April Fool’s!

Fishing sucks!
Photo: Gary Myers at Grey Reef Dam today

Casper Wy Fly Fishing

Yesterday was pretty windy from start to finish unfortunately. The ability and willingness to get out and wade fish in a number of protected areas makes the day much more enjoyable. Especially since the wade fishing has been every bit as good or better than fishing from the boat. April fools day tomorrow. If you want one more shot with the $350 trips call ASAP and we will honor that tomorrow. No joke!
The flush starts Monday and it presents some good opportunities so don’t discount fishing next week. We look forward to this as we will get small windows of pieces of water looking entirely different.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in Wyoming, fly fishing Grey Reef is borderline unfair. The past few days have been incredible. All of our guides and guests are spending a good portion of the day OUT of the boat. Private access affords us the privilege of wading the best runs at Grey Reef and it has been excellent. We have done a half dozen walk/wade trips in the past couple days and they have been very successful. Brad did 2 trips on Wednesday!

Small bugs like PALs, RS2s, Lazys, etc seem to be attracting the larger fish. Worms and leeches are slaying the 12-14″ class. Fishing a 5-6′ leader with 4x fluorocarbon and a pair of small midge patterns has been our favorite.

Regardless of our differing views on targeting spawners PLEASE do not walk through the redds. If you are not sure what I am talking about spend a few minutes to research and educate yourself a little bit about the spawning behaviors of trout.

Photo: Seth made a couple casts during lunch on Wednesday…whoops!

Grey Reef Fly Fishing

Our trips out the past couple days have been very productive. Brad did a walk wade on private property and they had excellent results with PALS, lazys, Rs2s and scud on light tippet. The wind was very calm until 2:30pm when it went from 5mph to 55mph in 30 seconds. Wicked wind! Rudy was out today with his guest Bryan and they did well fishing slower water with a longer rig and worms, lazys and foam wing RS2s. We have a bunch out tomorrow and suspect fishing will be fantastic.

The BuRec reissued the flushing flow order so it looks like it is a go. 4000cfs max starting next Monday. Bates Creek is a mess as is Bear and Bolton. The North Platte River is blown out below government Bridge

The Primer has been a popular choice and this looks to be a great year for it. Have one of our guides show you the ropes at Grey Reef for a 2 hour tutorial and a dozen bugs to get you started.

Photo: Dust storm from yesterday afternoon

Fly Fishing Near Casper

Looks like we are going to get a little slap of reality for the next couple days. Forecast for today lists gusts into the 60mph+ range. Tomorrows gusts in the upper 40mph area.
Fishing was excellent yesterday and our guides and guests really enjoyed the wade fishing. It doesn’t get much better than it has been the past week. We have a busy week ahead.

Casper Fly Fishing

More incredible conditions and the fishing is as good as it gets. Stu and his guests Rick spent the entire day out of the boat. Wade fishing was excellent. He mentioned they fished super suspended all day with a leech and a PAL and caught fish at will. 3′ (at times 2′) right down the middle of the runs, tailouts, edges and seams…wherever. Rick and Rudy also had excellent fishing…what more can I say?
Took a walk with my son around the trails at the Cable (Redds Access) and there was bait fishing going on and folks camped on the redds. Bait is disallowed on the upper 8 miles until you get to Lusby FYI. The game warden mentioned that he wrote lots of tickets in the area yesterday.
Photo: My son and I spent the afternoon doing some spring cleaning along Grey Reef Road. Here is the prize.

Casper Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Fishing is off the charts. Pretty silly all things considered. Amazing weather conditions, clear water and aggressive trout. More groups out today and we expect things to be…ho hum…fantastic.

Fremont had some fun dry fly opportunities the past couple days!

Our Miracle Mile guides reporting great nymphing on eggs, purple worms and TRFS Inbred Stone. Not great streamer action but good enough to stick it out.

Grey Reef silly nymphing on just about any reasonable bug you choose. Midges, leeches, scuds and worms are the hottest but baetis nymphs picking up speed. Stu and his guest Rick spent a few hours swinging spey rods and managed a few fish on the swing. Fish in some unusual spots the past couple days…

Rainbow Spawning Season Please stay out of the redds and refrain from pounding the tar out of the poor fish just trying to take care of business. There are always legit fish in the feeding lanes. Test your skill on fish who are actually eating please!!

Photo:Guides Rick and Stu yesterday AM on a backcountry ski jaunt. Great spring turns on Casper Mountain! Stu was on the river by 2PM after this shot. Rick guided the day before and is on the river again today.

Fly Fishing Wyoming, Grey Reef Guides

Rick and Seth report “silly” fishing yesterday with amazing weather conditions. Tuffy Holland crushed his one day record yesterday! 5 1/2 to 7′ leaders with a single b shot and Impalers, leeches, PALs and foam post RS2s. Clear water and they only saw one boat all day. Great to have private boat ramps where they count. This time of year has some of the best fishing there is. Miracle Mile has been excellent as well. Orange beaded mohair or pine squirrel leech, purple worms and dark flashback WD40s. Small red brassie or The Reef’s Lazy Midge at Fremont. Don’t go up to Fremont without a few drys handy!

Seth from a couple days ago^^

Fishing Wyoming Fishing Grey Reef

Beautiful day!! Water is in good shape, warm and calm….wow! Miracle Mile fishing great, Fremont Canyon fishing great and may have some risers today, Grey Reef fishing great. Mostly a nymphing game with some streamer activity on a slow swing/retrieve. The Reef’s Goldie a good streamer choice. Worms, leeches, scuds and midge patterns. Baetis nymphs shouldn’t be overlooked. The next week is forecast to be in the 70s. Get it while you can cause it won’t last…more than likely. Call for early season trips until March 31.
Had to post this pic^^. Trent, Seth and I as employees with Bret the boss in 2004. Trent and I are now the owners and Seth is head Guide. Seth and Trent heading into their 12th season and I into my 14th season at the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop. 38 years just between the 3 of us…jeez.

Miracle Mile Flows Miracle Mile Guides

Miracle was bumped to 2000cfs this AM. Good! Little more water will make it much more interesting. Must be something cooking. Will we see increased flows at Grey Reef or just adding water for the flush or??
We have guides at Miracle Mile today and will report soon. Beautiful day, so far, at Grey Reef. Expect highs in the 70s this weekend! We have some boats available so call for a trip. Primer Trips are the best way to familiarize yourself with Grey Reef wade fishing. This will be a great weekend to be here!