Adjust the Sails

Just borrowed this, but it speaks to me.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
—William Arthur Ward



Grey Reef Fly Fishing and Primer Trip Sale

Yesterday the boys had a great day. Fished very well and they were able to stay out of the mix of variable water conditions and the few boats that were out. We cancelled boats yesterday and today as a precaution but it seems that move wasn’t necessary. However, we still have a couple out for each of the next 4 days.

This week will be gorgeous weather and Thursday/Friday will be mid – upper 60s. Check the NPL Weather Station for the only Grey Reef weather report. Early next week we will be back to wintery conditions.

Know how to fish? Want to vastly decrease the Grey Reef learning curve? Call us to schedule (or walk in) a Grey Reef Primer. This service is for 2 anglers to learn how to approach fishing at Grey Reef. 2 hours of expert advice and a dozen flies is invaluable at the regular price of $160. Through the end of March the Primer is $125!


Unbelievable March Weather, Not a Surprise

We tend to have an amazing half month in March…the other half speaks more to skiers and those who like to chip ice out of their guides. We are in a stretch of gorgeous weather right now. Check the NPL weather station for current conditions.

Yesterday we had good fishing although the water entering Grey Reef was still murky with 2 ft of visibility. As anybody who frequents Grey Reef knows 2 ft is PLENTY. Fishing was good and we hooked fish on midges, scuds, leeches and the champ was a mini Impaler (worm). Had some grabs and a couple hookups on a streamer (Goldie) as well. It was a busy day, but everybody was behaving themselves and playing nice.

Fly Shop Creek was chugging pretty good late yesterday and we became worried about another blowout but Brad said things are looking  good this AM. We have a number of boats out today so hope conditions hold.

Wade fishing is excellent right now. Have you floated down the river and dreamed about hopping out and wading some of those awesome runs? Book a trip with the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop and get access to the best and most private frontage on the river. Ask your guide to pull over and wade fish….

Saturday Grey Reef Conditions

Weather is amazing. Warm and no wind, but expect some breeze by the end of the day ( Check the North Platte Lodge Weather Station). Water is looking pretty good and is very fishable.  Fishing is very good to match. Fly Shop Creek burped some late yesterday but it didn’t screw up the river. A crazy AM in the shop so far. Folks are ready for fishing and this is the first big weekend.

Wyoming Fly Fishing Weekend

The weekend is starting to shape up. Weather is going to be amazing. Check the conditions right now at the North Platte Lodge. If you click the summary tab upper right it will give the average wind speed. Currently is reads “Calm”!

Brad was fishing Grey Reef yesterday afternoon and it was on fire! Water still isn’t perfect but it is shaping up. We know that folks really wanted to be here this weekend and we scared them off with truth about the conditions, but it may be well worth getting here. Don’t give up yet. Stay tuned.

All the pieces are in place except….

the water conditions at Grey Reef.

*UPDATE* This is the report from The Reef Fly Shop Report page.

North Platte River Conditions

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03/08/2012 2:00pm

GREY REEF-slightly cloudy but clearing.

Just went down to Grey Reef Dam to talk to Brad, who is the king of Grey Reef wadefishing.  He was hooked up when I got there and hooked up as I was leaving.  According to him the fishing at the Dam is insane right now!  Pine squirrel leech, hot-head leech, san juan(purple) and an amber scud.  As far as the water conditions are concerned…anything downstream of Lusby is out of the question, MUDDY.  We are starting to see some minor runoff but it’s hard to say what’s going to happen.  It’s more than likely going to get worse by the end of the day but the effect on the river is yet to be seen.  We still have plenty of low elevation snow but the worst could be over for now.  We will post another updated river conditions report this evening…stay tuned.

The weather is going to be spectacular this weekend, the fishing has and will continue to be spectacular. We just need Grey Reef Reservoir to clean herself up in time. I am optimistic.

Nymphing continues to be strong with scuds, midges, worms and leeches at Fremont Canyon, Miracle Mile and Grey Reef. Nice dry fly activity yesterday at Fremont. Swinging streamers at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile has been good although not nearly as productive nymphing.

Snow and Runoff

*UPDATE* Grey Reef Reservoir is turning green up near The Reef Fly Shop (vast improvement over the red from yesterday). It still has a ways to go before it is clear. Alcova received less than an inch of snow last night and that is disappearing quickly with the beautiful day. We know a lot of folks are planning on a weekend assault of the reef so we will keep you up to date. We have availability on Saturday so give a shout if you want to book a guide.

Trent, Seth and I left Casper yesterday around noon on our way to Billings where we met with the Magic City Fly Fishers. What an impressive organization! They even have an after school program to teach kids fly tying and it is very popular. What a way to kindle the fire early?! Thanks to all the folks who attended it was a great turnout. We made it back to Casper at around 1:30AM as roads were not very fun on the way home. This AM we have several inches of snow on the ground but it is fading fast. Hope to get a water conditions update but as of yesterday the afterbay (Grey Reef Reservoir) was a mess as was the river. It *should* clear quickly. Hopefully, in time for a beautiful weekend of calm and mid 50s.

Be sure to check the current local weather conditions right at Grey Reef by clicking the North Platte Lodge Weather Station link under the “links” tab to the right.

Weather Station Reporting Current Grey Reef Conditions

We finally have the weather station up and running! This information is updated every few seconds and the equipment is high quality and appropriate for official weather information. We have located the sensors in the most exposed area so wind reports and UV data are very accurate.

North Platte Lodge Weather Station


Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides

3/4/2012  Last night the Fly Fishing Film Tour was a fun event. The theater was almost full except for the break neck seats. Some really good films! Seeing the full theater and the crowd in the lobby reassured me that Casper has so much to offer and there are many locals who see Casper’s potential.  We know that the North Platte is an unbelievable fishery but many in the area don’t. Big thanks to the Movie Palaces for hosting! We are looking forward to next year already.

We have boats on the water today so will get a good report soon. Much of the river is open between Casper and Alcova right now. Although yesterday AM was really slushy below Government Bridge and Bates Creek was high and murky by the afternoon. The river will freeze again before the winter is over and we will have good opportunities to fish low but they will be fleeting. Take advantage while you can!

Weather station is operational although we still haven’t made contact with the interwebz. Hope to have that dialed in by tomorrow and have a fully functioning Grey Reef weather station available to everybody.

Fly Fishing Film Tour Tomorrow Eve

Yesterday was very nice with light wind and seasonable temps. Today is calm and 10* so far but expect to see light wind and mid 20s for high temps. Tomorrow will be warmer but winds up to 40+mph. Needless to say we postponed trips and were able to move one to Sunday. But, you can do some things to combat the wind.

-Get out early and get off early if you are floating. Often the wind doesn’t get cranking until late morning. That leaves 4-5 hours of calm conditions.If the wind is ripping early then go to plan B.

-Find wade fishing spots protected from the wind. Even if you might not think those spots are the “best” run. Reality is there are fish everywhere and cracking the code by putting some time into water you don’t fish is an eye opening experience. Get rid of the idea that you have to fish the most obvious water that everybody else runs for. Really learn the river.

-Switch rod. Again you can learn a new technique that makes it infinitely easier to fish in tough spots and windy conditions.

-Book a wade fishing trip with NPL or TRFS. We have tons of private access and have many runs that are protected and that only we can wade fish.

Tomorrow evening is the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Casper, WY. It will start at 6:30 in the lobby of the Iris Theater in  downtown. Great entertainment and walking distance to good pubs and restaurants. We will have  prizes and be positioned close to the beverage (beer) vendor! Tickets are $20 at the door or call us to reserve a $15 ticket to hold in “will call’  VIP style.