Regional Flooding but Grey Reef is Still On

Our friends on the Popo Angie and the Big Horn are dealing with flooding due to rapid snowmelt. We hope them the best. In the meantime upper Grey Reef is ticking on all cylinders. If you get too… Read More

Grey Reef Region is Warm and Melty

Water conditions are still good at the upper reaches of Grey Reef but the drainages are running pretty hard with out 50* day. It is muddy by Ledge Creek. The after bay is looking good although Fly Shop… Read More

Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon & Big Horn River

Central Wyoming was walloped with snow again. Our snow pack is going to make the fishing amazing for 2017. Grey Reef has open water up top and is fishing well with a slow stripped streamer or midge/scud nymph… Read More

Casper Fly Fishing – Wyoming Chinooks

Casper, Wyoming is warm and windy today. Lots of snow melting happening. The city has been a jumble of tall wind rows and drifts. Alcova has been spared the bigger snow fall totals but it is nice to… Read More

Happy New Year, Chilly, Denver ISE

Wow! Central Wyoming is cold this morning. Fishing has been very good when we have been out, but the cold conditions have helped the water fowl hunting a bunch. It is midge, scud and leech season. Midges are… Read More

Much to Celebrate!

Fishing in Central Wyoming was a bit rowdy early this week but our resident trout didn’t mind so much. Wednesday morning Alcova awoke to zero wind and a placid and inviting North Platte River. Zero anglers, excepting our… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing

41 different Grey Reef float configuration this year. Sounds impossible right? This is just one of the reasons to fish with the pros at The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge. They make certain your trip is… Read More

Fish the Eclipse 2017, Much To Be Thankful For

Here’s to hoping everybody had a fat Thanksgiving…in one way or another! Central Wyoming Fly Fishing has been excellent and we are abruptly pushed into the “winter” session here at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Miracle Mile fishing… Read More

YES-vember not NO-vember

Check the forecast…wow, yes! Check the fishing report…dang-streamers, drys and nymphing, clear water, yes! Check guide availability, lodging, camping…if you can fudge a day or two either way, yes!  Rental boats available, yes! Check some great new and… Read More

Autumn Splendor

Wyoming can be a bit of a turd sometimes. If little details like vegetation or wind are deal breakers then we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Fortunately, Wyoming also breeds resilient and resourceful individuals. That… Read More