Grey Reef Fly Fishing

Grey Reef Wyoming guide report is very good nymphing with worms, leach and midge patterns like the PAL, Mahem and All Day May. The river is clear and still at 2000cfs. Fremont is fishing well and some baetis… Read More

Runoff Sanctuary – Grey Reef

Central Wyoming fly fishing is very good across the board. Grey Reef is fishing excellent and the water is in pristine condition at 2000 cfs. This will increase and will have ZERO negative impact on the fishing. It… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing and Flows

Central Wyoming experienced a day of variable weather yesterday with snow, wind and rain. The Casper region will see very nice conditions for the remainder of the week. Flows are increasing and that is welcomed! Fishing does not… Read More

Lusby Closure

Lusby access will be CLOSED 4/6 and 4/7. Also the Reef is at 1700 cfs. 

Flows Increase and Weather is Unsettled

Good news on both fronts. Unsettled weather often equates to calm fishing conditions at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Fishing at the Reef has been very good, midges and some baetis movements. Miracle Mile is a no report… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing

This weekend the snow caused some water quality issues below Lusby. The river is green at and below Government Bridge. Fishing was very good Saturday and solid today with midge nymph rigs. Miracle Mile road is a mess… Read More

Spring Fly Fishing in Wyoming

Today we are graced with huge snowflakes in Central Wyoming. Fishing isn’t suffering but the guides and guests are a little bit. These conditions remind us that fly anglers are a hearty bunch and the experience isn’t always… Read More

Lusby Road, Cable to Cable Closure and 6 Baits On One Rod?

North Platte Lodge has a few awesome dates available. April 19-22 is prime spring fishing as is May 5-8 . Don’t forget we have held the Eclipse dates of Aug 18-22 for 12 anglers! Fishing has been stellar… Read More

Don’t Miss the 2017 Season

Things are shaping up nicely and we are 100% confident that Grey Reef will be a force this year. We are very excited that the flows are 1000cfs currently and hoping to have it incrementally increase during the… Read More

Heading to Salt Lake City and Toodaloo Spring Flush 2017, Hello Jack!

The flush has been Fantastic. Central Wyoming is gearing up for insane fishing for 2017. We will have plenty of water and that is the best news possible. Big water is not synonymous with run off or difficult… Read More