Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Wyoming Fly Fishing in the central part of the state is in a little hiccup. Let us no overreact about what is going on. Grey Reef flows are up to 2600 cfs and Miracle Mile is up to 4200 cvs as of this AM. Fishing on both venues was pretty slow yesterday and Fremont Canyon was good. The water is still a little off color at Grey Reef due to weird fluctuations in the level of the after bay (Gray Reef Reservoir). This is a problem in the short term but good in the long term as it has a flushing impact. Water temp are cold, fish are not hanging out where they were at lower levels and they haven’t really settled in for the last week. Things have been disrupted…this is a blip AND persistence and outside the box thinking will have you in the fish a plenty. We have quite a few trips out today and will let you know the results as soon as possible. Take a deep breath and go fish. Fish where the fish are and with what they want to eat.

We have a full lodge 4 night/3 day opening July 24-27 and a 5 night/4 day Aug 20-24. Summer conditions are going to be excellent with all of this water…can’t wait!