Grey Reef Flows

Grey Reef flows are up to 700cfs!!! Yes, hope for more. Miracle Mile flows are 1500cfs. Fremont Canyon flows are 78cfs.

Fishing still awesome across the board. No need to poach pros, although the redds are easy pickings. 2 midges early, 2 beatis through the middle of the day and a midge/baetis late will whack ’em all day long. Mini rig 4-5′ and a #4 shot or 2. Light tippet and a semi sneaky indicator is good. Black or white Thinga-ma-bobber a good option or hitch some yarn on the leader in white or black even better.

Watch what is going on. Seagulls will predict the hatch as will the swallows that just arrived. Storms will get heavy midge activity afterward. Fish like a different lie for midges and for baetis. Or strap on an egg and worm and just zig zag across the river from one redd to the next…no need to know anything about the river.

Isolated Wyoming Wind

Yesterday was nice and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. Highs in the lower 60s and light wind. But, today isn’t looking so hot. Big gusts possible. Our guests are aware of the situation but their trip couldn’t be altered. The fish won’t mind. They will be eating just the same.

Here is a note we just received from Linda Brooks, part of the Bill Maloney group of Jackson, WY

“Many many thanks to Catherine and Trent!!!!!  What a fabulous trip for us and what a great job done by the guides and the owners!!!!  We couldn’t have enjoyed our selves more.  The fishing , the food, the friends and the lodge all were spectacular!!!  Can’t wait for next year!!!   Trent, I am already looking forward to the tasty brisket!!!!   Lots of hugs, Linda”

Photo: Bill Maloney with a Grey Reef sized rainbow

Wyoming Fly Fishing and Lodge Dates










The following is a current list of available dates at the North Platte Lodge. The dates listed will be the evenings available to stay at the lodge. Each room accommodates 1 or 2 anglers.

1 room May 24-26 with another room available the 25th and 26th.

2 rooms June 13-16

1 room June 21-24

1 room July 30- August 2

1 room August 6-9

1 room august 29 – September 1

1 room September 11-15

2 rooms Sept 24- 27  Sage Grouse season make s a great cast and blast trip

1 room October 3-6

4 rooms Oct 7-10

4 rooms October 16-20



Incredible few days. Fish on drys, fish really suspended eating baetis emergers and sight nymphing! One of my favorites and it has been several years since this has been available. Nope, not talking about poaching redds. Talking about fishing to fish that are eating the hatch where it happens and not over the “shiny” spots. Water temps in the low 50s and air temps in the low 80s. We have been spending a lot of time out of the boat because the wade fishing is excellent. We have actually started to do some wet wading…scarey? Looks like we will double the flows ar Grey Reef in early May so that will help a bunch. Wade fishing will still be great…probably better with the additional flow.

Don’t miss this spring. Scrounge a day or two off and get here. It is well worth it.

Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Yesterday was another great day. Very nice weather conditions and beautiful water conditions. Not much for dry fly on the upper yesterday and almost no baetis duns on the surface from Bridge to Sechrist. Mini rig was super productive! Light tippet, light weight, short leader and small bugs = crushing takes. Pretty darn fun. We had our fill of fish by mid afternoon and switched to a streamer rig that was not productive, but it was fun trying. Would have probably been a different story had we targeted the redds?

Seth was on Miracle Mile yesterday and the Cameron group did very well. Miracle Mile is still at 2000cfs.

Our schedule will soften a bit next week then it will be full steam for the remainder of the season. Water levels are still at 500cfs at Grey Reef and the wade fishing is fantastic. The BuRec says that we should expect 950CFS for May…still very wade fishable and will open up more water to fish.

The closure has been a source of confusion and revenue for the state. There have been a number of people fishing the short closed area between the cables. This comprises the Cable Hole and the Junk (Junkyard Hole) at and a little above the “Redds” Access. Some think the entire upper river is closed, but is is only about a 500yd section. If you fish it you will likely be ticketed as many have so far this year. It is also the sportsman’s responsibility to know what is and isn’t private property. It is unlawful to beach, anchor or wade on private property without permission. You may use the water but any deliberate use of things associated with land is trespassing. Including hanging onto trees, beaching on submerged rocks and letting the wind pin you up against the bank. Wading and anchoring are obvious. Incidental contact only applies when you make an immediate effort to get off of the bank. There has been an increase of law enforcement presence in the area. We have seen a number of folks cited for speeding on Grey Reef Rd and in the Alcova area. The limit is 35mph and admittedly seems slow when trying to get to the river. But, the additional 30 seconds of time saving is probably not worth the citation. Enjoy the ride and have fun. That is what it is all about.

Oh My! Grey Reef…

Mind boggling. Sight nymphing, dry fly and streamer all produced today. The nymphing has been unbelievable. Many guests who have been coming for many years are saying they have had their best trips ever. Number of fish being hooked is too many to post without being accused of lying, but it really is impressive. The numbers are not the main attraction as far as I’m concerned. It’s the style of fishing, the condition of the river and the ability to do so well OUT of the boat. I love fishing to fish eating bugs, I love to fish to suspended fish and I love wade fishing. Scrubbing worms and eggs over a redd is the last thing I want to be involved with and it isn’t remotely necessary. Break out the 5x and stay sub size 18 (no eggs) to really experience the Reef.

Carl Kilhoffer returned this spring to watch Sage Grouse on the lek and learn to fly fish. He brought a group last year for bird hunting. Sage Grouse on the lek are something else. I recorded some great video of a big lek yesterday, almost 40 birds with one background elk on Wyoming’s high plains with the snow covered mountains in the background. Pretty darn cool. Sometimes I have to pinch myself.  Trent and Carl experienced and even bigger lek today.

Grey Reef is still at 500 cfs, Miracle Mile is at 2000 cfs with Fremont Canyon at 78 cfs. Miracle Mile is Fishing well with baetis and midges being the main hatch just like Fremont Canyon and Grey Reef. Use Pulsating Emergers, Big Bear Baetis, PALs, foam post RS2s, Killer Nymph etc. Light tippet and indicators that aren’t too bright would be best.

Photo: Eric Hollenbeck with one of his many streamer eating rainbows from a couple days ago.

Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

The past few days have been amazing. Tremendous success on the nymph rigs…almost unfair. We have had some great dry fly opportunities, yesterday one of our biggest fish came from casting a bunny dun to rising fish…a 19.5″ rainbow. The streamer fishing was excellent during the past couple days of overcast and low pressure…a Goldie followed by a skinny leech sacked them up.

Our primary mode has been light nymph rigs as the fish are super suspended on baetis and midges. We never fished a fly larger than a size 18 yesterday. Our rig from start to finish was a red lazy and a big bear baetis dropper on a 4.5- 5.5″ leader and 5x Fluoro with a #4 shot. This rig worked in the many wade fishing spots that we took advantage of on our private access, in fast rips and slow tailouts and everything in between. 95% of our fish ate the baetis pattern. The river has changed quite a bit and it has made the wade fishing something else. I am almost giddy after many years of guiding here it feels so fresh and exciting.

Photo: This is view looking down into the Outhouse Hole that Trent took yesterday. This is a really cool shot. It can be viewed much larger on the North Platte Lodge facebook page…Like us!


North Platte River Fishing Report, Woming Fly Fishing

Today was a great day. Lots of doubles and a big baetis hatch and some fish landed on drys. Overcast and variable conditions were the pattern of the day, but low wind and eager fish made it memorable. Sounded like the Schroeder group did well with some browns in the bag and the Sandler bunch had a great day…especially at the end. There was a flury of doubles and some big fish landed late. Good times.

Grey Reef Fishing Report Miracle Mile Fishing Report

More silly fishing! Fish on the surface at Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon. Several folks today said they were having a hard time catching bigger fish. We would suggest limiting your rig to one big fly with a small baetis or midge dropper. Worms, eggs and leeches will catch plenty but the larger fish seem to be more available on small bugs. Also start thinking about how visible your indicator and tippet is. White or black indicators and 4 and 5x tippet a good choice.

Trips out today had stellar fishing and it turned out to be a great weather day despite the early snow and rain.

Miracle Mile Fishing Report, Grey Reef Fishing Report

Everybody enjoyed a warm and calm day yesterday. Miracle Mile continues to fish well. When things get a little tough replace the purple worms and Pat’s Rubber Legs or The Reef’s Inbred Stone with a crystal midge. UV Leeches, eggs and scuds also doing the trick at Miracle Mile.

Grey Reef fishing is nothing short of excellent. Impalers, eggs, leechas scuds, crystal midges, Medallion Midges, Foam Post RS2s, Barrs Emergers etc. If you feel like you need to fish the redds please do not walk through them. Remember the closure between the 2 cables through the month of April.

Fremont Canyon fishing very well and some dry fly activity to boost that situation.

Today is supposed to be close to 80*!

Photo: Uncle Scott and Mason grip-n-grin