Wyoming Fly Fishing

41 different Grey Reef float configuration this year. Sounds impossible right? This is just one of the reasons to fish with the pros at The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge. They make certain your trip is about solitude and the max experience. It would be a lot cheaper and far less time consuming for us to limit our options to the easy public opportunities. But we maintain very large leases and private boat ramps that are an incredible advantage for the guest and guide experience.

Conditions have been arctic! Central Wyoming was a hot topic yesterday with the national news casts. We had a stint at more than (or is it less than?) 30 below zero. Today we are at 30 above. It gets a little western around here sometimes. This is the time to do your homework about your 2017 trips, browse some gear and maybe tie a few flies. Our crew has their duck hunting waders and bags of decoys waiting outside the guide room for whatever the conditions dictate. Time to call in a few ducks or stick a few fish on streamers between sessions of chipping ice out of the guides…winter is magical.


Fish the Eclipse 2017, Much To Be Thankful For

Here’s to hoping everybody had a fat Thanksgiving…in one way or another! Central Wyoming Fly Fishing has been excellent and we are abruptly pushed into the “winter” session here at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Miracle Mile fishing is good but what a junk show! The fishing doesn’t justify the crowding out there. Grey Reef is on fire and nobody fishing here. Miracle Mile is fishing with egg/midge rigs and Grey Reef on streamers, midges, leeched, scuds and crawdads. The river is open and fishing top to bottom and the eater conditions are amazing.

Many of our 2017 conformations have been sent. If you didn’t receive a deposit request, call soon! We had a few spots of unobtanium and several are already spoken for in just the past couple days. We are busy designing buildings, altering configuration, applying for permits, and looking for quality folks to add to the team. Do you qualify? We do require a resume and references but you do not necessarily need guiding experience. Give a call.

FISH the Eclipse! There will no better place to see the solar eclipse of 2017 than from the boat while drifting down Grey Reef. Sure the communities will have events but this should be a quiet and dark experience…the street lights of town will come on during totality. We have 4 night/3 day spots available at the lodge and the cottages, RV spots will be 4 night blocks. Casper, WY is regarded as THE place to be due to the duration of totality combined with our high probability of clear skies. There is a reason NASA is basing in Casper for the event. Most of the rooms and RV sites in the area are sold out and we have not yet booked our spots. This is the perfect opportunity for 12 guests to have the experience of a lifetime right at the North Platte Lodge. This Casper eclipse package for private accommodations and great meals with spectacular fishing won’t last.


YES-vember not NO-vember

Check the forecast…wow, yes! Check the fishing report…dang-streamers, drys and nymphing, clear water, yes! Check guide availability, lodging, camping…if you can fudge a day or two either way, yes!  Rental boats available, yes! Check some great new and traditional dining/drinking opportunities in Casper, yes! It is YES-vember

Autumn Splendor

Wyoming can be a bit of a turd sometimes. If little details like vegetation or wind are deal breakers then we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Fortunately, Wyoming also breeds resilient and resourceful individuals. That is the epitome of our guide staff. They get the job done regardless of the little knuckle balls thrown. Lots of folks might tuck tail and run to easier venues…that almost always comes with a price that the guest has to pay. Our crew bear that burden…not you.  Think about that next time you are shopping.  If you want cheap we will have amazing deals starting mid November and continuing through Mid March.  

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Be like Dave! The time is now for these guys to eat your streamers. Grey Reef Browns are on the prowl and love a big streamer fleeing the shallow water near the bank. Dry fly continues to be productive and nymphing is automatic. Fall fishing doesn’t really get any better. Miracle Mile is fishing very well as is the entire Grey Reef system and the Big Horn River in Thermopolis, WY. We have cottages, RV sites, rental boats, river shuttles, full lodge packages and guides all at your disposal. 

Book now for your holiday stay. The cottages are the greatest Thanksgiving and New Year retreat! 

Dry Fly Continues

It has been a breezy week of CENTRAL Wyoming Fly fishing. Regardless the trout continue to look up for their meal. Grey Reef has become a bonfied dry fly fishery starting mid July. The peak being August, September and October. The upper Grey Reef, despite some myths, yields the largest average fish. Grey Reef’s entire 80+ mile system is fishing well. We are not fond of crowds or fishing through trailer parks. Aesthetics,big fish and lack of traffic are our focus. 

Starting mid November we will start discounted rates for cottages and fishing…make them a package for the best savings. TROPHY TROUT trips are on and the first 2 weeks of November are where that production has lived in its peak the past couple years. Big streamers and dry flies!

Big Fish

We keep saying dry fly is awesome but a 25″ rainbow on a dry? No words. This week has been crazy with big fish at Miracle Mile and Grey Reef. This is long time guest Don Adams with NPL/TRFS guide Rick Aune pointing fingers. 

More Dry Fly, Less People

Dry fly fishing on Grey Reef is crazy. All day long form Tricos to psuedos to baetis to caddis…they just keep coming up. The weather and water conditions are equally crazy. Fremont is fishing well as is the Mile. Miracle Mile is a smile factory right now and should only get better. Did I mention the fishing on Grey Reef? Unbelievable. Some good streamer production and excellent light emerged rigs destruction going on to compliment the dry fly fishing. We have been enjoying wet feet with lots of wade fishing and the Sage Grouse hunting has been off the charts this year. 

Who’s up for a couple days on the Big Horn for some streamer/dry activity?!

The Unknown Grey Reef

Central Wyoming fly fishing is simply awesome. Water is clear. Boats are a cluster of rods because pods of risers are a frequent occurrence…light emerged rigs, streamers…Tricos, psuedos, baetis, caddis and midges. A veritable zoo of aquatic insects and the animal life along the river has been the icing. Bats, fox, deer, antelope, bald eagles, osprey, owls etc etc.  Lower sun makes shadows longer an scenes more dramatic. Amazing.

Sage Grouse opened yesterday and plenty of birds were put up they called their limits with several hours of super productive fishing yesterday afternoon. They are at it again today with a slightly different approach. Get here, you won’t be disappointed. 

Is Baetis a Season?

Cooler weather, low pressure and some moisture…even snow up a bit higher, lengthening shadows and prime river conditions. Today Grey Reef dropped to 700cfs and we should expect to hit the 500cfs floor soon. This flow will remain until next Spring’s flushing flow. Wade fishing, steamers and dry fly don’t get any better. What are you waiting for? Cottages, lodge options and an excellent guide crew…maybe wait until October when we have a little availability and the baetis kick into high gear. Or go pig hunting with your streamer rod late Oct through mid November. Rent a boat or hook up your RV. Camp out with a warm shower and flush toilets…we got you covered. Don’t forget upland bird hunts, cast and blast on the Big Horn River, waterfowl. This is fine and dandy but expect more from us.