Fall Fishing Might be the Best

Wyoming Fly Fishing in the fall might be the best there is? Will you touch the numbers of fish you might in the spring? Probably not. Will there be any shortage of fish in the fall? Absolutely not…. Read More

Too Much for a Title

Grey Reef flows have dropped to 1200cfs and CLEAR- trico hatch and spinner fall dry fly fishing has ramped up. Miracle Mile flows are near 800cfs and the San Juan worm/foam wing RS2 rig is teasing them pretty… Read More

Hoppers, Tricos, Caddis

Grey Reef flows have been dropped to 2200cfs and the water conditions are excellent, both clarity and temps. The dry fly game is STRONG. The evening streamer approach is very good and nymphing throughout the day will likely… Read More

The Next Two Months…

will be the best dry fly fishing we’ve ever witnessed. This was the theme of a conversation last night between NPL guides Adam Boehlke, Greg Smith and Eric Anderson. The combination of excellent Grey Reef water conditions and… Read More

Summer of Love

2018 is turning out to be a pretty dramatic season. Central Wyoming Fly Fishing has been rock-solid through it all. Montana is still wrestling with big water conditions and Colorado is in a scary predicament with low and… Read More

Happy 4th of July

How do we celebrate our Independence? A health dose of American beer, big trout and patriotic clothing. The 4th of July is the ultimate in simple and relaxing holidays. Here is longtime NPL guest Carter with guide Chris… Read More

Women’s Weekend at North Platte Lodge

August 23 – 26, 2018 Join us for a special women’s weekend at North Platte Lodge. Presented by NPL owner Katherine Tatum and Abby Roich, an avid angler and nutritionist. For more information and reservations, call: 307-237-1182

Time to Rent a Drift Boat

Congrats the the Welker Group for being the latest members of the NPL 25″ Club with guide Eric Anderson! We still have a cottage and guides available for this weekend! Call 307.232.9128. Guests yesterday were stoked about the… Read More

Grey Reef – Wyoming’s Best Fly Fishing

And the region…Colorado is in dire straights with their water situation but Central Wyoming is old faithful. Grey Reef flows have been bumped from 1600 cfs to 2250 cfs over the past couple days. Our nudge yesterday made… Read More

Grey Reef Reduced Flows

  Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is firing on all cylinders. We have had volatile weather over the past week and its impact is evident. A very green prairie and off colored water lower in the system are the… Read More