Amazing Forecast for Grey Reef Anglers

The second week of no wind! Unbelievable conditions for anglers. I feel for you skiers, but the fishing conditions are impressive. Click this link to see.

Wyoming Fly Fishing-Winter’s Best

Another unbelievable day! It has been calm with seasonable temps and the fishing has been very good. Dry fly fishing on Grey Reef in winter! The river isn’t frozen at any point on the upper stretch so be… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing and Fremont Canyon

Forgot to mention that the spillway at Pathfinder Reservoir has been elevated several feet. The BuRec is now able to move some of the Seminoe Reservoir storage down to Pathfinder. Basically that means the Miracle Mile flows are… Read More

Wyoming Winter Dry Fly Fishing

The past several days have been very calm with seasonable temps. These conditions almost always produce a huge midge hatch and Grey Reef’s trout can’t resist a midge creeping around on the river’s surface. Dry fly fishing on… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing and More

Gorgeous day! Calm and seasonable. Midges loving the conditions and Grey Reef’s critters are loving the midges. You should make some time to experience Grey Reef in the winter. Our area isn’t only about fishing (although what else… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing-Winter Calm

Chilly and calm with a nice blanket of white. Highs will be in the mid-30s but very tolerable conditions when the wind isn’t blowing. This is the projection through mid-week. Get here ASAP the fishing has been excellent!

More Snow at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile

Lower elevations picked up 4-5″ overnight. Our mountain reported 14″ at 8000ft. No report on Miracle Mile yet BUT the roads were still bad before this last snow. Mother Nature will start moving this snow as soon as… Read More

Cannonball Run 2/2/12

I picked up Trent yesterday at 7am. Met Stu in Rawlins at 8:30 and breezed into Park City, UT by early afternoon. The High Country Fly Fishers (Park City TU Chapter)welcomed us for dinner and we presented a… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing All Year 1/31/12

Grey Reef is fishing very well and our guides have been enjoying the solitude…like they do every year. This is one thing that sets our guides apart. They fish all year and at any opportunity. After thousands of… Read More


Big winds again last night but starting out pretty good this AM. Fishing is typical ho-hum good. Very little pressure and there have been some very aggressive eats the past couple days. Streamers getting throttled during the big… Read More