Fly Fishing Vacations: What to Bring

Everything you could possibly want or need for your next Wyoming fly fishing vacation is available at North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop. That said, many anglers have their own preferences when it comes to fly fishing equipment, favorite techniques, and those nuanced selections of streamers, drys, or nymphs they’ve had past success with. The following list is to be used as a general guideline, and is based on our expert knowledge of the stout, sometimes persnickety trout that populate our awesome local fisheries: Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, and Fremont Canyon.

If you have additional questions about what to bring, give us a call or check out our Fishing Report Page for the latest info on quality gear, guide-approved fly selections, water flows, weather forecasts, and more.

Rod Combos

  • Nymphing – Fast to medium-fast 5- or 6-weight rods, with weight-forward floating fly lines
  • Streamers – Fast to medium-fast 6- or 7-weight rods capable of casting heavy flies with a weight-forward floating line and/or sink-tip
  • Dry Flies – 4- or 5-weight with some backbone for delivering accurate casts in the wind and subduing fish in a responsible timeframe

Generally speaking, an all-around rod is a great tool for the Reef system. You never know when your guide will put you on a pod of risers or find an opportunity to throw streamers for a beastly brown trout. If you’re in need of a new rod, The Reef Fly Shop carries the best sticks from the industry’s leading brands. Or, we can special order a rod/reel and have it ready when you arrive. The Reef Fly Shop carries quality fly fishing products to meet every budget.


Your Wyoming fly fishing vacation can come with mixed-bag weather, so it makes sense to pack waterproof-breathable chest waders no matter what the season. During hot summer days you can switch it up with wading sandals and shorts or quick-dry pants. But if the temperature drops, or in the event of an impromptu cold front, those waders will keep you warm and dry when it counts.

Packable rain pants and a Gore-Tex® or equivalent rain jacket are also a must.

North Platte Lodge suggests modern, rubber-soled wading boots for those times you’ll spend out of the boat, exploring on foot. Felt soles are acceptable, assuming they have been completely dry for 10 days prior to arrival. PLEASE DO NOT BRING CLEATS. If you need waders and wading boots, The Reef Fly Shop can outfit you with high quality products to meet any budget.

Clothing & Rain Gear

  • Weather in this part of Wyoming can be extreme: potentially hot in the summer and quite cold in spring and fall. Expect a wide variety of weather at all times of the year.
  • Rain gear is essential. A good waterproof/breathable jacket and fleece or wool gloves work well. The rain is typically cold. Rain pants are essential if you don’t bring waders.
  • Pack layering tops and bottoms in synthetic, fleece, or wool—it’s easy to remove clothing.


    • You will need to purchase a Wyoming fishing license. The fee is $14/day and must be paid for in cash.
    • Gratuities—Please tip your guide, cook, and housekeeper with cash. $125/day is the average tip for a guide. Housekeepers and kitchen staff average $35/day combined for 2 anglers. Please tip your guide directly.


Don’t forget your camera. Every time you cast you have the potential to catch a memorable fish, and every time you turn your head you’ll be spotting wildlife and taking in dramatic views. You’ll want to record all of it. We release ALL fish regardless of size. Check out our gallery today for some great on-the-water images.

The Reef Fly Shop

Forget some gear? No problem! Top quality gear and clothing are available in the North Platte Lodge Pro Shop and The Reef Fly Shop.

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