Wyoming Wind 1/25/12

Yesterday was nice. Then the Chinook winds started late and it is ripping today. On the bright side it will be warm. Again, be very cautious on the road to Miracle Mile. Several inches of snow yesterday and wind today will only make that situation more difficult.

Instead stop at Grey Reef as the fishing has been very good. There are a couple good spots to hunker down and be able to fish with relative ease. Slow swinging The Reef Fly Shop’s Goldie or nymphing scuds, midges and worms/leeches. Ice still present on many parts of the river blow Lusby. And it was pretty slushy below Government Bridge yesterday.

This is a Trent Tatum shot of he and Brad (NPL guide and The Reef Fly Shop “Director of Relations”) fishing yesterday at Grey Reef.

Wind departs and snow arrives 1/24/12

We had a beautiful day today…calm and a new blanket of snow. Wyoming’s snow pack has recovered to 92% of average. It was at 75% just a week ago. Jackson and the southeast mountains have been getting snow daily. The road to Miracle Mile is drifted and in very poor condition. Even residents of the Dome Rock area staying in town due to roads so bad it wasn’t worth the risk to get home. Please call before heading out to the Mile.

We have had busy phones the past couple weeks. The lodge has some availability in April and October but the rest of the months are getting slim. Day trips are booking earlier than we have ever experienced as well. Big thanks to all who have supported us! Couldn’t do it without you. We will make your experience second to none. Accept no compromises.


Wyoming Fly Fishing 1/23/12

We still have some great options for an April lodge trip. and availability for early May. This is arguably the most productive fishing of the season.

Fishing is strong on both a nymph rig and a slowly maneuvered streamer. Trick is to fish between windy or snowy days.

The past 10 days we have had very strong winds along the entire eastern slope. Colorado and Montana are getting it just as bad or worse than we are. We have had a couple calm days and significant snows in between gusts. Yesterday we were greeted to 4″ of new snow on the ground in Alcova. That translated to 12″ on our mountain and nearly 2′ in Southern Wyoming. That is great news for the North Platte River drainage.

Trent, Katherine and JJ all attended the Tom Harpstraith Memorial Youth Hunt in Torrington,WY Yesterday. Tom was a great guy and one of JJ best friends and mentors. He left us suddenly last year. His legacy will be remembered in a great event to get young folks into the field and experience bird hunting.

1/19/12 Shouldn’t Complain

The past few days have been high winds along much of the eastern slope of the Rockies and into the Great Plains, we are no exception. Very strong weather systems dumping snow along the Pacific Northwest into Montana and giving Jackson a good licking. Needless to say , not a lot of fishing happening the past couple days.

One of the great benefits of this business is the opportunity to take a break from the phone, computer or shop with an hour or two of arguably the best fishing available. Especially in the dead of winter. It has been a very nice winter so far, but we are hoping it makes a turn for the worse.

Our snow pack is below average currently, but our water storage is still very strong. We are in great shape as far as water is concerned but every year of above average moisture equates to a couple more worry free when in a drought.

These winds give us a great opportunity to get the shop in order. We will be fully stocked far earlier than we ever have been. Our new shirts, hats and hoodies aren’t lasting very long. Looks like a reorder will be needed even before the February push.

Roller Coaster

Weather has been all over the board lately. Warm and calm to cold and snow like we received yesterday. This week should have us seasonable and breezy. Check the NOAA  forecast.

Nymphers at Grey Reef ought to have a handful of rusty scuds.

Think Spring

We have been busy booking trips for next season but we still have some great options for a spring trip. Spring is arguably the best fishing on Grey Reef for numbers and average size. September is filling up fast but we have good availability in October as well. October may be the guides favorite time on the water. Great weather conditions and the allure of the big fish chasing streamers make a great experience. We offer one of the greatest cast and blast experiences available as well. The last 10 days of September is Sage Grouse season and our thousands of private acres in the best sage grouse habitat provide everything you need for lots of success. In fact, we expect to limit early and be on the river by noon. Call sooner than later. Spots are more limited than they were last year.   Friday the 13th January 2012. We are expecting a warmup after our nice snow event 2 days ago. 4-6" at lower elevations and up to 16" on Casper Mountain. Grey Reef, Fremont and Miracle Mile are all fishing well with typical winter bugs….scuds, midges. leeches and worms.  A slow swing with a streamer will also get some attention. Roads to Miracle Mile are snowy and drifted and may get pretty wet in the next day or two. Be careful.

1/10/2012 Is it May?

Several days of unbelievable weather. Mid 50s and calm. We are expecting some snow and cooler conditions tomorrow. There is no ice on Grey Reef Reservoir or the upper several miles of the river. We have ordered the equipment to install a high quality weather station and it will be available to all online. Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, precipitation totals, humidity and barometer trends will be updated every few seconds and be available 24 hours a day…as our satellite internet connection allows. It is actually pretty darn reliable so we expect the weather will be as well. We will provide a link as soon as the station is operational.

1/7/12 High and Dry

We are stuck in a dry weather pattern. After record high temps a couple days ago things have cooled down. As the temps drop so do the wind speeds. Yesterday was calm as it is this AM.

Fishing at all venues has been very good. Miracle Mile has seen more than its fair share of traffic as a result of the article in American Angler. Not saying the fishing isn’t great but Grey Reef has been untouched for 2 months. Fremont has seen a fair amount of traffic as well.

Nymphing is most productive with midges, leeches, worms and scuds. BUT, don’t discount a slow swing with streamers as they will receive attention.

These are great opportunities to treat yourself to an inexpensive yet full-featured trip at Grey Reef or Miracle Mile. Great weather combined with exclusive private access, excellent guides, discounted and nobody on the river. What are you waiting for?

1/3/2012 Wyoming Fly Fishing Grey Reef & Miracle Mile

Seems this week we will have warm Chinook winds and little moisture. Fishing remains great at Grey Reef and almost as good at the Mile. Muddy and drifting roads still a problem for Miracle Mile so be careful. Avalanche conditions are moderate to high along much of the Rockies  so stay out of the back country for a few days and get some fishing in.

We won’t have a booth at the Denver shows this weekend but we will be there. If you are itching to go to book an early season cheap trip do a little research first. We off the BEST OF THE EARLY SEASON TRIPS. Ours will cost $25 more but that added expense will get you a longer day on the water(that makes up for the added cost alone) you will also be privileged to all of our private access( that alone crushes any other deal ) PLUS you will fish with Grey Reef’s most experienced guide crew.


What a day! Bluebird, calm and white after a good winter storm yesterday. Take advantage of the snow for really nice fish pictures. To the non believer, a grip n grin with snow in the background really confuses them. Elves have been busy and Santa is on his way. We hope Santa is good to everybody. Be safe!