1/3/2012 Wyoming Fly Fishing Grey Reef & Miracle Mile

Seems this week we will have warm Chinook winds and little moisture. Fishing remains great at Grey Reef and almost as good at the Mile. Muddy and drifting roads still a problem for Miracle Mile so be careful. Avalanche conditions are moderate to high along much of the RockiesĀ  so stay out of the back country for a few days and get some fishing in.

We won’t have a booth at the Denver shows this weekend but we will be there. If you are itching to go to book an early season cheap trip do a little research first. We off the BEST OF THE EARLY SEASON TRIPS. Ours will cost $25 more but that added expense will get you a longer day on the water(that makes up for the added cost alone) you will also be privileged to all of our private access( that alone crushes any other deal ) PLUS you will fish with Grey Reef’s most experienced guide crew.


What a day! Bluebird, calm and white after a good winter storm yesterday. Take advantage of the snow for really nice fish pictures. To the non believer, a grip n grin with snow in the background really confuses them. Elves have been busy and Santa is on his way. We hope Santa is good to everybody. Be safe!


Chilly and snowy this AM. Fishing remains strong with very few folks about. Fremont has had a little more pressure. Ice is limited on the upper and becomes more evident above Sechrist. Casper has plenty of open water down low but most of town is ice choked. Get your holiday guests out for an hour or two! Casper can wow if you let it. Fishing and skiing or snowshoeing. Mountain Sports offers XC ski and snowshoe rentals. Our Nordic Center is great with miles of groomed trails and a fire and food in the lodge. Hogadon’s downhill skiing has had a strong early season and will benefit from this snow storm. Our new City Manager is making strong steps to improve the experience and it has been noticeable and notable. Show your guests what Casper has to offer, options are extensive. Call Crazy Rainbow and buy some birds for a preserve pheasant hunt! Lots of museums to stop into. ETC!

Everybody getting ready to go to the Denver shows to buy their cheap early season trips? Go have a look around, compare then give us a call. You will get many miles of private access, Grey Reef’s most experienced and largest guide staff along with a longer fishing day. Like to wade? Like to be away from other boats/anglers? Like to fish the whole river and not merry-go-round one run for an hour? We do things differently.

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