Wyoming Fishing Vacations

North Platte Lodge is the original fly-fishing and wingshooting lodge
located on the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River

Established in 1998, North Platte Lodge has specialized in delivering standout Wyoming fishing vacations for more than a decade. Full fly-fishing outfitters services compliment clean, comfortable rooms, gracious hosts, a top-shelf guide roster, and front-door access to some of the best tailwater trout fishing in America.

Sip a cup of coffee from our open veranda, watch the sun shake loose, then lace up boots and charge into the day. This is quintessential Wyoming: raw landscapes where four-season fisheries teem with wild browns and rainbows, and where Western charm is interwoven into authentic experiences on and off the river.

Start your next best fishing and shooting holiday at North Platte Lodge today—because it doesn’t get this good until you show up.

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