Now and Later

Get here now and later! This pic is the current story of Wyoming’s Grey Reef fly fishing. Fishing has been very good and with the abundance of hoppers we have high hopes for Hopper Mania 2015. If you… Read More

Alcova Should Be On Your Short List

Fishing has been excellent and good fishing, most of the time, means fun. This picture epitomizes the experience. Guides are often more excited than the guests when a text book brown hits the bag. We have had the… Read More

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing

Flows at Miracle Mile and Grey Reef are 1500cfs and chilly temps…Grey Reef saw a max of 53* yesterday! Tricos in the AM and a few surface eaters although the hatch was late. PMDs and Sallies never materialized… Read More

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing and Grey Reef Flows

Yesterday fished well and Grey Reef was dialed up a few clicks to 1500cfs. This did dislodge some floaties but the fishing was good. The lower river again increased a couple shades of yuck but will hopefully clear… Read More

Grey Reef is Old Faithful

Lots of inquires lately about our fishing conditions as they relate to most other rivers in the west. In Colorado they are contending with high run off  conditions while our Montana friends to the north are battling a… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Grey Reef has finally received a bit more water. It is now at 1000cfs and the water temps have cooled dramatically to 51*. Whew! There is still a bit of floating debris as of midday yesterday at Lusby… Read More

More Water Finally

Flows have been nudged to 1000cfs as of this AM. Yesterday we saw 750cfs and Grey Reef fished very well as the water was increasing. Surprisingly, floating debris was not much of an issue and our Wyoming fly… Read More

BuRec Needs to Hear from Anglers and Wildlife Advocates

307.261.5628 is the number to the local Bureau of Reclamation office. The Wyoming Game and Fish is well aware of this critical situation that is easily mitigated. Missteps over the past two years , if allowed to continue,… Read More

Summer Hatches

Fishing is excellent, Grey Reef , Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon. Grey Reef is growing algae due to our low flows and warming temps. When the river is bumped this could cause floating debris issues. Our guides have… Read More

Mo’ Fun

The size of the fish is IMPRESSIVE! Yesterday we caught all sizes and lots of them but our average a stout 18″. Thick, firm, plump and hard fighting. We landed a half dozen 20″ fish and were manhandled… Read More