Flows Increase and Weather is Unsettled

Good news on both fronts. Unsettled weather often equates to calm fishing conditions at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Fishing at the Reef has been very good, midges and some baetis movements. Miracle Mile is a no report over the last couple days due to muddy roads. The flows being bumped can be viewed on the graphs below and is also good news. Things change a bit but the fish are protected from anglers who may not respect or understand the importance of not wading through the redds or even targeting actively spawning fish. We really need to be mindful of not misusing and abusing the fish.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

This weekend the snow caused some water quality issues below Lusby. The river is green at and below Government Bridge. Fishing was very good Saturday and solid today with midge nymph rigs. Miracle Mile road is a mess and there is moisture in the forecast for the next several days. I wouldn’t expect the road will get much better in the near future. 

We are jacked about the summer and fall prospect. Plenty of water will keeps temps down and trout rowdy. Higher water creates great edge structure for dry/dropper rugs and streamers and the dry fly will be awesome through Sept and Oct. Sage Grouse trips already getting booked up. As of now we are only allowing the last ten days of September. 

Spring Fly Fishing in Wyoming

Today we are graced with huge snowflakes in Central Wyoming. Fishing isn’t suffering but the guides and guests are a little bit. These conditions remind us that fly anglers are a hearty bunch and the experience isn’t always about how we can most easily stick a pile of fish. Often these days yield some of the best fishing and the big dogs feel less vulnerable. Anglers are exposed to mother nature but being well prepared and charging into the day makes great memories. You get a bit of the survivalist mentality and success is that much sweeter…

Lew Sandler was a huge fan of inclement weather and his two annual trips were designed to drag his fishing buddies into the worst conditions possible. RIP Lew.

Lusby Road, Cable to Cable Closure and 6 Baits On One Rod?

North Platte Lodge has a few awesome dates available. April 19-22 is prime spring fishing as is May 5-8 . Don’t forget we have held the Eclipse dates of Aug 18-22 for 12 anglers!

Fishing has been stellar in Central Wyoming. The North Platte River is clear and running at 1000cfs. Miracle Mile has been pretty solid despite some very questionable mis-info from shuttle drivers. Your best bet is to call the shop and get the current report. Due to our location, we constantly have folks filing in and out from the area tailwaters and we use our trove of available info to give you the straight information. Midges are the food of the day and The Reef Fly Shop’s PAL has been a top producer. Fish bugs! Shorter rigs have been super fun. Streamer fishing was pretty good this past week despite cooler water temps. We had guest go lower on the Grey Reef system and tied into several browns and quality rainbows. Not much dry fly to speak of but the Big Horn is priming for baetis. Big water in the Wind River Canyon and the Wedding of the Waters. Boysen is being purged as inflows are dictating.

April 1st will see a slight increase in day trip rates but you can get in the 2016 rate before April 1st.


The Lusby Road was supposed to be closed today and tomorrow for it’s annual redo but the Wyoming Game & Fish opted to postpone until next week due to some wet weather arriving in the Alcova, Wyoming region. Also April 1st makes the beginning of the month-long fishing closure between the cables at Grey Reef. Hold your rig and enjoy watching spawning trout. Do this at all spawning areas and refuse to cast when your guide instructs you to fish to areas that are obvious spawning grounds. The future of our river depends on this self control as does the future of this “sport”.

A good guide does not need to(nor will they) rig you up with pegged eggs or flies or fish barbs. 6 Bait Cop-Out…that is pegging 3 over 3 hooked (barbed) flies and disregarding the law that states a fish MUST willingly take the hook into its mouth. The Game and Fish is failing in this dept. If we need 6 (or even 4) flies/baits/whatever for success we are not much of an angler and our guiding is glutinous and damaging. Do not allow us guides to destroy the resource by allowing these techniques to perpetuate. Lets do a 2 fly per rig max and discontinue pegging. Lets mandate barbless hooks. The public should demand that we take a conservation stance and that the experience must not be without instruction, technique and respect for the fish. It gets pretty boring pretty fast when all you are doing is holding the rod and you have no connection to the process that makes fishing interesting. Why is a fish here? What should I do based on observations of the current, hatch, time of day, birds etc. What are these bugs and where do they come from? I can’t believe a trout this size can see something so small! Come on Game and Fish,  enforcement on the fact. 1. In Wyoming the law states “a fish must willing take the hook into its mouth” or it is illegal snagging. If you are pegging with the intention of snagging the fish with the hook below you are fishing illegally. 2. Game and Fish budgets are being cut BUT the impact on the fisheries and more importantly the fish is increasing as a result of ignoring the law. Simple math dictates this is not sustainable. This doesn’t happen on all Wyoming waterways but the Lower North Platte, Green and Big Horn Rivers are being demoralized due to this issue.

Don’t Miss the 2017 Season

Things are shaping up nicely and we are 100% confident that Grey Reef will be a force this year. We are very excited that the flows are 1000cfs currently and hoping to have it incrementally increase during the spawn. These situations are excellent for recruitment of this year’s class but also create highly productive fishing conditions. A robust snowpack also he’s a tremendous impact as we sail through the warm months and into Grey Reef’s dry fly season later in the year. Last year, 2016, mid to late June was wildly productive for big fish…these are fish that are 25″ or greater. There was an almost 2 week period of one of these trout hitting the net per day. The July experience was golden stones and few anglers for the best weather of the year. Toss in the evening caddis dry fly bonanza and some PMDs and yellow sallies on the surface and Grey Reef proved its place among the best. Tricos graced us in mid July and that began the rod cluster season. We had many rods rigged for dry fly, nymph rigs and streamer action. Much of September and especially October was dry fly from start to finish with tricos, caddis, psuedos, baetis and midges.  This program took us into mid November when we focused on the big fish with streamer rigs. High volume/high quality experiences are what the North Platte Lodge has been known for for nearly 2 decades. However, Grey Reef is continuing to get better and we are trying to keep up with the curve. It is tough but we are happy with the challenge! Expect some cool new things at Grey Reef for 2017. The lodge has a big new deck in progress and we are now going to provide our guests with spirits and wine to accompany our spectacular meals and even better scenery. The fly shop might be reinvented as well? I wouldn’t be surprised if the shop building has an addition and we also might rearrange the grounds to make your visit even more enjoyable.

Heading to Salt Lake City and Toodaloo Spring Flush 2017, Hello Jack!

The flush has been Fantastic. Central Wyoming is gearing up for insane fishing for 2017. We will have plenty of water and that is the best news possible. Big water is not synonymous with run off or difficult fishing. It parallels awesome fishing. Today it is over and we expect the BuRec to push a bit of additional water over the 500cfs minimum. Spring baetis will be on us sooner than later and our rainbow buddies are doing their part to make sure we have great fishing in the future. Please respect their plight. Steer clear of fishing to spawners and tromping through redds. Consider getting rid of your pegged bead snagging rig in favor of a bit more sporting techniques.

A couple of us are on our way to the Salt Lake City area (Sandy, UT) for the International Sportsman’s Expo this Thursday-Sunday. We will have drawings for free trip/lodging, show specials for spring fishing and lodging as well as fall fishing and lodging opportunities at a discount. We have stickers! Feel free to contact us as we will honor the spring specials to all. You don’t have to be present to capitalize!

We would like to wish a very warm welcome to the newest member of the crew. Jack Kramer Tatum emerged yesterday and we couldn’t be happier. Congrats Trent and Katherine!

High Pressure Grey Reef Fishing Report-Spring Flushing Flows

Central Wyoming is experiencing a bout of high pressure so the fishing report is strewn with a bit of breezy…We will experience some pushy conditions over the next little while but with this will be a warming trend. The fishing at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile is chart topping. River conditions are great and the road conditions are improving to Miracle Mile. Grey Reef roads are a non issue. Fremont is fishing well and those roads are much improved. Thermopolis and the Big Horn is fishing well and the wind will be less of an issue and the congestion more of an issue.

Midge/scud rigs and midge/leech, worms and streamers (Goldie) are all very good options. A shortish nymph rig and a level streamer rig will be in the Grey Reef angler’s best interest. The flush can get our trout-buddies very elevated and suspended so dragging and dredging isn’t really the answer.

Spring flushing flows will begin the AM of the 6th of March and continue through the 15th. This is a great time to fish as some cool opportunities present themselves, these opportunities are only available during the flush. The first couple days *might* be murky but be careful to not associate murky water with unfishable as that is never really the case. The Reef Fly Shop will be open to answer questions and get you geared up. The RV park is available and there are some cottages available. The guide staff will have some gaps and our $600 for 2 anglers one day guided FULL ACCESS plus 2 nights in our cottages (is a smoking deal) will be available until mid month. FULL ACCESS means many miles of private access and 3 private boat ramps on the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River. The quantity of private access we secure for our guests is in a league of its own.

Here is the pulpit speech regarding the spawn and snagging. Please, please, please understand what the spawning beds(redds) look like and do not walk through them. Please, please, please refrain from targeting or “sight” fishing to trout in shallow gravel areas. The pressure and fishing tactics employed in recent years are detrimental to the sustainability of the resource. We need reproduction and hopefully we will have a big water year as these events are the best scenario for recruitment. The snagging – pegged egg – pegged bead rigs are responsible for much of the added pressure to the fish and their condition is clear evidence of this tactic. Your bead MUST be placed within 2 inches of the eye of the fly…not hook…fly. A bare hook is an absolute no-go. Please use small hook and pinch the barb. It is still a Wyoming state statute that snagging fish is illegal. The Wyoming Game and Fish have caved on this issue and we have some work to do to really assess the cost/benefit. Pinching the barb on all of your devices is a cool thing to do and future years of Grey Reef enjoyment will reward that practice.

Blizzard to Bliss

Grey Reef is accessible, calm and relatively warm today. Fishing is on! The roads are back in shape and midges are popping. The best kind of day for dramatic winter scenes without the associated suffering. Come and get it! Fremont is in play but Miracle Mile report says the road isn’t worth the risk. Grey Reef it is.

Central Wyoming Weather Conditions, Fish the Blizzard of Feb 2017 and the Spring Flushing Flows

Central Wyoming anglers are posted up tying bugs this AM…nobody is on the ditch. We are in the midst of a pretty significant winter storm with many inches and blowing snow. I25 and Wyoming State Highway 220 are currently open an so are we at The Reef Fly Shop. Take caution and avoid any attempt to get to Miracle Mile. Fremont Canyon is also best to leave alone during these events as there is no cell service and the roads are not a plowing priority. You might be there for a while if you get stuck. Casper is blustery the same as Alcova. The benefit to this? More water for our scaled buddies! We will take all the water we can get. Don’t be concerned for high water conditions as the fish like water. Bigger the better!

Spring flush will commence March 6 and continue through the 15th…ice and weather permitting. The flush makes some very cool spots available and this only happens during the flush.

Call Before the Storm…errrr Calm

Wyoming Fly Fishing is rocking in the middle portion of the state. Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon are all ripe. Grey Reef is clear and fishing very well on the upper reaches nearest Alcova, The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge. It has been warm so drainages are coloring up the North Platte River around Lusby. Rig up a streamer and slow retrieve or a mid-weight nymph rig with midge, leech and scuds…The Rusty Scud. Fremont is good top to bottom and little bugs (like a Brassie or PAL) on light nymph rigs are the go-to. Miracle Mile isn’t red hot but the trout are slabs and they are happy with a stripped streamer. Today is warmish, overcast and calm…we are expecting winter weather very soon. We are expecting that Miracle Mile fishing will be out of contention while the roads recover…will report on that as we learn the conditions. Grey Reef will plow right through it and fishing will remain awesome.