Your Fishing Lodge Hosts

Trent Tatum and his wife, Katherine, along with Erik Aune and family, have been welcoming fishing-obsessed guests to their North Platte fishing lodge since 2007 when, as NPL guides, they took the reins from their mentor Bret Van Rensselaer. With a shared passion for the fishery, lodge operations, and local culture, rewarding days on Grey Reef—and an enjoyable stay off of it—are their guarantees to you.

Trent was raised in Beaumont, Texas, and moved to Wyoming in 1999 to study fish biology at the University of Wyoming, in Laramie. “I’d heard about Grey Reef from tight-lipped Laramie anglers,” he says. “And my first Reef trip was nothing short of amazing… me and a buddy, nobody else in sight, and the most ridiculous trout fishing. I was sold.”
Erik, on the other hand, grew up in Cody, Wyoming, where his father owned Wyoming Waters Fly Shop. His oldest brother Scott, following dad’s footsteps, opened his own shop and outfitting business, Absaroka Anglers, in the mid-’80s. This is where Erik began his fly fishing career. The North Platte Lodge hired him when it opened for business in 1998. And Trent joined the staff two years later. The duo subsequently became fast friends.

Since partnering and purchasing the fishing lodge, they’ve been busy introducing clients to their multifaceted backyard fishery. Both the Aune and Tatum families are grateful to be a part of the North Platte Lodge, The Reef Fly Shop, and the Wyoming way of life. And they look forward to sharing this special place with both you and your friends and loved ones.

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