September Primes October

September primes October? Wyoming fishing has been a roller coaster of very good fishing and variable water conditions. We have gone from very clear and hoppers to mud and light nymph rigs back to dry/ dropper to streamer and hopper etc etc etc. Grey Reef is at 800cfs and fishing excellent. Dry fly has become a favorite and why our August and September schedules are so busy. Don’t worry, we are working on ways to make sure you are able to fish and stay at/with the best. Our limited space with only 6 lodge rooms, 15 RV sites and 4 guest cottages don’t offer enough for the Grey Reef angler who wants to be at the best possible location and in the nicest facilities. 

Miracle Mile is at 525cfs and fishing well. Not the same pace as The Reef but well worth it. 

Sage Grouse season is almost on us and we have a busy hunting schedule. Call about our cast and blast opportunities on the Big Horn River in Thermopolis…pretty awesome. 

Moving to Fall

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is turning and burning. August was super busy and September is going to smash that…strap on the seatbelts! We do still have a cottage and a guide available this coming weekend, get it! 

Grey Reef flows are down to 1000cfs and the North Platte River has recovered after the burp last weekend.  The dirty conditions didn’t stop the fish. Trico hatches, caddis, psuedos, midges etc all in play. Dry/dropper rigs? Yes. Streamers? Yes. Light nymph/emerged rigs? Of course. Techy dry fly? Indeed. 

Miracle Mile flows are 500cfs and the NPL and TRFS guides reporting very good fishing. A bit brown but that is the standard tannic tinge this time of year.  Primarily nymphing but great wading opportunities. 

Fremont Canyon is brownish as well and fishing good during hatches. Plenty of surface or very near activity. Force feeding them during the lull hasn’t been great, however. 

We are throttled up and will start to pull back to cruise control about the time that the notorious BGRT (big grey reef trout) start getting really active. Trophy Time in Trout Town. October through mid November. 

Fall Fishing and Eclipse 2017

If you like September then you should try October…experience the reason the guides love October. 

Are you aware of the total solar eclipse of Aug 21 2017. Casper Wyoming is directly in the heart of the shadow and has the best viewing potential of anywhere in the world due to our high likelihood of bright blue and pollution free skies. Grey Reef is the coolest place to be while this rare event happens. Hook and land a Grey Reef brute during the eclipse!!

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing continues it’s streak of excellence. Greg Reef is fishing very well with all techniques…nymphing, drys and streamers. Bring all your gear! The Htey Reef system from Alcova to Glenrock and through Casper has very clear and cool conditions and steady at 1500 cfs. Great time to rent one of our drift boat fleet. Miracle Mile is nymphing very well and the flows are 800cfs. Fremont is a trico and caddis paradise! 

That’s WY … Wyoming!

keep em wet

That’s WY is a cool ad campaign by the Wyoming Tourism Council. Wyoming is multi faceted destination. If you want authentic Wyoming is your place. We don’t have tons of amusement park style attractions. We do have vast uninhabited reaches full of wildlife, fish, blue skies and solitude. Half of Wyoming is federal land and that makes the exploring limitless. We have desert, prairie, forest and alpine. A skiing, climbing, hunting, fishing, camping bird watching, hiking mecca Wyoming IS. Devil’s Tower ( Mateo Teepee), the Teton’s ( the iconic peak is known as “The Grand”) , the thermal features of Yellowstone National Park, The square in Jackson Wyoming … globally know as Jackson Hole and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody Wyoming are must see if you have only a moment to spend here. However, there is SO much more. Like fly fishing the North Platte River System. Want a fishing experience to trump them all? Continue past the break for current details:

Grey Reef flows 1500cfs, fishing excellent, AM trico dry fly and PM caddis dry fly

Miracle Mile flows 800cfs, nymphing with soft hackled caddis patterns, worms and leeches

Fremont Canyon 80cfs, AM tricks with caddis the remainder of the day, excellent fishing

Wind River / Big Horn River flows 1300cfs, tricos AM, caddis and some pale duns in the eves, streamer and terrestrial fishing is notable




Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Conditions

Central Wyoming fly fishing is awesome. The guides are reporting excellent dry fly opportunities with the trico spinners in the AM and casting attractors with droppers to likely spots thoughout the day. Grey Reef trout are settling in for their dry fly infatuation which will continue through the end of the baetis hatch in late October. Yes, Grey Reef is in great shape with 2000cfs of cool, clear water and it is a dry fly fishery. Nymphing the runs has been very good and the streamer game is well worth doing. Basically, be prepared to use all available techniques. Miracle Mile is fishing well at the flows are at 1200cfs. It is a bit bit tannic which is the norm. Nymphing is solid with leeches, worms soft hackles and foam wings. Dry fly and streamer isn’t really their gig right now but never say never. Fremont canyon is also fishing well with cool caddis and trico fishing.

It is a great time to rent a boat as the flows are very conducive for fishing the banks with streamers and drys. The Reef Fly Shop has the biggest, newest and best fleet in the region…plus we are only 1 minute from the ramp at Grey Reef. Makes it pretty easy. We can do last minute rentals but you need a 2″ ball and 4 way flat plug to tow the trailer. See you on the ditch!


Quick recap of the guides fishing report from yesterday is that nymphing was very good all day and the number of rising fish in the AM was pretty crazy. 

Tricos and Lower Flows

Burec dropped Grey Reef flows to 2000cfs this AM and the fish and trico hatch is/are bonkers. So many fish on the surface right now it is maddening. Miracle Mile is at 1200cfs and has been bouncing all over. Despite that the fishing has been solid. 

Don’t expect to show up and hook 100 fish on unchanged nymph rigs like you might in the spring. Expect some amazing dry fly fishing with trico spinners early, hopper dropper midday and caddis at dark. Expect some crushing eats on streamers…Goldie is getting ’em juiced. Expect short nymp rigs to get them in the traditional trout water and pushy runs. Don’t expect a lot of eats in slow troughs right now.  The fishing is really fun during this time and excepting the Tricos early the afternoon has been the most productive. 

Our reservoirs are full making the carp fishing exceedingly good. Sight casting in shallow water to a wary opponent makes for an emphasis on stealth, good presentations and once hooked a test of your equipment and fortitude. 

Summer – Diversity ALL Day

evening float July 30 2016

Phones are down in Alcova! If you’ve been trying to call we can’t hear. Call 307……..

Grey Reef is fishing well and there are lots of things to tend to throughout the day. Don’t go with the common misnomer that it is too hot or the fish aren’t active during the warm part of the day. If you do, you are selling yourself short. The mornings have trico duns and midges. Keep light rigs suspended with foam winged bugs. Trico duns do not get anywhere near the attention of the spinner fall. Pods of fish will start slurping gobs of dead and dying bugs off of the surface between 8-10AM…sometimes longer. Mid to late AM and early afternoon focus on caddis water and show them meat like soft hackles, princes but keep a little foam wing on as a dropper. Lengthen your leader for the deep slots and get on the slightest twitch. Scuds nymphed near weed structures will work good as well. Fish will notice a dry dropper me. Keep the rigs in the obvious edges even if you don’t see a riser. The guides are reporting some BIG critters plowing streamers on their evening floats. They are on ALL day long.

Miracle Mile is solid as well. Caddis stuff with leeches and worms. Fremont Canyon dry fly is great and the caddis are strong there. Ninja style fishing with suspended soft hackles in PITA spots are where you will tie into the best fish this time of year.

Gibson July 2016

This is Gibson and his first fish on a fly^.

Fishing is solid at Grey Reef. It is not red hot but consistent and willing to give up the goods to those who stay in the game. Lots of fish right where they are supposed to be so make sure to work with your guide as those seams and drops are one-time opportunities…odds are in your favor if you do. Grey Reef flows are 2500cfs and the river is clear. Some floating debris but not really an issue. Tricos are hatching good and the spinner fall is getting the trout looking up. These dry fly sessions will be the norm for most of the remainder of the season. Caddis are in the heavy water and fish are eating them on or near the surface in the evening. The North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop, Cottages and RV are positioned perfectly for evening dry fly events. Location? Check! When the fish pod up and decide to present a dry fly fishing at strange times of the day, get out of the boat and approach from downstream. Oh, but it is private land…chances are you will be drooling over a run that is on our exclusive private lease. By far, the most Private access? Check! Keep putting down pods of fish? The same old rig not doing the trick? A guide with a long history on Grey Reef makes all the difference when things are SEEMINGLY difficult. Most experienced crew on the ditch? Check! Speaking of rigs we have been having some great success on streamers of several varieties(Goldie)…mostly on the banks or structure. ┬áDry fly has been good in light riffles for tricos, a rusty spinner, bunny dun, para adams and yes even some bigger attractors will get the first couple eager fish out of the pod. Nymphing has been a 5-6′ rig with light tippet and a b shot(or thereabouts) freestone style nymphs like Princes and ┬áHare’s Ear on top with a foam wing RS2 dangling. Leaches and soft hackles are also great to lead with. We did well on an old fashioned Partridge and Yellow the other day.

Miracle Mile fishing has been up and down with the flows. The Mile is at 500cfs currently but has been going up to 1500cfs sporadically. The fish are there and eating but are in turmoil. Worms, leaches, half backs to lead and soft hackled caddis stuff as droppers. Of course, don’t discount crawdads, scuds, midges, Sallies and PMDs.

Fremont canyon is doing its typical thing and it is squarely in caddis mode. Fish do some weird things too eat caddis so mirror that and fish where it is weird and difficult…perseverance in this arena will be rewarded!

Big Horn River and Wind River in Thermopolis Wyoming. Fly fishing Thermopolis is great right now and there are few doing it. Middays are so-so but Am tricos and evening caddis are keeping their eyes tilted up. Streamers are getting them in the obvious spots and keep your nymph rig adjusted appropriately to deal with the Greasy Grass.

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Guide Report

Grey Reef flows remain at 2500cfs and the river is in spectacular condition. Fish is good. There are fish in the slow and deep spots are well as the shallow and pushy runs. You need to be on your game as the opportunity is fleeting. In the fast water fishing shorter and heavyish and the eats are viscous. In the slow water fish a bit longer and heavier and get on the slightest wiggle. Grey Reef is not very buggy right now. We are seeing Tricos, caddis, a PMD and Sally here and there. Midges of course. Streamer fishing has been pretty good as well. Totally worth spending some time pounding the banks.

Miracle Mile flows are down to 500cfs and it is a touch of it’s traditional tannic tea color. Worms, leeches and soft hackles getting the job done nicely at the Mile.

We fully expect the hatches to blossom as we increase the water temp a few degrees. This should happen very soon as the air temp is in the mid 90s this week. Blanket hatches of tricks and the caddis should go crazy. Plus we are getting some good hopper eats as well…this will only improve!