YES-vember not NO-vember

Check the forecast…wow, yes! Check the fishing report…dang-streamers, drys and nymphing, clear water, yes! Check guide availability, lodging, camping…if you can fudge a day or two either way, yes!  Rental boats available, yes! Check some great new and… Read More

Autumn Splendor

Wyoming can be a bit of a turd sometimes. If little details like vegetation or wind are deal breakers then we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Fortunately, Wyoming also breeds resilient and resourceful individuals. That… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Be like Dave! The time is now for these guys to eat your streamers. Grey Reef Browns are on the prowl and love a big streamer fleeing the shallow water near the bank. Dry fly continues to be… Read More

Dry Fly Continues

It has been a breezy week of CENTRAL Wyoming Fly fishing. Regardless the trout continue to look up for their meal. Grey Reef has become a bonfied dry fly fishery starting mid July. The peak being August, September… Read More

Big Fish

We keep saying dry fly is awesome but a 25″ rainbow on a dry? No words. This week has been crazy with big fish at Miracle Mile and Grey Reef. This is long time guest Don Adams with… Read More

More Dry Fly, Less People

Dry fly fishing on Grey Reef is crazy. All day long form Tricos to psuedos to baetis to caddis…they just keep coming up. The weather and water conditions are equally crazy. Fremont is fishing well as is the… Read More

The Unknown Grey Reef

Central Wyoming fly fishing is simply awesome. Water is clear. Boats are a cluster of rods because pods of risers are a frequent occurrence…light emerged rigs, streamers…Tricos, psuedos, baetis, caddis and midges. A veritable zoo of aquatic insects… Read More

Is Baetis a Season?

Cooler weather, low pressure and some moisture…even snow up a bit higher, lengthening shadows and prime river conditions. Today Grey Reef dropped to 700cfs and we should expect to hit the 500cfs floor soon. This flow will remain… Read More

September Primes October

September primes October? Wyoming fishing has been a roller coaster of very good fishing and variable water conditions. We have gone from very clear and hoppers to mud and light nymph rigs back to dry/ dropper to streamer… Read More

Moving to Fall

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is turning and burning. August was super busy and September is going to smash that…strap on the seatbelts! We do still have a cottage and a guide available this coming weekend, get it!  Grey… Read More