Grey Reef flows and Wyoming Fly Fishing

Grey Reef flows are 800cfs this AM and Miracle Mile flows are 1500cfs. Yesterday was another good day and the wade fishing was excellent. Wind forecast is looking pretty lousy for the next couple days. We will likely… Read More

Grey Reef Flows

Grey Reef flows are up to 700cfs!!! Yes, hope for more. Miracle Mile flows are 1500cfs. Fremont Canyon flows are 78cfs. Fishing still awesome across the board. No need to poach pros, although the redds are easy pickings…. Read More

Isolated Wyoming Wind

Yesterday was nice and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. Highs in the lower 60s and light wind. But, today isn’t looking so hot. Big gusts possible. Our guests are aware of the situation but their trip… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing and Lodge Dates

                  The following is a current list of available dates at the North Platte Lodge. The dates listed will be the evenings available to stay at the lodge. Each room… Read More


Incredible few days. Fish on drys, fish really suspended eating baetis emergers and sight nymphing! One of my favorites and it has been several years since this has been available. Nope, not talking about poaching redds. Talking about… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Yesterday was another great day. Very nice weather conditions and beautiful water conditions. Not much for dry fly on the upper yesterday and almost no baetis duns on the surface from Bridge to Sechrist. Mini rig was super… Read More

Oh My! Grey Reef…

Mind boggling. Sight nymphing, dry fly and streamer all produced today. The nymphing has been unbelievable. Many guests who have been coming for many years are saying they have had their best trips ever. Number of fish being… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

The past few days have been amazing. Tremendous success on the nymph rigs…almost unfair. We have had some great dry fly opportunities, yesterday one of our biggest fish came from casting a bunny dun to rising fish…a 19.5″… Read More

North Platte River Fishing Report, Woming Fly Fishing

Today was a great day. Lots of doubles and a big baetis hatch and some fish landed on drys. Overcast and variable conditions were the pattern of the day, but low wind and eager fish made it memorable…. Read More

Grey Reef Fishing Report Miracle Mile Fishing Report

More silly fishing! Fish on the surface at Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon. Several folks today said they were having a hard time catching bigger fish. We would suggest limiting your rig to one big fly with a… Read More