800cfs at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile at 1500cfs. Fished excellent again today!

Grey Reef Fly Fishing

Guides and guests come back shaking their heads…speechless. It has been a great spring. Still baetis up high but dwindling on the lower reaches. Streamer bite has been good! A couple trophy class fish were moved yesterday but didn’t commit. Plenty of our Grey Reef sized trout did however. Looks like this weekend is going to be busy!

Grey Reef fishing report

Congrats to NPL guide Rick Aune and one of his Two Fly Anglers Scott on a 25.5″ rainbow. That is the largest fish in 10 years of Two Fly competitions. Always proud of our boys. They are either top guides for cumulative points or biggest fish year in and year out. Obviously, competing in fishing is a questionable practice BUT we can toot our horns a little before getting pounded back to humility!

Fishing is still nuts at 2300cfs. Grey Ref 2300cfs, Miracle Mile 1000cfs and Fremont 1450cfs. Baetis, midges and red have been the hot topics. The Two Fly Competition is over and it seems the beneficiaries will do very well this year.  Water is in spectacular condition all the way through Casper. A boat might make things a touch easier but wade fishing is still super productive off of the main seams. If you are thigh deep you are standing where the fish want to be.

Grey Reef Flows Fremont Canyon Flows

We’re told Grey Reef will add an additional 500cfs by morning…2300cfs is the mark. Expect Fremont to go a touch over 1400cfs. On that note The Reef Fly Shop has drift boat rentals and a shuttle service!

North Platte River Fishing Report

All of our boats had more great fishing yesterday. However, Rick and the Hanson’s were below Government Bridge and the only boat on that section. Rick mentioned the fishing wasn’t as automatic as it had been. Still a good day none the less.

Weather conditions look great for the next several days. Take advantage!

Two Fly Competition will be on Thursday and Friday. 30 boats! They will be swarming everything like flies. We recommend you try to keep yourself out of that mess. The Two Fly collects a lot of $$ for local charities so it is a great function.

All the late May lodge spots have been filled along with the Sept 11-16 spot. The Oct 7-11 spot currently has a hold on it. That leaves:

2 rooms June 13-16

1 room July 30- August 2

1 room August 6-9

2 rooms August 31-Sept 1

2 rooms Sept 24-27

1 room Sept 28-Oct 1

4 rooms Oct 16-20

Photo: too many Baetis?

Grey Reef Fishing Report

Attached is pic of 22″ rainbow I caught on Sunday just above Lusby.  She
took me to my backing on first run upstream. 15 minute fight. (Could have
been much quicker if guide would have demonstrated a modicum of proper boat
handling skills.)

Not bad for a one-handed golf pro!


PS. Guide could also use some people skills training. A little surly!

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Another great day. Weather and fishing. Temps near 60 and no wind with trout on the prowl. Wow, this is the type of spring we love. Prolific baetis and midge hatches keep the fish super suspended and are a kick to fish with light emerger rigs and small “hatch matching” bugs.

Check out Trent’s blog post on The Wyoming Fly Fisher BLOG. It discusses the lack of red blood midges in the river and why. The next few posts will be discussing our upcoming hatches and how our clean river bottom might change them. Undoubtedly, we should see some serious stone fly activity coming up! We are really excited for the season and the codes we get to try to crack. As we float through the years we always tap into our history to assist us. “Water levels were similar in 2002, sooooo…..oh yeah, this is how we approached it” I think this year will be one for the memory bank. We have had lower water but as clean as things are we may get yellow sally dry fly fishing like we had in 2000? Or, maybe we’ll some big stones really pop? I am hoping for the crazy fall baetis that we haven’t seen in 5 years. I suspect lots of noteworthy events…

photo: can you spot the huge rainbow on the redd?

Must be going for 2000cfs?

Grey Reef flows are up to 1800cfs this AM. Miracle Mile flows are still 1000cfs ish. Fremont Canyon is 700cfs and asking for more.

Fished very well yesterday! Fremont has some suspended algae causing some clean drift issues but that will settle in a day or two.

Grey Reef flows

Grey Reef up to 1600cfs…cool. Miracle Mile lagging at 1000cfs. Windy the past couple days and looks like we will have a touch more. We have boats on the water today and will report asap. Dean was out wading yesterday and said he caught a bunch of 14″ fish but the biguns were apparently preoccupied on the redds.

We have a fun day of staining decks yesterday and will continue today to make sure the lodge is shipshape for the season.

FYI the Two Fly competition starts is next Thurs/Fri and it puts 30 boats on the water. We suggest keeping yourself out of the mix if possible.

photo: lunchtime wade fishing, so good everybody wants a piece!