Grey Reef & Miracle Mile Fishing Conditions

Squeaky snow over the Grey Reef,  Miracle Mile & Fremont Canyon region. Wyoming is a touch chilly. Fly Fishing Grey Reef or Miracle Mile is probably best postponed for a couple days. This AM it is -14*F at the North Platte Lodge in Alcova, Wyoming and with wind your skin will experience factors of -30*f or more today. Casper Mountain Nordic Center is currently reporting -27*f air temps.

Use this opportunity to tie a few bugs and organize your fly boxes. Our classic North Platte Lodge pattern, the All Day May, has gone through its third major design change and I can’t wait to put it to the test. It started life with a deer hair feature that we changed to zelon and the whiter color years ago…for durability. Now this pattern features a foam back and post. You might be suspicious of our fly bins at The Reef Fly Shop. We use a lot of white foam in our patterns. Why? Simple, white is the best Grey Reef attractor color for bugs. Of course purple and red are good but studies show white as the hero. The foam also make a very durable pattern. Not good for sales but good guides and those who like their flies to last longer than 2 fish. These patterns tied to light tippet and coupled with the appropriate flex rod and reel drag tuned correctly can be used for several days. The foam is a key to how we like to target Grey Reef and Miracle Mile fly fishing. We like short and light rigs that put the bug in the action zone and the foam keeps the fly nice and high. Many people get discouraged with nymphing because of the  lack of feel and questionable use of “lures” and weight. Rarely is a rig longer than 6′ needed. Understanding where the fish are at all phases of the hatch creates a fun and challenging puzzle. Sure you can run a 10′ rig on 2x with a 3/0 shot and pin a couple beads of eagle claw hooks and catch plenty of fish all year long and never have to even think about what is happening. These types of rigs do not require a good drift, they do not require an appropriate and well timed hook set and they don’t require a guide who has intimate knowledge of the Grey Reef fishery. All they require is flopping your junk over the edge of the boat and reeling after the fish snags itself into the rig. Guides call this “fishing for the client”. We call this an abomination of the experience. Our guests appreciate the eye opening results and the realization that these techniques will open doors in how they approach their local fisheries.