Busy Weekend and New Snow

First busy weekend for Grey Reef. The shop is stocked and ready to go…thanks to all who stopped in! We had boats out each day and the fishing was excellent. Nymphs the most productive but streamers caught the larger fish. The weather is suggesting an early start to the regular season. Wind has been a non issue for almost 3 weeks. On  that note Casper continues to get the snow that seems to miss everybody else. Another 5″ on the ground this AM.

NPL has some really good early season dates still available. Give a shout for details.

Browns Dominate Grey Reef?

Some great reports coming from all venues. Miracle Mile nymphinq with the big stuff like worms, eggs, stones, leech and scuds. Fremont has it all including dry fly. Grey Reef  also has it all including dry fly and streamer action. Boys threw big flies the other day on Grey Reef and they were getting terrorized! A number of browns in the net between Grey Reef and Lusby.

By the way the river is open and floatable. If you are looking for that type of info give us a call. We are out here and we spend time on the water on an almost daily basis so we can provide you the correct info.

Amazing Forecast for Grey Reef Anglers

The second week of no wind! Unbelievable conditions for anglers. I feel for you skiers, but the fishing conditions are impressive.

Click this link to see. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Alcova&state=WY&site=RIW&textField1=42.55&textField2=-106.72&e=1

Wyoming Fly Fishing-Winter’s Best

Another unbelievable day! It has been calm with seasonable temps and the fishing has been very good. Dry fly fishing on Grey Reef in winter!

The river isn’t frozen at any point on the upper stretch so be careful where you get that info. We had a number of people relay that information and it is incorrect.

Latest report is Wyoming is experiencing nearly 90% of our average snow pack. However, the Platte River Drainage is 76%. What does that mean if we don’t see significant snow in the next 2 months? Our water situation will be fine this year and we will likely still see some pretty good flows. But, wade fishing opportunities will remain much better after  2 years of early high flows. I would love to see super strong spring baetis hatch. Not that we haven’t had good baetis hatches but the worm hatch has been almost as strong. This will also improve spring dry fly opportunities. The reality is that our 2 wettest months are ahead of us and Casper has been getting very good snow all season. I expect we will have big snows ahead. One fact of note is that our area has seen very mild temps this winter and the term “below zero” has been almost forgotten. The past couple years previous we had a number of -20 and -30 spells.

Wyoming Fly Fishing and Fremont Canyon

Forgot to mention that the spillway at Pathfinder Reservoir has been elevated several feet. The BuRec is now able to move some of the Seminoe Reservoir storage down to Pathfinder. Basically that means the Miracle Mile flows are up to 1000cfs. Great level for wading. Pathfinder will have many more thousands of acre feet of storgage as well. We will have a good report this afternoon as that is our target fishery for the day. Another beautiful day to be on the water!

Wyoming Winter Dry Fly Fishing

The past several days have been very calm with seasonable temps. These conditions almost always produce a huge midge hatch and Grey Reef’s trout can’t resist a midge creeping around on the river’s surface. Dry fly fishing on Grey Reef can be prolific in the winter…even if the wind is blowing. Finding protected areas where the bugs congregate will have the trout looking up or eating very close to the surface.

Dry/dropper rigs, emerger rigs or a single dry fly will get them like Trent did yesterday. Trent walked the short trail to the Grey Reef where he and his 4wt landed a number of rainbows and one brown on a dry fly. When your office window overlooks the entire upper Grey Reef section of the North Platte River it is hard to stay in. Justification is research and development right?

Wyoming Fly Fishing and More

Gorgeous day! Calm and seasonable. Midges loving the conditions and Grey Reef’s critters are loving the midges. You should make some time to experience Grey Reef in the winter. Our area isn’t only about fishing (although what else do you need?). We also have great skiing, snowmobile trails, museums and cultural events.  This weekend Casper hosts a sled dog race and you can get a lift ticket and rentals at our alpine ski area for $35 on Saturday and Sunday. Bring the family!

Wyoming Fly Fishing-Winter Calm

Chilly and calm with a nice blanket of white. Highs will be in the mid-30s but very tolerable conditions when the wind isn’t blowing. This is the projection through mid-week. Get here ASAP the fishing has been excellent!

More Snow at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile

Lower elevations picked up 4-5″ overnight. Our mountain reported 14″ at 8000ft. No report on Miracle Mile yet BUT the roads were still bad before this last snow. Mother Nature will start moving this snow as soon as the pressure rises. It would be prudent to avoid trying to get to Miracle Mile for the next couple days. Will update conditions asap.

Boys had great fishing yesterday again on Grey Reef. Lazy Midges, Medallion Midges, PAL etc all very effective on the nymph rig and a Goldie Locks is all you need on the streamer rig.

Cannonball Run 2/2/12

I picked up Trent yesterday at 7am. Met Stu in Rawlins at 8:30 and breezed into Park City, UT by early afternoon. The High Country Fly Fishers (Park City TU Chapter)welcomed us for dinner and we presented a Grey Reef/Miracle Mile Program after that. Great turnout! And a dedicated group of anglers. Their commitment was infectious. Due to commitments and an approaching storm we hit the road a bit after 9pm. Snow and ice were the surface conditions for the first hour and a half but dropped Stu back in Rawlins at 1:30 Am, Trent to the lodge at 3am and I hit the pillow about 4am.

Lots of early interest this year and folks are booking very early as well. If you are considering a lodge trip this year I would urge you to call soon. While there are still some excellent spots available they are limited. One room spots are easier to come by but multiple room reservations are becoming a little more tricky.

Very nice conditions today. Calm and expecting snow by late afternoon…could be as much a 4-5″ by tomorrow. Early season day trips are a great way to save a little money and have amazing fishing. Do not expect fewer fish or slower activity due to the time of year. This is a very active fishery and you can experience the best fishing of your life even in our “off season”. Most experienced guides and most private access make it a great value. But, don’t expect us to make you commit to a less than optimal day just because you made the reservation.