Grey Reef Fishing Report

Water at Grey Reef is still improving. It is very fishable and fishing well the way it is. 500 cfs at the Reef, 1000cfs at the Mile and 72 cfs at Fremont. Look for risers *if calm* at Fremont Canyon. Please pinch barbs as those fish are getting a little worked. Little bugs in the feed bag at Grey Reef and the Mile is best with worms and leeches. If they turn off go small!
Windy day today!

Seth yawning^

fly fishing near Casper, Wy

Grey Reef has recovered and the water is in pretty good shape. Below Government Bridge is blown out. Today is windy and chilly. This AM we had gusts into the 40s and sustained in the mid 20s. Water was being ripped from the afterbay. It has slowed down a bit by midday. Click on the NPL Weather Station Icon to the right and get current conditions. The North Platte River fishes well 365 days a year and we want you to have a great experience from top to bottom. We do know, however, that you are here to fish and we will make that happen regardless of the conditions if you choose.

Another pic of Bill

wyoming fly fishing

Grey Reef has recovered significantly. It is still murky but very fishable. Yesterday afternoon anglers did very well at Grey Reef Dam. Miracle Mile fishing very well as is Fremont Canyon. Hope that Eagle Creek will quit drooling, permanently!

Bill flew in early this week from Arizona. Here is a picture one of his many Grey Reef sized fish from the week.

“I had a fabulous time and caught a ton of fish. Thanks again for getting me in.”


Fishing Wyoming’s Grey Reef

Grey Reef is blown out. We’ll keep you up to speed on the progress.

Fishing was excellent yesterday if you were out in front of the surge. Seth and Bill tired of catching fish so left Grey Reef early in the day looking for a more challenging option. Fremont treated them well also.

With Eagle Creek doing the damage it has a couple times this past week it begs the question “when will the flushing flows start?”  Eagle Creek has very fine sediment and it infiltrates every nook and crannie on the river bed. A flush would be nice to push that sediment toward Nebraska. Here is an article that appeared in the local paper this AM. Flushing Flows. We are not confident there will actually be a flushing flow.

Here is a picture from one of our trips a couple days ago.

Challenging Day that Private Access Ruled

*UPDATE* 12:30pm  Eagle Creek is making a mess of Grey Reef Reservoir and the North Platte River. Seth reported fishing is great in the small window of clear water this AM however.  He and his guest Bill are ahead of the surge. Bolton and Bear Creek are both pumping quite a bit of mud in above Government Bridge so the river is blown out below them as well. I can’t imagine Grey Reef will be worth fishing tomorrow but will cross our fingers for the following day.

Yesterday fished well and we had several boats on the water. Unfortunately it became very windy by late morning. At one point I checked the NPL Weather Station and there was a gust of 45mph. The boys said all went well and due to our private access were able to make a very good day. The ability to anchor and beach is imperative on days like that. Landing a fish, without anchoring or beaching, means you release your oars and the wind can make you accelerate dangerously. Also hopping out of the boat and enjoying wading in productive and protected areas is a pleasure you won’t enjoy with others. Access opens up many opportunities that are not available to most outfitters. It can make the difference between a productive day on the water or a miserable & dangerous experience. Careful though, some will claim private access without it.

5 1/2 feet of leader with an orange beaded mohair leech, tan or amber scud, PAL, mini Impaler with a b shot or 2 kept them in the fish. Water conditions are still a little off due to our warm and windy weather disintegrating the low elevation snow. This week will do wonders to eliminate a bunch of that and clear the way for better conditions in April. Don’t expect a flush this year and expect to enjoy low water conditions in April IF the snow pack doesn’t dramatically increase. 700 cfs looks to be current average estimate for next month. What does that mean? Great wade fishing! Sight nymphing with baetis emergers! Dry fly potential increases significantly! But also a little more congested conditions. This could prove to be an exciting spring.

Adjust the Sails

Just borrowed this, but it speaks to me.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
—William Arthur Ward



Grey Reef Fly Fishing and Primer Trip Sale

Yesterday the boys had a great day. Fished very well and they were able to stay out of the mix of variable water conditions and the few boats that were out. We cancelled boats yesterday and today as a precaution but it seems that move wasn’t necessary. However, we still have a couple out for each of the next 4 days.

This week will be gorgeous weather and Thursday/Friday will be mid – upper 60s. Check the NPL Weather Station for the only Grey Reef weather report. Early next week we will be back to wintery conditions.

Know how to fish? Want to vastly decrease the Grey Reef learning curve? Call us to schedule (or walk in) a Grey Reef Primer. This service is for 2 anglers to learn how to approach fishing at Grey Reef. 2 hours of expert advice and a dozen flies is invaluable at the regular price of $160. Through the end of March the Primer is $125!


Unbelievable March Weather, Not a Surprise

We tend to have an amazing half month in March…the other half speaks more to skiers and those who like to chip ice out of their guides. We are in a stretch of gorgeous weather right now. Check the NPL weather station for current conditions.

Yesterday we had good fishing although the water entering Grey Reef was still murky with 2 ft of visibility. As anybody who frequents Grey Reef knows 2 ft is PLENTY. Fishing was good and we hooked fish on midges, scuds, leeches and the champ was a mini Impaler (worm). Had some grabs and a couple hookups on a streamer (Goldie) as well. It was a busy day, but everybody was behaving themselves and playing nice.

Fly Shop Creek was chugging pretty good late yesterday and we became worried about another blowout but Brad said things are looking  good this AM. We have a number of boats out today so hope conditions hold.

Wade fishing is excellent right now. Have you floated down the river and dreamed about hopping out and wading some of those awesome runs? Book a trip with the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop and get access to the best and most private frontage on the river. Ask your guide to pull over and wade fish….

Saturday Grey Reef Conditions

Weather is amazing. Warm and no wind, but expect some breeze by the end of the day ( Check the North Platte Lodge Weather Station). Water is looking pretty good and is very fishable.  Fishing is very good to match. Fly Shop Creek burped some late yesterday but it didn’t screw up the river. A crazy AM in the shop so far. Folks are ready for fishing and this is the first big weekend.

Wyoming Fly Fishing Weekend

The weekend is starting to shape up. Weather is going to be amazing. Check the conditions right now at the North Platte Lodge. If you click the summary tab upper right it will give the average wind speed. Currently is reads “Calm”!

Brad was fishing Grey Reef yesterday afternoon and it was on fire! Water still isn’t perfect but it is shaping up. We know that folks really wanted to be here this weekend and we scared them off with truth about the conditions, but it may be well worth getting here. Don’t give up yet. Stay tuned.