Fly Fishing Film Tour Tomorrow Eve

Yesterday was very nice with light wind and seasonable temps. Today is calm and 10* so far but expect to see light wind and mid 20s for high temps. Tomorrow will be warmer but winds up to 40+mph. Needless to say we postponed trips and were able to move one to Sunday. But, you can do some things to combat the wind.

-Get out early and get off early if you are floating. Often the wind doesn’t get cranking until late morning. That leaves 4-5 hours of calm conditions.If the wind is ripping early then go to plan B.

-Find wade fishing spots protected from the wind. Even if you might not think those spots are the “best” run. Reality is there are fish everywhere and cracking the code by putting some time into water you don’t fish is an eye opening experience. Get rid of the idea that you have to fish the most obvious water that everybody else runs for. Really learn the river.

-Switch rod. Again you can learn a new technique that makes it infinitely easier to fish in tough spots and windy conditions.

-Book a wade fishing trip with NPL or TRFS. We have tons of private access and have many runs that are protected and that only we can wade fish.

Tomorrow evening is the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Casper, WY. It will start at 6:30 in the lobby of the Iris Theater in  downtown. Great entertainment and walking distance to good pubs and restaurants. We will have  prizes and be positioned close to the beverage (beer) vendor! Tickets are $20 at the door or call us to reserve a $15 ticket to hold in “will call’  VIP style.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Water conditions are holding up well. Fishing is very good. Weather is variable. Recipe for a great day outdoors.

Spent the day at Miracle mile on Monday. Road conditions were pretty good as was the fishing. Nymphing was really good with Pat’s Rubber Legs, Amber scuds and midge patterns. The midge hatch was impressive as this picture of Brad shows. A couple of us spent the entire day with 2 handed rods swinging big flies. It was well worth the effort and we even landed a walleye on the swing.

Upcoming forecast has significant wind and we cancelled our last weekend trips due to big winds.

With the mild winter we expect a very early start to the season. The shop is stocked with everything you will need. The lodge has some good April and Early May spots. Enjoy the lodge experience! We do all the work while you enjoy time with your group and amazing guides.

Wyoming Fly Fishing~Grey Reef Fly Fishing~North Platte River Fly Fishing~Miracle Mile Fly Fishing

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~Best Location as the only lodge, fly shop and private properties at Grey Reef.

~ Most experienced Miracle Mile fly fishing guides

~ Full service North Platte Fly Shop with beautiful vacation cottages and RV sites.

~ Grey Reef drift boat rentals, Grey Reef shuttle service.

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Sunday and the Week Ahead

Windy again today. Muddy water down low and off color up high. Typical weather pattern EXCEPT good moisture in our forecast.

March 3rd at the Iris Theater in Casper will be the Fly Fishing Film Tour! Tickets available from TRFS call to reserve yours. Come fish next weekend then drive into town for a good meal and good entertainment. After the films walk a block or 2 to see live music in a local tavern or eat at one of our downtown restaurants (Italian, Asian including sushi, etc). We know Grey Reef is the main event but come see what else the community has to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Early Season Trips through April. Why NPL or TRFS? Easy. Most experienced guide staff, tons of private access, best location and fun! That is it in a nutshell. Of course you can have a good trip with any local shop. But we are the only shop at Grey Reef, that equates to time on the river instead of car. We have, by far (many miles), the most access (anchor, beach or wade only one other outfitter offers access) exclusively for our guests and guides.

Experienced guides, our staff has decades more Full Time Grey Reef Guiding than any other staff. These aren’t toothless claims…or fishing stories.

Big Wind this Weekend

Today is starting out windy and we are expecting gusts up to 50mph in the Alcova area. Tomorrow much of the same. On the bright side western WY is getting lots of needed snow again. Northern CO is also forecast for snow and we want that water. Yesterday was cold enough that ALL the drainages froze. Every little ditch has a stream of ice in it. As today’s temp’s climb into the 40s that ice will runoff and expect off color conditions even on the upper. Conditions the past few days have been off color by Governmant Bridge and mud by the Narrows. Fishing has been very good regardless of our weather. Midges, scuds, worms and leeches getting tons of attention. Streamers also doing the trick with some big Grey Reef critters posing for pictures.

Grey Reef is as healthy as it has ever been according to biologists with the WY Game and Fish. High water not only added significant and vital nutrients but purged the silt for the spawning beds. High water has also made many of the spawning areas inaccessible to the damage caused by anglers. We are excited for the next couple seasons!

Snow Again and Wyoming Fly Fishing

Yesterday was warm and windy on Grey Reef. The North Platte River was cloudy on the upper reaches and muddy by the time it made it to Casper. Warm and wind accelerates the melting and there was a lot of it yesterday. Late yesterday evening we witness a big front that started with a downpour of rain and switched to snow a few minutes later. We have several inches on the ground on top of a layer ice. Be careful!

Our snow pack situation was dramatically improved in a matter of days. The Steamboat, CO area received over 40″ of snow from the last storm! That was a record dump.

The North Platte Lodge has some great April and early May dates available. Stay in comfort in the most convenient location, the most private access and the most experienced guide crew. It is an experience you will want to repeat as soon as you are done.

Busy Weekend and New Snow

First busy weekend for Grey Reef. The shop is stocked and ready to go…thanks to all who stopped in! We had boats out each day and the fishing was excellent. Nymphs the most productive but streamers caught the larger fish. The weather is suggesting an early start to the regular season. Wind has been a non issue for almost 3 weeks. On  that note Casper continues to get the snow that seems to miss everybody else. Another 5″ on the ground this AM.

NPL has some really good early season dates still available. Give a shout for details.

Browns Dominate Grey Reef?

Some great reports coming from all venues. Miracle Mile nymphinq with the big stuff like worms, eggs, stones, leech and scuds. Fremont has it all including dry fly. Grey Reef  also has it all including dry fly and streamer action. Boys threw big flies the other day on Grey Reef and they were getting terrorized! A number of browns in the net between Grey Reef and Lusby.

By the way the river is open and floatable. If you are looking for that type of info give us a call. We are out here and we spend time on the water on an almost daily basis so we can provide you the correct info.

Amazing Forecast for Grey Reef Anglers

The second week of no wind! Unbelievable conditions for anglers. I feel for you skiers, but the fishing conditions are impressive.

Click this link to see.

Wyoming Fly Fishing-Winter’s Best

Another unbelievable day! It has been calm with seasonable temps and the fishing has been very good. Dry fly fishing on Grey Reef in winter!

The river isn’t frozen at any point on the upper stretch so be careful where you get that info. We had a number of people relay that information and it is incorrect.

Latest report is Wyoming is experiencing nearly 90% of our average snow pack. However, the Platte River Drainage is 76%. What does that mean if we don’t see significant snow in the next 2 months? Our water situation will be fine this year and we will likely still see some pretty good flows. But, wade fishing opportunities will remain much better after  2 years of early high flows. I would love to see super strong spring baetis hatch. Not that we haven’t had good baetis hatches but the worm hatch has been almost as strong. This will also improve spring dry fly opportunities. The reality is that our 2 wettest months are ahead of us and Casper has been getting very good snow all season. I expect we will have big snows ahead. One fact of note is that our area has seen very mild temps this winter and the term “below zero” has been almost forgotten. The past couple years previous we had a number of -20 and -30 spells.