Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Guide Report

Grey Reef flows remain at 2500cfs and the river is in spectacular condition. Fish is good. There are fish in the slow and deep spots are well as the shallow and pushy runs. You need to be on your game as the opportunity is fleeting. In the fast water fishing shorter and heavyish and the eats are viscous. In the slow water fish a bit longer and heavier and get on the slightest wiggle. Grey Reef is not very buggy right now. We are seeing Tricos, caddis, a PMD and Sally here and there. Midges of course. Streamer fishing has been pretty good as well. Totally worth spending some time pounding the banks.

Miracle Mile flows are down to 500cfs and it is a touch of it’s traditional tannic tea color. Worms, leeches and soft hackles getting the job done nicely at the Mile.

We fully expect the hatches to blossom as we increase the water temp a few degrees. This should happen very soon as the air temp is in the mid 90s this week. Blanket hatches of tricks and the caddis should go crazy. Plus we are getting some good hopper eats as well…this will only improve!

Summer is Coming Alive on the North Platte River

Central Wyoming fly fishing report is a mixed bag the past several days. Grey Reef flows have been dropped to 2500cfs and looks AMAZING! Guide report is that the fishing is steady during the non buggy times and solid in and around the hatch. Caddis , Tricos, PMDs, Yellow Sallies and Midges. Miracle Mile is also at 2500cfs and fishing well start to finish…also clear and gaining on it’s standard tannic (tea colored) gig for summer. Fremont Canyon is it’s cute little self again and the caddis stuff is banging right now. The Big Horn River / Wind River guide report has some great dry fly opportunities and the flows are down to 1500cfs. The water is clear with standard suspended algae. Some good streamer fishing presented itself as well.

These flows are great for renting a drift boat or better yet hiring a guide to accelerate the Grey Reef, Big Horn and Miracle Mile learning curve. Our wing shooting operation has been getting a lot of attention and we are about tapped for Sage Grouse season in late September. The Big Horn Basin has a myriad of upland and waterfowl options. Coupled with a fishing trip makes the ultimate in sporting.

Help Wanted! Shop help, fly fishing guides and bird hinting guides. We are always on the prowl for solid, experienced help. Call 307.237.1182

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Rio Gordy June 2016

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing has been great on all fronts. Grey Reef guide fishing report is solid with nymphing and streamers being the go-to. Yellow Sallies, caddis, midges and PMDs are the bugs of choice but worms, crawdads and leeches are doing their duty. Grey reef river flows are 3000cfs. Great flows and the river is in good shape all the way through Casper, WY. Miracle Mile guide report is excellent. Miracle Mile river flows are 2500cfs. Caddis, Sallies, Golden Stones! PMDs and midges are the bugs, of course leeches and worms are the casual king ding-a-ling of the Mile. Fremont is fishing well and caddis must be your top consideration. The Big Horn River and Wind River (same ditch) have eased with the floating debris and the Yellow Sallies are still pulling them up to the surface.


Independence Celebration on Grey Reef

June 2016

Grey Reef and the Mile are rocking’! The Reef is flowing at 5000cfs and fishable through Casper, WY. Miracle Mile is flowing at 4000cfs and fishing well top to bottom.

Come for the 4th of July and book a cottage for 3 nights and a one day drift boat rental and receive the second full day boat rental for free. Alcova has a great fireworks show, the Sunset will have music and the fishing is awesome. Couple that will no crowds, beautiful accommodations, new drift boats and cold ice cream down the street and you have a recipe for the best July 4th ever. Did we mention the beach at Alcova reservoir 10 minutes away?

Grey Reef Outfitters

shit guy june 2016

Congrats Andy Parker! The big fish streak continues. Andy has landed a number of these big trout in his 15 year tenure as a guest at North Platte Lodge. Grey Reef is still flowing at 5000cfs and Miracle Mile flows are 4000cfs. Both venues fishing excellent. Mostly a nymphing game with leeches, rubber legs  and worms but the streamer bite is pretty darn solid. Some dry/dropper stuff happening as well. The fishing will continue to improve as we start experiencing summertime hatches and we are looking forward to the likely prospect of hopper fishing starting in the next few weeks.

The Big Horn River in Themopolis, WY is flowing at 4000cfs and is pretty full of floating debris. The Wind River in Wind River Canyon is not as messy but still suspended debris to contend with. There are some dry fly opportunities with Yellow Sallies.

Grey Reef Unrivaled

Ben Lanoha June 2016

Ben Lanoha and Guide Rick Aune with yesterday’s brown. This streak is getting ridiculous. Wyoming’s best fly fishing.

Wyoming Fly Fishing, Summer conditions are excellent

Brian Cribari June 2016Grey Reef had been dropped to 5000cfs and the fishing is excellent. The number of big browns landed over the past two weeks rivals and period we can remember. There have been some bruiser rainbows landed as well. The river is slithering with worms and the trout are feeding at a feverish pace. We are looking forward to a bit less water ONLY because the PMD and Yellow Sally hatches will be a bit more prevalent. We like the easy worm fishing but bugs are what fly fishing is all about.  Miracle Mile is on notch north of silly and is also at 5000cfs. Fremont is big and that is fishing good as well. It has been a super fun couple of weeks and the cool thing is the fishing will become more diverse as the summer continues. Dry fly and streamer opportunities will become more productive. Get ready for Golden Stones! If we can maintain big water for another month the hopper thing will be rowdy.

We have a couple summer time lodge options still available, We have pretty good cottage availability a nd the guides are getting worked! Call if you are interested in a guiding opportunity with us!

Our Big Horn River program is on and we are booking wild pheasant, chukar, hun as well as cast and blast and fishing trips.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Grey Reef fishing has been superb and the number of trophy class fish landed by our guests this week takes a hand to count. 5 fish at or over 25″ in one week…all browns. We have a one room lodge spot available this weekend. What are you waiting for?

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing report

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is holding strong. Grey Reef Flows are still at 7000cfs and nymphing is very good. The banks are wet causing the food of choice to be worms. The fish are stuffed with the protein laden critters. We are running nymph rigs from 4′ – 7′ with a touch heavier rigs. Worms and leeches seem to be performing best although we are getting some solid activity on pheasant tails and bugs similar. The mornings have been very productive and later afternoon slowing a touch. This big water is not only good for the fishing right now but it will make July – September amazing. The edge structure will be prime for hoppers and streamers to be ambushed by the greedy trout. These flows also squash the late summer algae bloom. High water also introduces lots of nutrients and protection for the upcoming crop of babies. We experience excellent recruitment of wild fish during these events. Miracle Mile is a 6200cfs right now. The wading will not be the same in your traditional spots BUT these situations will pack trout in places that you’ve never been able to fish before. There are still excellent runs and they are after the same stuff…worm, leeches and scuds. Don’t be afraid to nymph some crawdad patterns as well and certainly don’t abandon the midge /PMD/Golden Stone (Pat’s Rubber Legs and Half Backs) imitations.

Fremont Canyon is a full blown river and quite a site to see. Go check out Pathfinder spilling off of the cliffs. This is a waterfall that rivals many and a rare event. Fishing is still possible and the fish just nudge to the softer water.

Big water doesn’t flush the fish down river and it doesn’t hurt their intention to feed wildly…it just makes things more interesting as you get to go find them in your little spot.

The full reservoirs are also priming for amazing carp fishing. The shallow, flooded bays are full of them. If you haven’t tried “carping” you are missing out. Stop by The Reef Fly Shop for a great selection of appropriate carp bugs.

This is also a great time to rent a boat. We have a new fleet and you can cover a lot of water and hook a pile of fish.

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Wow! Central Wyoming Fly Fishing has turned it on! The Reef has been fishing very well with nymph rigs. Getting some fish to eat midge and baetis patterns as well as the slightly larger generic stuff like pheasant tails but it is really a worm game right now. Flows are 4500cfs and will continue to increase. This has the river FULL of worms. Landing a fish and they sometimes puke a big ball of worms out. Not fishing much over 6′ for kneader and 3 and 4x fluoro tippet. The water is chilly at 52* but the upper has 4′ of visibility. Below Government Bridge is also fishing well. Miracle Mile is 7500cfs and the same thing is happening there. Worms and leeches. Some excellent new water opens up at these flows so get your favorite run out of your head and go find a new favorite! Pathfinder Dam is spilling and it makes quite a spectacle…don’t miss it! Fremont Canyon is big water! But guess what…the fish are still there and still eating.

The Big Horn River in Thermopolis is big as well…stick to Grey Reef! However, we are now booking fly fishing, upland bird hunts and cast and blast on the Big Horn River. The Big Horn is similar and different at the same time. You get increased opportunities for dry fly and streamer fishing. The Chukkar, Hun and pheasant hunting is excellent. Waterfowl love the warm waters below the hot springs making these hunts very productive. Enjoy a soak in the State Bathhouse in warm/hot spring water that is continually flowing through the facility.