Getting better! Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Report

Seeing some pretty solid dry fly activity from early AM to Dark. Tricos early, hoppers (shhhh, yes hoppers) mid to late afternoon and caddis in the eve. Caddis eaters are insane!

We have been covering lots of water between Miracle Mile and Casper and all have been fishing well. Streamers, nymphs and dry. Yellow Sallies, caddis and PMDs will get the job done on the nymph rigs at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Add some Golden Stone patterns for the Mile. Streamers..ah, well Goldie is about all you really need. We have a great selection of Stone Fly and hoppers at The Reef Fly Shop.

Miracle Mile Flows are 1000cfs

Grey Reef Flows are down to 3000cfs

Summertime guide schedules mean most guided trips are off of the water at around 2pm so we get the river to ourselves for the prime hopper time of 2-4pm.

Ask your guide what the schedule is and if you will get to fish the whole day. Always fish a “full” day with The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge.